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We have to give credit to baristas, who make a wide variety of coffee drinks on a daily basis. In this quiz, we'll take a look at 35 questions regarding coffee terminology, including roasts, brews and popular names of coffee drinks. After all, if you want to become a barista, you have to know almost everything about coffee!

First thing's first: if you want to become a barista, you have to know how to profile a roast of coffee. Known as "roast profiling," this is a technique that is used to determine the quality of a particular roast. Rate, temperature and time are used for this type of profiling, and is sometimes conducted by the roast master.

You also have to know what certain types of tools are used for. For example, do you know the difference between a grinder, boiler, tryer and a moka pot? Or, do you know what a steam wand is used for? A steam wand in particular, is used to froth up milk using compressed steam from the boiler.

This quiz will look at various types of coffee terminology that will put you in the place of a barista! Think you know what a caffè mocha and a flat white is? Try this quiz now to see how well you do!

Which of these is NOT part of 'roast profiling?'

Packaging aesthetics is not very important when it comes to roast profiling. Baristas need to know how to 'roast profile' using temperature, time and the rate of roasting.


Which of the following is NOT part of a Caffe Latte?

Caffe Lattes don't contain any tea leaves. These are made with steamed milk and espresso, with a layer of milk foam on top.


Which type of coffee roast contains a lot of oil?

Dark roasts contain a lot of oil and is usually very strong and bitter in flavor. These types of roasts are also not very acidic in nature.


What does "first crack" mean?

When moisture is released from inside the coffee bean, it "pops" to a larger size. This is known as "first crack."


What is a tryer?

A tryer is used for roast profiling, which is often done by the roast master. A tryer is also part of the drum roaster.


An "American" coffee roast refers to what color?

A rich brown color refers to an American-style roast. This is due to the light color of the coffee bean.


Vienna, Full City and City+ are all types of...?

There are many types of roast levels, including Full City, Vienna, City+ and French roast. Each type of roast refers to the first or second crack of the coffee bean.


A "continental" roast is also known as a...?

A Vienna roast has the nickname "continental" roast. This type of roast is also full-bodied with popularity in Northern Italy.


Coffee "on the rocks" is also called...?

Iced coffee is also called "on the rocks," because you're pouring coffee over a cup of ice cubes. You can also add bitters, mint leaves, sugar and cream in this as well.


Espresso has _______ origins.

Espresso has Italian roots and is featured in a number of popular coffee drinks, including a cappuccino and a caffe latte. It's typically served hot, but may be served cold as well.


If a customer wants a "cappa," what are they asking for?

A cappuccino is also called a "cappa," and is made with double espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk. It can also be garnished with cinnamon.


If you add skim milk to a latte, what does it become?

A skinny latte is prepared with skim or nonfat milk. This is also made with espresso, foamed milk and a lot of steamed milk.


A _______ ________ is known as "stained milk."

A latte macchiato's translation is "stained milk," because the steamed milk is "stained" or added with espresso. There is also typically a layer of foamed milk on top as well.


Where do coffee seeds come from?

Coffee seeds actually come from coffee cherries, specifically the pit of the cherry. The seeds are removed, dried and ferment in water.


A "half city" refers to which type of roast?

A light roast is also called "half city" or "light city" as well. This is due to their light color and acidic quality.


If a customer wants a "breakfast" roast, what type of roast do they want?

A medium roast is also called a "breakfast" roast, and is typically a rich brown in color. The acidity and body of this roast is typically balanced with each other as well.


A metal filter will work best for which of these brewing methods?

Espresso has quite a bit of coffee oil and is highly concentrated, which is due to the metal filtration system. Metal filters also work great for French Press and AeroPress coffee.


Besides espresso, what does an "Espresso Italiano" contain?

An Espresso Italiano doesn't contain anything else except for espresso in its purest form. This also has Italian roots and is thick in texture.


Which of these coffee drinks has Spanish origins?

A cortado is a type of coffee drink that has Spanish roots, and is known for its mixture of espresso with hot milk. There is also typically no foamed milk on top.


When you incorporate steam into milk, this is known as...?

When you incorporate steam into milk, this is known as frothing. Frothed milk, or milk foam, is great for cappuccinos and lattes.


When you pour espresso over ice cream, it becomes an...?

An affogato is actually a type of dessert that is made by pouring espresso over ice cream. This results in a sweet and bitter flavor, as well as creamy textures.


The "body" of the coffee refers to its...?

The texture of the coffee can be referred to as the "body" of the coffee. This is also called "mouthfeel."


What are the three parts of an espresso shot?

The three parts of an espresso shot are the body, heart and crema. The hopper is actually a coffee grinder component that contains the coffee beans.


You can froth milk by using the ______ ______ of an espresso machine.

The steam wand is used to froth milk, and looks like a small "arm." Steam is pressed through the nozzle of the steam wand via the boiler.


What are the designs on top of a latte called?

As its name implies, latte art is the process of incorporating art designs on top of a latte. This is accomplished through microfoam.


"Faux espresso" or "fake espresso" is made by using which of these pots/machines?

A moka pot is used to make "false" espresso. It was invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti.


Which of these tools is used to "press" coffee into a "hockey puck" shape?

A tamper is used to "press" coffee into a "hockey puck" shape. This is also used to make espresso.


Which of these coffee beverages has Greek origins?

A frappé has Greek origins, and is a blended beverage that is served chilled. This is typically made by blending ice, milk and espresso together in a blender.


Hot water with some espresso on top is called a...?

A long black is mostly hot water with a layer of espresso on top. This type of drink is also popular in New Zealand and Australia.


When you layer chantilly cream over espresso, it becomes an...?

An espresso con panna is made by topping espresso with chantilly cream, or whipped cream. It also translates to "espresso with cream."


A "mocaccino" is also known as a...?

A "mocaccino" is also known as a caffè mocha, which contains distinct chocolate flavors. This is also typically topped with whipped cream and syrup.


A doppio is how many shots of espresso?

A doppio is another way of saying "two shots of espresso." This is also made with a double coffee filter.


An espresso shot contains how many milliliters?

A standard espresso shot contains 30 milliliters. If you want a double, it would be 60 millimeters, which is also known as a doppio.


Alcohol is present in which of these coffee drinks?

Irish coffee contains Irish whiskey, which is a type of alcohol. This drink is also sweet and creamy in nature.


Cappuccinos contain foamed milk on top. What is this foamed milk called?

Macrofoam is commonly used to make cappuccinos, and is known as "dry foam." This is opposite from microfoam, which is popular for creating latte art.


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