Do You Have What It Takes to Claim the Iron Throne?

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The end of "Game of Thrones" threw the entire world for a loop. No one saw that final season coming and, for better or worse, we got a new ruler on the Iron Throne even though it may not have been the person anyone expected. The journey to get there was an incredible one, though, with so many twists and turns. But you could tell way back in season one when Ned Stark lost his head this show was not going to be the typical kind of story that just went through the paces of every other show. From the "Red Wedding" to the "Battle of the Bastards," this show went above and beyond in creating intense drama and breathtaking battles with characters we all loved or loved to hate.

Now if you had been in Westeros for the whole story, if you had journeyed with the Starks and traveled beyond the Wall, if you had sailed to Essos or fought the Sand Snakes in Dorne, would you have acquired the skills and powers to claim the Iron Throne for yourself? Could you have united the Seven Kingdoms? It's not too late to find out! Take the quiz! Valar Morghulis!

You won't get very far in Westeros without someone backing you. What House are you going to be aligned with?

Looking back on everything, who do you think had the most insightful things to say in "Game of Thrones?"

Westeros had a few too many cruel people in it. Who was the worst?

Have you read the books?

Who do you think should have claimed the Iron Throne at the end of the show?

Which character had the greatest journey from season one to the finale?

You can't sit on a throne for long without protection. Who's got your back?

Most people in Westeros were clear cut heroes or villains. Who seemed like they fell through the cracks and lived in a gray area?

Westeros is full of powerful women. Who was the most inspiring?

A few characters on "Game of Thrones" got done dirty. Who got it the worst?

Part of the appeal of George R.R. Martin's world is that no one is ever safe. Whose death shocked you the most?

A ruler probably understands the value of relaxation better than anyone. Who would you relax and have a drink with?

Is George R.R. Martin ever going to finish the books?

After the dust settled, a lot of characters were still alive. Whose adventures do you want to keep following?

When Aegon the Conqueror came to Westeros, there were seven kingdoms there. Which one would you choose if they broke apart again?

Swords are good but dragons are better. Which one would you ride into battle?

Every ruler has advisers. Who had the best advice for the ruler they served?

Everyone wants to belong somewhere! What group would you sign up with?

Who do you feel like was far and away the most underrated character on "Game of Thrones?"

"Game of Thrones" can bring out the bloodthirst in anyone. Who did you wish would have died much sooner than they did?

Some characters got cut down or disappeared just as they were becoming interesting. Who could have used another season or two?

Was there too much sex and nudity on "Game of Thrones?"

What was the absolute most terrifying thing in all of "Game of Thrones?"

Some characters didn't seem to do much at all. Who was the most useless in your opinion?

Do you win more fights with brute strength or with brains?

If someone's not listening to you, how do you make them listen?

How important is it to have friends supporting your decisions?

Are you capable of making hard decisions?

In the game of thrones, you win or you die, according to Cersei. Who do you feel didn't die but also didn't win?

Are you going to watch any "Game of Thrones" spinoffs?

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