Do You Have an Attractive Personality?

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About This Quiz

Levels of attraction may be more than meets the eye, because it's not just about how you look. Your personality plays a crucial role in how attractive you are, and today, we're going to examine your best and worst personality traits a little further. But before you take this quiz, it's important to establish a foundation for what makes a personality attractive.

The answer is simple: it varies depending on the person. Some people are attracted to a great sense of humor, while others like someone who is shy like them! So don't worry if you don't have many friends or if you're more on the introverted side of the spectrum, because there's always someone like you in this world. 

While beauty and attraction is entirely subjective, there are some ways to "increase" your levels of attraction to others. One way is to smile more! Everyone loves someone with a radiant smile, which may show how warm and compassionate you are. Another way is to have confidence in yourself, and that includes how you look too. Even if you have bad hair or skin days, it's always important to be confident in who you are as a person. Tell us more about who you are with this fun personality quiz!

Do you care more about yourself or other people?

Where is your favorite place to exercise?

What is the most attractive part of your face?

Would you dance on stage in front of a crowd of people?

What has the most value to you in life?

What makes you feel more confident: cute makeup, hair or clothes?

Which of the following is your secret to staying in shape?

Choose one of these activities to partake in on a first date.

Which of these seasons matches your fashion choices?

Would you rather be more pretty or more intelligent?

If you could wrap up your personality into a type of candy, which of these would you choose?

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Which of these adjectives describes your personality the best?

If a fortune teller told you that you would be successful one day, would you believe them?

Which of these kind acts do you do for others?

Are you more of a dusk or dawn person?

If you were a tree, what would you grow for others?

Are your memories more happy, funny or sad?

Do you dress to impress yourself or other people?

How would you make another person laugh?

Have you told anyone some of your secrets?

What do you use to solve problems in your life?

If your soul was a reflection of a celestial body, what would it be?

Which of these colored contacts would you want to wear for a day?

Tell us what your sense of style is like!

Which of the following would you cook for a big dinner party?

If your life was a type of line, how curved would it be?

Would you rather explore the lands, sea or skies of this planet?

What do you think "beauty" is defined by?

Do you think that you're a popular person?

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