Quiz: Do You Know Catholic Wedding Etiquette?
Do You Know Catholic Wedding Etiquette?
By: Jennifer Post
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About This Quiz

For most people, the only type of wedding they would ever consider is a Catholic wedding. Whether it's a family tradition or you have come into your faith later in life, a Catholic wedding is a beautiful way to start your new life as husband and wife. But do you know all there is to know about proper etiquette? This comes into play more so when you're a guest at a Catholic wedding, since the bride and groom are often taking classes to learn how everything will work.

There are a few things that could happen at a Catholic wedding ceremony that will confuse non-Catholics. And, of course, you don't have to be Catholic to attend a wedding of such. The Holy Communion is one of those things that may leave some wondering what they should be doing. Normally, since not every guest in attendance will be Catholic, the priest will explain what is going to happen and direct the guests where to go and what to do. 

Even if you're not planning on attending a Catholic wedding, learning about history and traditions is never boring. The history of religion goes back thousands of years, but whether you believe in the Bible or not, it is rooted in history. And hey, weddings are fun! Take this quiz to see what you know about Catholic wedding etiquette.

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Where are Catholic weddings allowed to take place?
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What do non-Catholics do when it is time to receive Communion?
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What are the vows called in a Catholic ceremony?
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What should you do for the Introductory Rite?
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What type of dress should you not wear?
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Are there any colors off-limits for guests to wear?
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What should guests do in between the ceremony ending and the reception starting?
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When can Catholic ceremonies not take place?
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What if you want to express your belief that the man and woman should not be married?
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When should you clap at the end of the ceremony?
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Who gives the bride away?
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What sacraments need to be completed in order to have a Catholic wedding?
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Who walks the maid of honor down the aisle?
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