Do You Know Enough to Be a Carpenter?

Zoe Samuel

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Carpentry is to wood as masonry is to stone. It's a skill that is almost as old as civilization, and one that hasn't actually changed much in that time. Some tools are even made and used the exact same way. After all, wood hasn't changed, so there's no reason to update the equipment that much.

Being adequate at carpentry is something almost anyone can achieve. You just have to be patient, decent at math, and capable of wielding the tools steadily. This will save you from having to hire help whenever you run into a carpentry pickle in your house. However, being good at carpentry is like any other skill; it takes an enormous time commitment and a real willingness to stick out the tough moments as you gradually improve. Becoming a truly great carpenter is yet another click above that, as you have to add artistic flair and vision and study the work of great carpenters past as you work on beveling and inlay and all the elements that make something truly beautiful and unique.

Do you have what it takes? Let's find out!

Do you measure twice, cut once?

Do you have steady hands?

Which related skill do you have?

Which famous carpenter inspires you?

Do you know much about types of wood?

Do you know how to sand something neatly?

Which shape is a Phillips head screwdriver?

Can you sew on a button?

Do you know what a shim is?

How patient are you?

Do you know how to find sustainably-grown wood?

Do you live in a humid environment?

Are you a maestro with varnish?

Are you sometimes clumsy?

Are you easily distracted?

Can you hold a lot of thoughts in your head at once?

Do you love the satisfaction of making something?

Do you have a good imagination?

How's your math?

Can you rotate shapes in your head?

Do you persist even when you've made a mistake?

If you cut yourself, do you know how to take care of it?

What other materials do you like to work with?

Do you have a well-ventilated space to work in?

Do you like learning in small increments?

Do you have some money to spend on the right tools and materials?

Do you know other people with dazzling carpentry skills?

Do you love the idea of building something as a gift?

What's the most annoying thing about carpentry?

Did you take shop class in school?

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