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There's more than just Notting Hill! London is a city rich with various communities and neighborhoods that each have their own personality, history and landmarks. In this quiz, we're going to test just how much of a jolly Londoner you really are.

Where are the Georgian houses and expensive hotels?

Belgravia is a pretty rich part of town. It's famous for its expensive hotels, Georgian houses, embassies and Buckingham Palace.

Where is the London Zoo?

Camden Town is a charming part of London. It's famous for its street food, Camden Lock, tattoo shops, night clubs and the London Zoo.

Where is the famous flower show?

London would not be complete without the annual Chelsea Flower Show. It has a small town atmosphere, but with Saatchi Gallery and the National Army Museum.

One word: Tennis.

No neighborhood is more synonymous with tennis than Wimbledon. This is also a great place for restaurants, theater and expensive living.

Where is the Victoria and Albert Museum?

Kensington is a residential area that is also famous for the Victoria and Albert Museum. Here you'll also find the Science Museum and many beautiful parks.

Where is the famous annual carnival?

Notting Hill is famous for the movie that bears its name, and also for the Notting Hill Carnival. Here you'll find the Portobello Market and a number of fine antique and vintage shops.

You'll find a big train station here.

Paddington is home to the Paddington Train Station. It's also a great spot for Victorian architecture, Hyde Park and a multicultural vibe.

Where is the London Eye?

South Bank is home to the London Eye, which marks the city's skyline. This is a very touristy part of town.

Which is the place for theater?

The West End is the Broadway of London. It's touristy, expensive, noisy and quite theatrical!

How many neighborhoods are in London?

There are a whopping 48 differenct and diverse neighborhoods in London. The capital of the United Kingdom has much to see and do.

Where is Hildreth Street Market?

Balham is where you find Hildreth Street Market. The area is also known for its Victorian architecture, live music, stand-up comedy and trendy vibe.

Which neighborhood is known for museums and greenery?

Bloomsbury is home to the British Museum, British Library, the Charles Dickens Museum and so much more. It's also famous for its Garden Squares and overall greenery.

Canonbury is known for ________.

Canonbury is a cozy part of town. It's known for its quiet charm, walking paths and traditional pubs.

Where is St. Paul's Cathedral?

Yes, the City of London is a London neighborhood. It's associated with St. Paul's Cathedral, the Museum of London, the Barbican Centre and the Finance District.

Where will you find Canary Wharf?

The Isle of Dogs is known for many things, and Canary Wharf is just one of them. It's also known for casual pubs and cafes, a Financial District and its overall maritime feel.

Where did Harry Potter board the train?

King's Cross is where you'll find the famous Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter. It's where you board the Eurostar.

Where is Harrods?

Knightsbridge is where you find Harrods, the famous department store. It's very touristy, with exclusive shops and upscale restaurants.

Where do you find BBC Studios?

BBC Studios can be found in both Maida Vale and Shepherd's Bush. Shops, bars, and cafes abound.

Where is Shakespeare's Globe and the Tate Modern?

Southwark is home to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, as well as the Tate Modern. You'll also find Borough Market, Butler's Wharf, The Shard and so much more.

Which is home of the Royals?

St. James's is where the Royals are. It's home to Buckingham Palace and it's the place to go for High Tea, with or without the Queen.

London is known for ______.

Simply put: London is known for rain. When you go, please bring an umbrella, and Wellies when you're in the country.

In London you don't stand in line, you stand in _____.

Note that when you go to London, you won't wait in line for anything. That's because you'll be queuing up instead.

Where is the Royal Observatory?

Greenwich makes for a great day trip. Here you'll find the Royal Observatory and it's a wonderful place to explore maritime history.

Where would you go to explore the Gin Distillery?

Kennington is home to London's Gin Distillery. It's quite residential and it has a Cinema Museum!

Which neighborhood is the home of Madame Tussauds?

The famous Madame Tussauds Museum is found in the Marylebone neighborhood. It's also home to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Which of these is elegant, expensive and exclusive?

For all things elegant, expensive and exclusive, head to Mayfair. Be sure that you have a thick wallet.

Where is the Royal Opera House?

Covent Garden is home to the famous Royal Opera House. It's also where you will encounter Neal's Yard and a number of street artists.

You'll find a number of historical pubs where?

Clerkenwell is known for its historical pubs. It has good food, theater and furniture shops.

Where is the House of Parliament?

Westminster is the heart of London. Here you'll find Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and so much more.

London runs on _____ time.

Everything runs like clockwork in London, because it runs on military time! That would be 0:00/24:00.

The currency of London is the _____.

The currency of London is the pound sterling. The symbol is thus: (£ / GBP).

What area is famous for Jack the Ripper?

Whitechapel is famous for, of all things, Jack the Ripper. It's also lively, cultural and trendy.

Where is the British Library?

Somers Town is the home of the British Library. It's quiet, residential, and it features wonderful festivals and pubs.

Which is the home of Chinatown?

Soho in London is the home of Chinatown. It's hip, trendy, fashionable and lively.

Where is Balmoral Castle?

Trick question: Balmoral Castle is the royal getaway in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Everyone needs to get out of London once in a while!

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