Quiz: Do You Know How Your Organs Work?
Do You Know How Your Organs Work?
By: Becky Stigall
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The tongue, mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestines and large intestines are all part of the digestive system. But do you know what each of these organs does? Take this quiz to see how much you know about how your organs work.

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Which organ sends oxygen-deprived blood to the lungs?
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Digestion begins in what organ?
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Which organ serves as the body's control center?
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Which organ filters waste from the body?
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Which organ is the body's first defense against pathogens?
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Which organ is home to the body's white blood cells?
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What organ stores urine?
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In what organ does blood exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen?
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What digestive organ is a 20-foot tube?
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Which organ filters blood?
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What organ produces insulin?
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What organ connects the larynx to the lungs?
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What system is responsible for making sure that blood travels throughout the body?
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What part of the skeletal system plays a critical role in digestion?
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What small organs are part of the immune system?
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What organ secretes hormones that regulate metabolism?
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In what part of the digestive system is waste stored before elimination?
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Where is bile stored?
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What organ secretes saliva, which aids in digestion?
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What tissue manufactures white blood cells?
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What tube helps remove urine from the body?
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What organ regulates growth?
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What membrane holds the intestines to the abdominal wall?
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What tube moves food from the mouth to the stomach?
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What organ stores eggs in the human female?
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What organs in the throat are part of the immune system?
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What organ enables us to see?
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Which organ secretes gastric juices, which help break down food?
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What organ contracts to draw air into the lungs?
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In what organ does the human fetus grow?
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What organ aids in balance?
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Once the stomach has finished turning food into paste, it dumps the mixture into what organ?
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What organ moves food to the back of the mouth, to be swallowed?
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What organ provides nutrition to the human fetus?
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What organ helps make sound?
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