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Even if you're not from California, you probably know a bit about the culture of the nation's third-largest state. But do you know enough to ace this California-isms quiz? There's only one way to find out. Let's get started.

With an economy larger than many countries, California is in a class of its own, with mannerisms that are unique to the people who live there. From a blase view of earthquakes (not if you've ever watched a doomsday movie on Netflix) to liberal politics, the citizens of California make their own rules and set their own pace. And, assuming that the entire west coast is not going to slide off into the Pacific Ocean any time soon, California and the people who live there are going to be minding their own unique business for a long time to come.

So, yeah, brush up on your California stereotypes (hey, they come from somewhere, right), and let's find out which ones are true and which ones aren't. And, if you're a California native, no offense, man, but those Beach Boys told the rest of us all we needed to know about you.

Do you think you know enough about California and its people to ace this quiz? Let's find out.

What do Californians think about the term "Cali"?

True Californians hate the word "Cali'." It's a horrible nickname for their state.


Californians think earthquakes are what?

Seriously, everyone makes too big of a deal out of earthquakes. Californians know that.


How do they use the word "hella"?

Any sentence can be made better with the use of "hella." It is necessary to communicate.


What do Californians think about avocados?

Californians think avocados are an exceptional food. They go well with anything, at any meal!


What do Californians think of Mexican food?

Mexican food is manna and ambrosia from heaven. It should be eaten often.


What is the best fast-food chain?

Lest there be any confusion, you should know that In-N-Out is the best fast food. Even non-Californians know that.


What food were they practically raised on?

If you're from California, you've been eating sushi since you can remember. It's suitable for toddlers.


Californians think _______ is the best.

There's no question on this one. Disneyland is better than Disney World. Don't even start a conversation about Six Flags.


Californians suffer from what?

Californians are pretty laid back. That being said, don't cut in front of them in traffic.


What is a common language in California?

If you've never heard Spanglish then you've never been to California! It's a fine mixture of Spanish and English.


Does everyone live by the beach in California?

If you answered this one wrong, you're not from California. Not everyone lives at the beach.


Is Orange County in L.A.?

If you answered this wrong, you're not from California. Either that, or you might even be from Northern California!


How do Californians feel about smiling?

Californians smile all the time. Even when they don't want to.


When do Californians wear flip-flops?

In fact, Californians wear flip-flops year-round. They even wear them to go to fancy restaurants.


Do people drive from NoCal to SoCal?

California is a massive state. It takes 12 to 16 hours to drive from the top to the bottom.


What kind of beer do Californians drink most?

It is the state beer. Pop open a cold one and look like a Californian.


In California, each region _________.

In California, each region has its own identity. Non-Californians don't get that.


What's the best team in the NBA?

For Californians, the Lakers are clearly the best team. Don't ever argue with them about this.


Californians don't understand what?

For Californians, there's no better place in the world! They could travel to Paris and miss California.


How does a Californian say, "everything is okay"?

When something is "super chill," everything is okay. You could use this phrase when talking with your grandmother.


How does a Californian say, "I'm very serious"?

Like, literally. This means that the statement that you have said is serious.


Californians have open _________.

Californians believe in opening their chakras. They will also do anything to improve their chi.


How do you say "for sure" in California?

These are all proper ways of saying "for sure" when in California. "Fo shizzle" is preferred.


Californians have many ways of saying "awesome."

Californians have many ways of saying "awesome." These include: clutch, killer, dope, rad, sweet and epic.


How is weed looked upon in California?

In all honesty, the cops turn a blind eye. Especially at festivals and events.


If you're a vegan, it's ________ to eat out in California.

Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian or gluten free, you'll find that it's very easy to eat out in California.


For Californians, where does the best wine come from?

Californians love California wine. They'll drink other stuff, but they'd rather drink Californian.


Californians love what?

Californians really believe in yoga. In fact, they're obsessed with it.


According to Californians, what is the greatest highway in the world?

PCH stands for Pacific Coast Highway. It's the greatest highway in the world.


How do NoCal and SoCal feel about one another?

NoCal and SoCal have a love/hate relationship. They definitely mock one another.


In California, what's true about plastic bags?

Plastic bags are banned in L.A. and San Francisco. Be sure to bring your own.


For Californians, it's not uncommon to do what?

Doing lunch is a big deal in California. Everywhere else in the country people meet for drinks. But Californians lunch.


How do Californians feel about famous people?

Californians are chill about famous people. They're chill about everything else, as well.


If a Californian is late, they blame it on what?

When in doubt, blame it on traffic. There's always traffic, and it's never pleasant.


In California, everyone owns and wears which of these?

The hoodie is the state uniform of California. Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg.


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