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Put your makeup savvy to the test with this quiz!

Do you think you have what it takes to put on the perfect face? Then see how sharp your contour is with this quiz! Long before the days of Sephora, people wanted to look their best, leading to the use of all sorts of ingredients in cosmetics we would never touch today. Over the centuries, people have used urine, sweat and even lead-based face paint, which would damage the skin more the more it was worn. While today we have countless more diverse and non-toxic options, it can be overwhelming figuring out exactly what to do in order to get that flawless face.   

While many people love makeup, not everyone who wears it is was trained in it, and that's part of what makes it fun. However, when it comes to finding the right shade of foundation or forgetting to blend products, many people are guilty of simple mistakes. Some makeup sins which seem tiny can make a big difference, throwing your whole face out of balance and maybe even aging you years and years.     

If you are makeup-savvy and know how to put your best face forward, then put your knowledge to the test with this colorful quiz! 

What kinds of foundations often work best on oily skin?

Matte products lack shine. For those with oily skin, who become shiny throughout the day, this can be helpful in keeping excess shine at bay.


Can makeup expire?

All makeup has an expiration date. Using old makeup can lead to breakouts and possibly even eye infections.


What makes the face look heavy and cakey?

Those with very dry skin might not want to powder at all. While oily-skinned people might be tempted to powder all day to keep their makeup in place, blot film papers do the trick without adding countless layers of powder.


Can you use any primer with any foundation?

Both foundations and primers have silicone, water or oil bases. While sometimes you can mix it up without them reacting poorly, using foundations and primers with the same bases is always a safe bet.


Which of these should you never do?

Sleeping in your makeup can clog your pores, which can lead to breakouts. It can also even age your skin by sucking out its moisture.


If a product is matte, that means it lacks:

Matte products lack dewy texture and shine. They are trendy particularly in lip products.


What common makeup mistake can ruin foundation application?

Foundation can cover up a lot, but if your skin is super dry and flaky, the foundation will appear to be dry and flaky, too. Regular exfoliation and moisturizing can help with this.


If you apply bronzer to your face, also apply it to your________.

Bronzer adds warmth and glow to the face, but it will look odd if that stops suddenly at your jawline. Be sure to blend down onto your neck.


You should curl your lashes before you apply mascara: True or False?

Dry lashes curl better, while lashes that are wet with mascara while they are curled are more likely to clump together or even get ripped out. Curl your lashes before you apply mascara and after the mascara on them has dried only.


Makeup brushes and sponges should be:

It is possible to cause breakouts and even eye infections by using dirty brushes and sponges Be sure to clean your brushes and replace your sponges regularly.


Which of these foundation finishes looks best on mature skin?

Matte and dewy foundations can settle into fine lines and wrinkles, making them more noticeable. Satin and sheer coverage foundations often work better on more mature skin.


When should you apply lashes?

After applying lash glue to your lashes, wait at least 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. If the glue is too wet, your false lashes will slip and slide around on your eyes.


Should your eyebrow pencil perfectly match your hair color?

Those with light hair can go a shade darker for brows, but those with brown or black hair should go a shade lighter. Solid black eyebrows can often look harsh even on those with the darkest black hair.


What can stop makeup from running in the warmer months?

Some people opt out of wearing makeup in the warmer months because it runs everywhere in the heat. Using waterproof mascaras and liners can stop your makeup from melting.


Where should you swatch foundation to see if it suits you?

While many people swatch foundations on their hand or arm, this often leads to bad foundation matches. In order to ensure your foundation color matches your face, swatch it on your face.


Don't apply matte lipsticks on bare ______ lips.

If your lips are dry and chapped, applying drying matte lipstick on them when they are bare will not look great. Exfoliate and moisturize them first for the best possible result.


Can everyone wear the same foundation year round?

Those with fairer skin tones may become a few shades darker if they are often out in the sun during the summer. In this case, continuing to apply their winter foundation will not flatter them.


Many people pile on foundation to try to cover blemishes. Is this right?

Endless layers of foundation look heavy and can highlight imperfections. Opt for a concealer that matches your skin tone instead.


Which of these should you do before makeup application?

Applying makeup to bare skin can make it run, fade and not last as long. A moisturized and primed face is smoother, more hydrated, and will make makeup last longer.


What draws attention to undereye circles, instead of concealing them?

While it is trendy to highlight the face with a concealer that is shades lighter than the face, this will not cancel out the blue, purple and green tones that can often be found under the eye. For this, you will need a peach color corrector.


Applying too much foundation can:

While many people think that slathering on foundation is the way too look younger, this is actually not the case. Excess foundation can look unnatural and textured and even settle in lines and wrinkles, making you look years older.


For a flattering semi-natural look, eyeliner should compliment your natural:

While it's always fun to experiment with different kinds of makeup application if your goal is to balance out your face, keep your eye shape and width apart in mind when applying liner. For example, wide-set eyes can be balanced out with liner that is thicker toward the inner corners of the eyes.


Should you blend your foundation down onto your neck?

One of the most common makeup mistakes people make is walking around with a clear mask-like line of foundation that stops at their jaw. Don't forget to blend your foundation.


Does matching your eyeshadow to your eyes compliment them?

While experimenting with makeup is fun, for a natural look, those with green and blue eyes should not match their shadows to their eyes. Blue eyes pop with the help of brown and bronze shadows, while hazel and brown eyes look brilliant with purple and mahogany shadows.


How much eyelash glue do false lashes require?

Using way more eyelash glue than you need is wasteful and can make a mess. It can even spread onto the lid or look heavy and strange on the eye, interfering with your eyeshadow.


Dry skin often benefits from ________ foundations.

Dewy foundations are meant to make the skin look luminous and glowing, which adds life to dry skin. Some with oily skin might find that this type of foundation might make their skin look wet.


Popping white eyeliner on the lower waterline to brighten up the eyes is an old trick, but will it work for everyone?

For a natural look, people with different skin tones will need different colored pencils. While fair skin tones should use a white or cream pencil, those with medium skin tones will look better with a nude liner, and dark-skinned people will look more natural with a deep brown liner.


Extra mascara does what to the lashes?

While a little bit of mascara can do wonders for defining your eyes, too much can cause your lashes to become heavy and clumpy. This can weigh them down and make your eyes look tired.


Which of these should you not wear every day?

While waterproof mascara is great for special occasions, using it every day will dry out your lashes. This can make them short, brittle and maybe even cause them to break.


Which makeup product can you safely keep the longest?

Lip gloss should be replaced every 2 years and lipstick every year. Liquid eyeliner and mascara should be replaced every 3 months.


Why do foundations often appear to match your skin in store, but not when you get home?

Lighting in stores can often be harsh or have tones in it that you would not usually be in outside of it, leading to misleading foundation matches. When testing foundation, try to do so in natural light.


Do people with darker skin tones need to wear sunscreen?

It is a harmful myth that only people with fair skin tones are vulnerable to the sun's rays. Everyone needs sun protection for both health and beauty reasons


Green-toned concealers are used to:

Green-toned concealers are used to conceal blemishes. It is important to follow them up with a concealer that matches your skin tone.


How should eyebrows be shaped?

While brow trends come and go, and many people lose their brows as they age, it is important to draw your brows on in a way that suits your face. For a natural look, gentle strokes should be used to fill in any sparse areas.


Which of these make your eyes look smaller?

Using black eyeliner above and below your eyes can close them off and make them look smaller. Instead, opt for a lower liner color similar to your skin tone to widen and brighten your eyes.


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