Do You Know All of These Home Baking Tricks?

By: Daisy Rogozinsky
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About This Quiz

Baking treats at home is no longer just a necessity, required for feeding your family. Instead, it’s transformed into more of a hobby. People enjoy baking for many different reasons. Some appreciate the scientific, precise nature of baking. Others find pleasure in the process of creating something new from scratch with their hands. And a bigger group still just loves to eat the tasty treats that result from a home baking hobby!

Over time, baking at home has become more accessible. The invention of the boxed cake mix in the 1930s revolutionized home baking, making the process much easier and more accessible. Interestingly, the boxed mixes were originally formulated to be used without any fresh ingredients, but the manufacturers found that the housewives who were using their products psychologically preferred to add fresh eggs, leading to the current standard boxed mix recipe that requires eggs.

Whether you prefer to make your breads, cakes and cookies from a boxed mix or from scratch, the process of baking has undeniable cultural and social significance. The looks of appreciation and excitement a baker receives when bringing a batch of fresh muffins to a brunch party shows just how much people appreciate to have a friend or acquaintance with a talent for baking. This quiz will help you find out just how proficient a home baker you are. Good luck!

What temperature should butter be when creaming together butter and sugar?

What is the shelf life of refined flour?

Which type of flour is not ideal for baking bread?

Glass measuring cups are best used for what type of ingredient?

Which of the following tools is best for incorporating air into batter?

What is the name of the first, thin coat of frosting placed on a cake?

What temperature should you keep your butter when baking a pie?

What is the best way to measure ingredients?

What ingredient helps enhance the flavor of your baked goods?

How can you overcome an oven with uneven heat?

When can you ice a cake?

How can you assure the accuracy of your oven temperature?

What is the best way to remove egg shells from batter?

What is a common plant-based substitute for honey?

How do you bloom yeast?

Which of the following is egg wash not used for?

When is it acceptable not to preheat your oven?

Which of these ingredients is not part of royal icing?

What is the difference between baking soda and baking powder?

Which of these combination of ingredients makes chocolate ganache?

How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon?

How many tablespoons are in a cup?

What is the best type of salt for baking?

What is the purpose of sifting dry ingredients?

Which of these is not a common substitute for butter?

Which of these is not a type of flour used in baking?

Which of these tricks helps keep cakes moist?

Which type of baked good should be chilled before baking?

How can you patch cracked fondant?

Which of these is not made of choux pastry dough?

Which of these tricks helps to remove air bubbles in dough?

Which common item can be used to help keep brown sugar from drying out?

What does “mise en place” refer to?

Which of the following ingredients can kill yeast?

Which of these is not a common substitute for pie weights?

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