Do you know Hollywood's most famous film franchises?

By: John Miller
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Film franchises are a series of movies that follow a story or set of familiar characters. They find devoted audiences -- and amazing box office numbers. How much do you know about these famous movie franchises?

Actor Sylvester Stallone is best known for his work in which franchise?

Which film franchise often features a mysterious power called the "Force"?

Which film franchise revolves around the perilous adventures of a young woman named Katniss?

Which film franchise helped to launch an actor to stardom and then into high-profile politics?

Capt. James T. Kirk is a major character in which high-flying franchise?

Actor Robert Downey, Jr. has been the face of which film series?

Which franchise features lots of men wearing very dark suits?

Which franchise relies on the oceans as its primary setting?

True or false, has the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise made more money than even "Star Wars"?

Which film franchise revolves around illegal street racing?

How many movies are there in the "Home Alone" franchise?

The "Deathly Hallows" makes up part of the titles of two films in which movie franchise?

Clark Kent is the shy character who becomes the hero in which franchise?

Actor Roger Moore was once the face of which famous film series?

"The Dark Knight" is a moody, ominous film that stands out in which franchise?

Which actress found immense acclaim for her work in the "Alien" franchise?

The "Temple of Doom" was a major part of which film series?

Johnny Depp achieved super-celebrity status thanks in large part to which successful franchise?

Which film franchise features blood-sucking vampires as its primary characters?

"The Two Towers" is one of three films in which major franchise?

Which film series relies heavily on a rugged character named John McClane?

Which film franchise is the oldest?

Clint Eastwood is the gritty star in which film series?

"Tokyo Drift" is part of a movie title that appears in which franchise?

Which film franchise is all about animated vehicles?

"Skyfall" is a fast-paced movie that emerged as part of which franchise?

A character named Ethan Hunt is the star of which successful franchise?

Which film franchise is based on books written by military-obsessed author Tom Clancy?

Which film series stars little mischievous characters called Minions?

Which horror franchise was sparked by a psychopathic murderer called the "Jigsaw Killer"?

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