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You'll want to take this quiz if you've ever wondered about the spiritual realms of the human form. This chakras quiz covers the Earth's spiritual zones as well. The seven chakras puncture remote areas of the planet, as well as the human body. One of these spiritual locations moves every 150 to 200 years! Find out about the moving Earth chakra by taking this truly enlightening test.

Spiritual experts have a knack for solving energy problems of the mind and body, and now you get a glimpse of this ancient wisdom. Several Asian spiritual systems share chakra know-how. Esoteric Buddhism, Chinese Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism all incorporate certain aspects of chakra mind-spirit-body mastery. New age, as well as ancient healing practices, deal with energy focal points along the physical and spiritual body planes. If you've ever had an acupuncture treatment, it's highly likely that your practitioner knew all about the seven primary chakras, smaller chakra centers and the meridian energy pathways that connect it all.

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Which chakra governs the nervous system?

According to tantric yoga principles, the seventh primary chakra governs the nervous system. Violet is the color that represents this chakra.

Where is the fifth chakra located on the human body?

The Sanskrit word for the fifth chakra is Vishuddha. The Hindu deity Panchavaktra shiva is connected with this chakra.

The air element is associated with which chakra?

The fourth primary chakra is the heart chakra, which radiates male/female unification energy. This chakra is located behind the heart region in the center of the chest.

Which chakra is located just above the area between the eyes?

The third-eye chakra is also known as the guru chakra. The Janusirsasana yoga pose is associated with the third-eye chakra.

Which chakra governs the reproductive system?

The sacral chakra is the second primary chakra. This chakra is located at the base of the human sex organ.

What is the color associated with the Ajna chakra?

The Ajna chakra governs the brain and is believed to generate spiritual energy. This chakra is said to be positioned along the energetic (non-physical) spinal column, between and behind the eyebrows.

"Akasha," the space element, is associated with which chakra?

Simhasana is the yoga pose tied with this chakra. The Sanskrit word Simhasana means "lion posture" in English. This pose stimulates the neck and shoulders regions of the body.

Which is a purpose of the seventh Earth chakra?

Violet is the color associated with the seventh Earth chakra. Mount Kailas in Tibet is said to be the sacred center of the Earth's crown chakra.

The six-petaled lotus symbolizes which chakra?

The Natarajasana yoga pose activates the sacral chakra, which is located in the pelvic region of the human body. The Sanskrit word for the sacral chakra is Svadhishthana, which means "abode of the self."

Which chakra governs the lungs?

"YAM" is the mantra associated with the fourth primary chakra, which is the heart chakra. The Ustrasana yoga pose stimulates this chakra.

"RAM" is the mantra linked to which chakra?

The solar plexus, or navel, chakra is in the stomach region of the human body. Some meditation systems refer to the solar plexus chakra as the midway point to enlightenment.

Can you identify the Sanskrit name for the seventh chakra?

Sahasrara means "thousand petaled" in English. The Shavasana yoga pose is associated with the Sahasrara chakra.

What is the mantra for the throat chakra?

The throat chakra is located in the throat region. Esoteric Buddhism calls the throat entity "Sambhogakaya."

Which chakra is called "Dharma" in Esoteric Buddhism?

The Earth's heart chakra is said to be located at Shaftesbury, Dorset and Glastonbury, England. Green is the color associated with this chakra.

Which Earth chakra is located near the Mount of Olives and Mount Sinai in the Middle East?

The Earth's throat chakra is the fifth chakra and is believed to be located at the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Blue is the color connected with its energy.

What is the Sanskrit name for the sixth chakra?

The Ajna chakra governs the pineal gland of the brain. It is believed that meditation and yoga greatly strengthen this chakra.

Ishana Rudra Shiva is the deity that rules which chakra?

The symbol for the Anahata chakra, or the heart chakra, is a lotus flower with twelve petals. The Earth's heart chakra in England is said to be the site of extraordinary energy production.

In the subtle plane of spiritual existence, this chakra is positioned at the navel level along the subtle body's spine.

The third primary chakra governs the pancreas and dwells in the stomach region of the human body. A lotus with ten petals that surround fire is the symbol for this chakra.

Which Earth chakra is said to function like the human pineal gland?

The sixth Earth chakra, or third-eye chakra, is the Ajna chakra located at Glastonbury, England. It is believed that the third-eye chakra does not stay in a single place, but moves every 150 to 200 years. The symbol for the Ajna chakra is a lotus with two petals.

What is the meaning of the Sanskrit word "Vishuddha"?

Vishuddha is the fifth chakra that governs the throat. The Earth's Vishuddha chakra is referred to as the Earth's voice and is represented by the sixteen-petaled lotus shape.

Which element is associated with the navel chakra?

The Dhanurasana yoga pose activates the navel area of the body. Braddha Rudra is the deity that rules this chakra region.

Which chakra is represented by a half-lotus shape?

The "AUM" sound is the mantra associated with the seventh chakra, which is located at the crown of the head. This chakra governs the pituitary gland.

Uluru in Australia is the site for which Earth chakra?

Earth's solar plexus chakra is the third chakra located in Uluru, or Ayers Rock, Australia. Yellow is the color that represents this chakra's energy.

Brahma is the deity that governs which primary chakra?

The second primary chakra, or sacral chakra, is linked to the genitals. "VAM" is the meditative mantra associated with the sacral chakra.

What is the location of the Earth's third-eye chakra?

The Earth's third-eye, or guru, chakra is allegedly the site of dimensional travel and energy portals. Ajna is the Sanskrit word for the sixth chakra.

What is the Sanskrit word for the third chakra?

Earth's third chakra at Ayers Rock in Australia is said to be the seat of Earth's emotions. This area funnels energy to all living entities.

The serpent image symbolizes which chakra?

The color orange is associated with the second primary chakra, or sacral chakra. The crescent moon image represents this chakra's water element.

The earth element is tied to which primary chakra?

Earth's first primary chakra is positioned at Mount Shasta in California. Mount Shasta lies approximately 235 miles north of Sacramento, California and 83 miles south of the Oregon border.

Mount Shasta in Northern California is the site for which Earth chakra?

The root chakra is the first primary chakra. Mount Shasta is said to be Earth's energy foundation.

Where is the Earth's sacral chakra?

Lake Titicaca lies on the border of Peru and Bolivia on continent of South America. This site is said to be Earth's source of immense primal energy.

Which Earth chakra is the seventh chakra?

The Sahasrara Earth chakra is located at the Himilayas at Mount Kailas in Tibet. This Earth chakra is said to help an individual find their life's purpose.

The color red is associated with which chakra?

The Tadasana yoga pose stimulates the root chakra. A yellow square surrounded by four lotus petals is the symbol for the root chakra.

What is the meditation mantra associated with the root chakra?

The root chakra governs the blood in the human body. Spiritual practitioners often target the root chakra to help patients establish energetic balance, which, it is hoped, then would correct any physical imbalances in the body.

What is the first primary chakra called?

Muladhara is the Sanskrit word for the root chakra. It is said that kundalini energy lies dormant in this region at the base of the human spine.

Anahata is the name of which chakra?

The heart is the fourth primary chakra. The Sanskrit word "Anahata" means "unhurt." This chakra governs the circulatory system of the human body.

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