Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Consultant on “Say Yes to the Dress?”
Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Consultant on “Say Yes to the Dress?”
By: Jennifer Post
Image: TLC

About This Quiz

Working in customer service in any capacity is no easy task, but being the person to potentially sell a bride her wedding dress might be the toughest of them all. Brides are notoriously baskets of stress and aren't always themselves when it comes to making decisions for their weddings. The dress is maybe the most important decision to make after the proposal. With all of the different fabrics, cuts, waistlines, lengths, colors and designers, it seems nearly impossible to narrow down all of the options. But that's where the consultants come in!

They are there to listen to you and get a really good feel for what your wedding will be like. That will help them know what to look for when they go back into the stock room. It helps if the bride has dresses in mind upon arrival, but often brides end up picking something entirely different once they've seen dresses on their body. There will be tears, there will be fighting and screams of joy (most of the time) and there will be moments that you'll want to remember forever as a consultant. Think you have what it takes to be a "Say Yes To The Dress" consultant? Take this quiz and find out!

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What's one word you would use to describe your personality?

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Who is your favorite wedding dress designer?

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Are you strong enough to carry multiple heavy wedding dresses at one time?

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Which of the below is your current job most like?

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Do you have any weaknesses that would prevent you from being a good consultant?

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Do you think you need fashion experience in order to be a good consultant?

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Sometimes the first dress a bride chooses doesn't end up being right, so they come to you for a do-over. How do you treat them?

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What do you think the most important thing about being a bridal consultant would be?

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