Quiz: Do You Belong in the US or Asia?
Do You Belong in the US or Asia?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

People always think that they're better off living somewhere else. This thought always comes after encountering something unpleasant in their environment. Are your neighbors very nosy? Does the sun shine directly into your bedroom, disturbing your sleep? Or is the cost of rent or mortgage very unreasonably high in your area? The reasons could be that simple and mindless, or they could also be super-duper serious like that.

But aside from thinking that we could live in a place that's far better, do you sometimes think - or even fantasize - that you could live abroad, in a totally different country, or even in a totally different continent for that matter? Could you actually consider being an immigrant or an expat?

The life of expats sounds wonderful and glamorous these days. They are like the more sophisticated type of traveler to some. But in reality, expat life could also be hard if you go to live and work in a country that you're not really suited for, culture-wise, or personality-wise. How will you know?

We can start from here. Can you say if you can live outside the U.S., say somewhere in Asia? Or will it tell you to live in the U.S. for life? Let's take this personality quiz and see where you will land!

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Are you a fan of rice meals?

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Do you prefer to interact with people who are frank and direct, or is it OK if they're the "non-confrontational" silent type?

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