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Think you are a master of modern slang? Social media, pop culture and more have shaped modern slang into something wholly different from the slang terms of generations past. Every decade there is a new group of young people who dominate culture with their tastes, phrases and more. Social media and the rise of memes have really brought a whole generation together in a new way, creating new inside jokes for all kids to share. They spread rapidly, changing almost as fast as they appear. Unless you are in the loop, keeping track of it all can be very confusing. 

On top of verbal slang, there is also texting and internet shorthand to keep up with. If you aren't an avid texter, it can seem difficult to tell all of the many popular acronyms apart. 

The younger set throughout the last hundred years or so has always created new slang to distinguish themselves from those who came before them. It's really nothing new, but it always feels so drastic and strange when whole new words are added to the conversation, or old words are taken and changed.  

If you are hip and know what the kids are into, put your modern slang skills to the test with this quiz! 

If something is "dope," it's:

Dope means good or cool. Kids use it to describe nouns positively.


What does "LOL" stand for?

LOL means "laugh out loud." It is a common texting acronym.


If someone or something is "lit," it's:

"Lit" as slang for intoxicated actually goes back for over a century. Today it means several different things.


If someone looks "fly," how do they look?

"Fly" is a popular compliment. Someone who looks fly looks good and is probably wearing trendy clothing.


If something or someone is "on point," they are:

"On point" is a high compliment. It means that something or someone couldn't be doing whatever they are trying to do better.


Something that is "on fleek" is:

"Fleek" was first used to describe perfectly groomed eyebrows. It can be used to describe anything that is flawlessly styled or done.


Bromance means:

A bromance is a friendship between two heterosexual men that seems so close that it's almost a relationship. Obviousy, it's a combo of "bro" and "romance."


Fam means:

Kids refer to their family and close friends as fam. You might hear them say, "Wassup, fam?"


What does GOAT mean?

This is used to describe anyone or anything kids consider to be the greatest. You might say "Michael Jordan was GOAT."


TBH stands for __________.

TBH means "to be honest." It's a common way to start or end sentences expressing opinions when texting.


If something is "Gucci," it's _________.

Gucci is not just a famous luxury brand anymore. It also means "good" or "cool."


Someone's "squad" is their __________.

Squad is slang for a group of friends. It is often used in hashtags on Instagram.


Who is your bae?

Kids refer to their significant others as bae, but also people they want to date. Someone might refer to the Marvel actor Michael B. Jordan as their "bae," even though they never met them.


If someone calls you "goals," what does it mean?

When kids say something or someone is "goals," it means that they respect them and want to achieve what they have achieved. You might hear them say that other people are their "job goals" or "relationship goals."


What does "low key" mean?

Keeping something low key can mean to keep it secret or relaxed. A party can be low key. If you low key want tacos, it means you kinda want them.


Someone who is salty is:

Someone who is salty is upset, angry or bitter about something. Sometimes it can particularly refer to being made fun of.


To slay means to ___________.

To slay is to dominate or succeed. Someone who is "slaying the game" is killing it.


What does it mean to "throw shade" at someone?

Throwing shade is saying things that are disrespectful of another person. Someone who does this is being shady.


If something is "straight fire," it's:

Straight fire is a general positive compliment. It is more enthusiastic than others.


If someone asks you to "spill the tea," what are they asking you for?

Tea is gossip, inside information or news. It was co-opted from the drag community.


If someone is thirsty, they are:

Being thirsty means to be obviously desperate. It is usually used to refer to interpersonal relationships, but can be applied to other things.


What does it mean to "slide into someone's DMs"?

DMs are direct messages, which are a feature of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. To slide into someone's DMs means to start flirting with them via DM.


If someone invites a person over for "Netflix and chill," what are they actually inviting them over for?

This is more of a joke, but it is a very widespread one. If someone invites a person over for "Netflix and chill," they should not expect to actually watch Netflix.


Someone who is "woke" is:

Someone who is woke knows a lot about social justice issues and has empathy for others in situations outside of their own. Many kids also use it ironically.


If someone is "adorkable," they are:

Someone who is adorkable is attractive, but takes part in activities considered traditionally nerdy, geeky or unattractive. These can be things like role-playing games, video games, comics and things like that, which are not viewed in this way anymore.


What show do "bronies" watch?

"My Little Pony" is a show about cartoon ponies, designed for little girls. It has gathered a large fanbase amongst grown men, however, who call themselves "bronies."


What is it called when someone a person is romantically interested in will only be friends with them?

This one is controversial. Many men claim to have been friendzoned, while many women say that the friendzone isn't real.


Someone who has good "gaydar" is good at what?

Gaydar is the ability to tell that a person is queer, whether they indicate it in any way or not. Not everyone has it.


Is "hipster" an insult?

Hipster describes a certain aesthetic value that younger people are considered to favor, that has been commodified and sold in an inauthentic way. For example, spending a lot of money on jeans that look torn up and old for aesthetic reasons is considered obnoxious, inauthentic and a hallmark of hipsters.


What are the fans of the band Insane Clown Posse called?

Insane Clown Posse is a rap group with a whole subculture built around it. The members of this subculture are called Juggalos.


What does it mean to "kill" something?

If you are "killin' it," you are doing an excellent job. You can also kill a meal or kill something funny by over-explaining it.


What does "meh" mean?

"Meh" is an expression of indifference, used to show that someone really doesn't care about something. It could be considered the verbal equivalent of a shrug.


What is "swag"?

Swag can be used in many ways, but it's slightly out of date now. Many younger people use it semi-ironically.


"Trolling" means to be __________.

Internet trolls are people who post inflammatory things on the internet just to get a reaction. They sometimes attack people totally unprovoked, who haven't done anything to deserve it.


When you "unfriend" someone, you:

To unfriend someone is to stop being friends with them on Facebook. People used to do this more often before the unfollow feature was added, but it is still common with those who enjoy periodically cleaning out their friend lists.


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