Do You Fancy Flying? Just How Good Is Your Airplane Etiquette?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Anyone who has flown a significant number of times has sat next to enough people that they know there is a spectrum of people we sit beside, some of whom know how to behave on an airplane, and some of whom do not. Where do you fall on that spectrum?

Bare feet: yay or nay?

Do you recline your seat?

There's an empty seat next to you. Yaaaaaaaaaassss! Do you immediately colonize it with your stuff?

You need to vomit frequently and you're in a middle seat. How do you handle it?

There's turbulence and you are in a middle seat. What do you do?

Your seat-mate keeps talking to you and he's really boring. How do you get out of the conversation?

There's a baby on the plane and it is sitting right next to you. Uh-oh. What do you do?

You realize that the person next to you is quietly watching your DVD player. What do you do?

It's meal time and you forgot to order your veggie meal. What do you do?

Due to turbulence, you spill your drink on your neighbor. How do you handle it?

Worse yet, your neighbor spills her drink on you! What do you do?

How much alcohol is too much?

Do you get nervous when there is turbulence?

You are on the aisle and need to shut the window blind. The person on the window isn't looking out of the window. How do you get the blind shut?

Your seat mate is being an intolerable jerk. What do you do?

Besides your footwear, what are you wearing?

Is it ever appropriate to paint your nails on a plane?

Returning from your sun-drenched holiday, you are wearing a tank top and in a middle seat. Halfway through the flight you realize your tan is starting to peel from your shoulders and drop little flakes of skin everywhere. No one has noticed yet. What do you do about your shedding skin?

You forgot your headphones but your seat-mate has theirs. You want to watch the movie. Is it ever appropriate to ask to borrow them?

The flight is over and you left something on the plane! How do you deal with it?

On the security line, at what point do you remove your shoes and take out your laptop?

What joke do you never make on a plane?

Your muscles are getting very stiff and you need to do something about it before you get a cramp. What do you do?

What do you always have on a flight?

You got upgraded! Yay! How do you let the fancy folk of first class know you belong?

After saving your miles for a year, you were supposed to get a business class seat. You're in cattle class. What do you do?

Your neighbor is asleep when the meal service comes. What do you do?

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