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Though New Zealand and Australia are very different, both offer scenic and usually breathtaking landmarks for tourists and locals alike. These may include glaciers, mountains, valleys, buildings, beaches and even shark bays! The natural beauty of Australasia must be seen to be believed; the pictures in our quiz are a start, if you've never been.

A notable landmark in Australia is the pink lakes, which are (literally) pink in color due to the algae in the water. New Zealand also offers its fair share of tourist sites, such as The Big Carrot, Huka Falls and the Craters of the Moon. Some of these landmarks are located within big city areas, while others may require several hours of driving to get there. Other landmarks, like the Tiritiri Matangi Island in New Zealand, require a ferry or boat service.

Don't worry if you're not a native of New Zealand or Australia, either. We've provided a hint for each question, so you'll never feel stuck! Do you think you have it takes to guess where these famous landmarks are located? You'll have the choice between Australia or New Zealand, so you'll always have a 50/50 chance at a correct answer! Take the quiz now to test your wits!

Located on the Otago Coast of New Zealand are several rock formations that were formed by erosion. Some myths also say that these rocks were formed by "waka," or giant canoe, debris.

These craters that spout steam engulf the lands of Taupo, New Zealand. The craters also don't have much vegetation growing in the area and can be seen through guided hiking tours.

Considered to be one of the most notable attractions in Australia, the Sydney Opera House offers concerts, opera and recital shows. This famous landmark also took nine years to build.

The Sky Tower took three years to build and is a famous attraction for those who love heights. Guests can partake in dining and sight seeing here, considered to be one of the largest towers ever built,

Also called "Ayers Rock," Uluru is located in Northern Australia. The world's largest monolith is considered quite a sight to see for those visiting Australia.

Shaped like a heart, this reef has been featured in many movies and TV shows. It's also an ideal spot for water activities, such as scuba diving.

Port Arthur is a historic site where guests can explore restored homes, a coal mine and the coveted Isle of the Dead. A museum is also located within Port Arthur, which also offers a Tasmanian-like bistro.

Located in Taupo, New Zealand, Huka Falls is known for its foam-like water. Tourists can also ride a boat to the bottom of the falls for a better vantage point.

Tane Mahutu is a 2,300 year old tree that is located in Waipoua Kauri Forest, New Zealand. The tree is also dubbed the "King of the Forest."

Kakadu is a very large national park in Australia that is notable for its rock art and lush scenery. The park also contains both woodland and wetland environments.

Located in Wellington, New Zealand, the Beehive is famous for its beehive-like structure. This famous building also holds Cabinet meetings, as well as offices for the Prime Minister.

Kangaroo Island is an ideal spot for travelers due to its scenic beauty, resorts and local cuisine. Kangaroo Island is also located off the southern part of the Australian coast.

This stadium holds many international and national Cricket games for fans. It's located in Yarra Park and accompanies up to 100,000 people.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, One Tree Hill is both a memorial site and a volcanic peak. The site commemorates fallen Maori and New Zealand people.

Located on Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand, Queenstown offers many restaurants, bars and sight-seeing opportunities for tourists. Since it's situated over a lake, tourists can also partake in water activities, such as fly fishing.

Bondi Beach is a famous beach in Australia that highlights crystal-blue water and white sand. This beach is also located in Sydney and is one kilometer long.

Shark Bay isn't just knowing for sharks; it's also home to reptiles, birds and whales! This popular attraction is also an ideal tourist spot, as it offers resorts, cottages and camp sites.

Nestled within Tongariro Reserve, New Zealand lies the famous Tongariro Crossing. The park is famous for its hot springs and craters that are filled with icy-blue water.

Mount Cook is located in Canterbury, New Zealand, and is considered to be New Zealand's tallest mountain. With 12,000 feet of summit to climb and plenty of glacier lakes to explore, Mount Cook is an ideal spot for adventure-seekers.

Once a sheep station, Ballarat quickly turned into a hot spot for gold mining in the mid 1800s. Today, tourists can explore the old mining sites here while staying at nearby cottages, camp sites and hotels.

Ohakune, New Zealand is best known for its large vegetation of carrots. In fact, tourists who come here are treated to a 25-foot carrot statue!

Located along the Victorian Coastline, The Twelve Apostles are giant rock formations that are said to have risen from the ocean! It's also located a few hours away from the city of Melbourne.

If you're interested in 45,000-year-old artifacts, than you'll love the Flinders Ranges. The land mass consists of mountains, gorges and beautiful vegetation that is best seen during sunrise hours.

Located off of New Zealand's West Coast, Franz Josef Glacier offers hiking, quad bike tours and tandem skydiving activities for thrill-seekers. There are also hot pools here to escape from the cold!

Located between Glade Wharf and Milford Sound, this famous hiking trail offers scenic views of the surrounding valleys and vegetation. These valleys were also formed by glaciers millions of years ago.

Otherwise known as "The Bungle Bungles," Purnululu consists of many large rock formations that are both orange and black in color. Hikers can walk around these rock formations to find hidden gorges and water holes as well.

Located in Undara Volcanic National Park, the Undara Lava Tubes offers insight into 200,000-year-old volcanic eruptions. The Undara Lava Tubes are also located a few hours from Cairns, Australia.

Located in Kaipara, Northland, North Island, the Horizon Sculpture is notable for its cartoon-like features. It's also popular with cows and sheep as well, as many animals love to live near the sculpture.

Australia is home to a number of pink-colored lakes, most notably in Victoria and in Lake Hillier. The pink color is formed due to excessive algae in the water.

The town of Te Kuiti, Australia has become popular for its annual sheep-shearing competitions. The Big Shearer Statue was thus created to honor this tradition.

Located in Watarrka National Park, Kings Canyon is known for its sandstone domes, breathtaking mountains and the "Garden of Eden." This garden contains lush plant life, which is accompanied by a water hole.

Mungo National Park is home to the breathtaking Walls of China, which are large rock formations in a desert-like environment. The Walls of China is also an ideal spot for hiking and biking.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, The Civic is one of the oldest Atmospheric Theatres. It was built in 1929 and still holds many theatrical shows for guests.

Known for its breathtaking scenery, Wineglass Bay is an island that offers plenty of activities for visitors. Some of these includes kayaking, cruises, paintball and even aqua taxis!

Broome is a small town that is famous for its pearling industry. Visitors can also partake in camel riding here, as well as explore dinosaur footprints and ancient plant fossils.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Mt. Eden is a concave crater that highlights a volcanic cone. This is also the highest natural point in Auckland, which is 643 feet above sea level.

Tiritiri Matangi Island is perfect for those who love nature, as this sanctuary features many kinds of endangered wildlife. Visitors can also reach this sanctuary through a ferry from Auckland, New Zealand.

Known as the wine capital of Australia, Barossa Valley features plenty of vineyards, wine cellars and hotels for travelers. There are also plenty of festivals and events that take place here, like the Santos Cycling Tour.

The Auckland Botanic Gardens features exotic vegetation and blooming trees that attract thousands of visitors each year. Located in Manurewa, New Zealand, the gardens are also free in admission!

Those who love trains and planes will love to explore the Museum of Transport and Technology in New Zealand. Visitors will be treated to old-fashioned cars, aviation models and cable cars.

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