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If you're a home maintenance buff, you know that every second counts. And that's why, instead of spending your whole day hammering in nails manually, you know it's worth it to use a nail gun. Nail guns are trusty, reliable, safe and easy to use. But before you get your finger on the trigger, take this quiz to learn how they work.

What is the advantage of using a nail gun?

A nail gun is much easier to use than a hammer. It saves hard work and time.


What is the maximum speed that a nail gun can hammer in a nail?

A nail gun can shoot a nail as fast as 1,400 feet (427 meters) per second!


What are the two functions of nail gun with a spring-loaded design?

The spring-loaded nail gun concentrates hammering force into one mechanized blow and also reloads the next nail after ejecting the first.


Why are there two axles in a nail gun?

The nail gun needs two axles, each with its own function. The front one moves a little scooper plate, while the back one moves the gears.


What part of the mechanism drives the hammer downward at top speed?

As the hammer is pushed up, it compresses two springs. When the hammer is released, the springs cause the hammer to drive downward at top speed.


How are nails held together in the most common kind of nail-loading mechanism?

Similar to the magazine of a real gun, the nail-loading mechanism is usually a strip of nails glued together, which are fed into the barrel as it runs.


Is the glue a help or a hindrance to the hammering process?

It's actually of great benefit. The glue melts during the hammering and sets again once the nail is in place, thus fusing the nail to the wood.


The solenoid is a kind of ________.

It's an electromagnet. Used in all kinds of machines, it's also useful as an effective hammering device.


With an electromagnet, can you change the orientation of the poles?

You can certainly change their orientation, so that the north and south ends switch and the current flow changes direction.


What is the disadvantage of a solenoid nail gun?

Unfortunately, the solenoid is limited in its power output. If you're working with a hard surface, it may not be able to drive the nail in with a single strike.


What creates the hammering force of a pneumatic nail gun?

Compressed air is the force behind the force.


Where does the pneumatic nail gun get the constant supply of air from?

The supply of air simply comes from the surroundings. The piston cylinders draw it in like a pump.


Which of these is true about the pneumatic nail gun?

The pneumatic gun is neither slow nor limited in power, but it's cumbersome due to the bulky size of the air compressor.


What's inside the gas reservoir of a combustion nail gun?

The gas reservoir contains flammable gas.


What is the small explosion inherent in the triggering of the combustion nail gun?

The battery sends a charge to the spark plug. This ignites the gas in a combustion like that in your car engine.


Why is there a second trigger in a combustion nail gun?

The second trigger is there for safety. It means that you can't accidently shoot the nail out without the gun being pressed against the surface to be nailed.


How does an imbalance of atmospheric pressure drive the nail gun?

Basically, if there is greater pressure above the piston, it moves downward. And the converse is true, too.


Why do nail guns need safety devices?

Nail gun safety devices are present to prevent you from accidently shooting nails into the air with one press of the trigger.


What is the reason that manufacturers developed a sequential trip system?

The sequential trip system was developed to solve the problem of the safety catch not being foolproof. Carpenters would leave the main trigger pressed down and use the safety catch (whereby pressure against a surface sets off the gun) as the actual triggering mechanism.


How does the sequential trip system work?

Under the sequential trip system, you must first release and then hold down the trigger to fire a nail.


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