Do You Have the Cooking Skills to Be a Chopped Champion?

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"Chopped" is a massive hit that puts food industry professionals under intense reality TV pressure. We all love to watch it and criticize contestants, especially when they start to fight over the ice cream machine in the dessert round, but most people definitely could not hack it in the "Chopped" kitchen. After all, unless you are the kind of cook who is ready to turn octopus, birch water, bacon and candy corn into an incredible appetizer in under 20 minutes, you will probably get chopped. And you never know who will master the basket ingredients, and who will get embarrassingly schooled by them. 

Can you take the heat? Or should you get out of the kitchen? Answer these tricky questions about cooking and baking techniques, flavor profiles, food safety and food prep, and see if you might just have what it takes to be a "Chopped" Champion. Are you a truly creative cook who knows food inside and out? Whether it's boxed mac and cheese or freshly prepared tortellini, are you ready to rock it out and make something truly interesting and delicious?  

Take on this quiz on all things cooking and food and see if you are ready to be a true "Chopped" Champion! 

What does it mean if pasta is al dente?

Is ground meat ever safe to eat rare or medium-rare?

If you want to freeze food fast, which of these kitchen appliances would you use?

Au jus is sauce served with meats and sandwiches. What is its main ingredient?

What types of foods would you usually blanch, or quickly boil in hot water before plunging them into ice water?

When you brine food, what do you traditionally soak it in?

When you cook onions on a low flame until they become sweet, soft, and dark, what are you doing to them?

If a piece of duck is a confit, it has been cooked in its own:

Croquettes are made of breaded meat and/or vegetables. How are they traditionally cooked?

Cured fish has been pickled, smoked or fermented for what reason?

Which of these proteins should you never eat rare or raw?

When should you use a Dutch oven?

Who is more likely to use egg wash?

What is it called when you combine two edible liquids, such as oil and vinegar, that would naturally tend to separate on their own?

When serving most meat or fish, what is it important that you do?

When you flambé food, you pour alcohol on it while it cooks and then do what to it?

Fondue is made of what melted food product?

What main purpose do most garnishes serve on a plate?

Which of these is an everyday example of an infusion, in which the flavors of a plant are extracted into a solvent?

What is it called when you cut vegetables into long, thin strips?

Liquid nitrogen is used to do which of these to foods?

What is it called when you soak food in a flavored liquid for a while before you cook it?

According to which classic and influential cooking style are there five fundamental or "mother" sauces?

What is the main difference between pan frying and deep frying?

What consistency should a well-executed puree have?

When you reduce a liquid, you increase its flavor and thickness. How would you do this?

Roux are used to thicken sauces, soups and stews. They are made of a fat source and which other ingredient?

When you shuck an oyster, what are you doing to it?

What goes on a charcuterie board traditionally?

If food is described as having an umami flavor, what does it taste more like?

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