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These days, a wedding is no casual affair. Planning a big wedding can be a big headache, and there are tons of books and manuals out there to help you do it right when you don't want to pay for a consultant. Find out if you have what it takes to plan a wedding by taking this quiz!

Which is the proper order of events?

You rehearse the ceremony, then you have the rehearsal dinner, then the actual ceremony, and then the reception. It's important not to mess this up.

Which of these stationery items do you NOT need for your wedding?

Generally, you don't hand out comment cards at your wedding. You may not want to know people's actual opinions.

What part of the budget is generally spent on the reception?

Around half of your budget is spent on the reception. Let's be honest, everyone looks forward to the party.

Which of these pre-wedding parties can the groom NOT attend?

Generally, the groom does not attend the bridal shower. But he'd better go to the rehearsal dinner and engagement party, or he'll be in trouble!

What is a prenuptial agreement?

A prenup concerns what will happen financially if the marriage fails. This is particularly important for men or women with assets entering into a marriage.

How much of the budget does your ceremony take up, generally?

On average, the ceremony is about 5% of your wedding budget. The ceremony does not include the reception.

On average, how much of your budget is spent on the wedding attire?

Expect to spend 10% of your budget on wedding attire, such as a wedding dress, tuxedo rental, accessories and after party attire.

How much can you expect the officiant to charge?

If your best friend is the officiant, it may be free, but otherwise, expect to pay $100-$500.

Which of these is NOT a possible option for your bridal train?

There are several different trains to choose from, but you don't want to wear the express train. You want to take that to Grand Central Station.

Which one of these is a good veil option?

The fingertip veil is the gold standard. This length - around 40 inches, give or take -- allows details on the back of the gown to show.

What is the parents' album?

The parents' album is generally smaller in size than the standard wedding album, and it may have about 20 5x7 photos. On the other hand, sometimes parents are given exact replicas of the wedding couple's album, or no album at all.

When do you send response cards?

You send response cards with the invitations, so that each recipient can mail you their response.

How do you send a reception card?

The reception card, inviting the guest to the reception after the ceremony, is placed in front of the invitation. Is your head spinning yet?

What is a rain card?

The rain card, an optional item sent with the invitation, informs guests where the wedding will be held in the event of rain.

Who receives an announcement?

Only people not invited to the ceremony or reception should receive an announcement. This informs them that the wedding has taken place -- aka: you weren't invited.

What is generally used for calligraphy on wedding stationary?

Black or blue fountain pen is generally used by calligraphers. It would be pretty awesome if you used a quill, though.

Which of these can you order from the stationer?

Although we wish we could order monogrammed underwear from the stationer, it's not possible. You can, however, order personalized matchbooks.

If you send an invitation to two Smith sisters, how do you formally address them?

The formal address would be the Misses Smith, or Misses Paris and Nicky Smith. The girls might be confused when they receive it, though.

Traditionally, if you send an invitation to Nancy, the widow of Paul Smith, how should you address her?

Seems like a painful reminder of what is lost, but traditionally on the outside of the envelope you would refer to the widow's late husband. However, if you know she would prefer to be addressed as Mrs. Nancy Smith, that is acceptable as well.

In an open bar, how much gin will you generally need for every 100 people?

In a standard bar, you'll need two to three liters of gin for every 100 guests. That's a lot of gin....

And how much white wine will you need for every 100 guests?

Estimates vary and you should consider your crowd's preferences, but you will generally need two cases of white wine for every 100 guests.

Which of these is not traditionally tossed at weddings?

It's not recommended that you toss uncooked beans at your wedding. That could seriously hurt.

What is the job of the gift attendant?

Believe it or not, people steal gifts at weddings, so the gift attendant is a kind of security guard.

Which of these is NOT considered reception equipment?

Generally, the video camera is not a part of the reception equipment you should expect your venue to supply. You will need a photographer for that.

Which of these is NOT traditional procession music for a Christian wedding?

Generally, people don't play songs from "Carmen" for their wedding procession, but we suppose they could!

At the reception, what can follow the bouquet toss?

The receiving line, first dance and dinner all precede the throwing of the bouquet.

Based on averages, which of these is NOT a reasonable price per piece of wedding cake?

The average price per piece of wedding cake falls between $2-$12. That $12 piece of cake better taste darn good!

What is a cake-cutting fee?

The reception hall, if you didn't buy the cake through them, may charge you a cake-cutting fee, which can seriously be expensive.

What is a tossing bouquet?

Often, the bride tosses a different bouquet than the one she carried down the aisle. It's smaller in size.

What special flowers are often seen during the bride's departure?

Traditionally, the bride wears a corsage when she departs. Strewn rose petals would be lovely, but aren't a requirement.

Where does the groom wear his boutonniere?

The groom wears the boutonniere over his left lapel, so that it's over his heart.

Which of these statements about the bride's position during the ceremony is true?

Traditionally, the bride stands on the groom's left so that she could be protected by him. This is so he has easy access to his gun, if necessary.

Which of these is NOT an appropriate age for a flower girl?

Generally the flower girl is between the ages of 4 and 8. A 12-year-old flower girl is a little long in the tooth.

Which of these flowers may not be available for your wedding in winter?

Lily of the valley can only be found in the spring, unless forced to bloom indoors. The other flowers can be procured year-round.

Which of these is not an appropriate bride's gift?

The bride's gift is what the groom gives to his new wife. Cufflinks would definitely not be the right choice.

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