Quiz: Do You Know the Meaning of These Baby Boomer Slang Words?
Do You Know the Meaning of These Baby Boomer Slang Words?
By: John Miller
Image: Photo by Claudia Romero-Dneprovski from Pexels

About This Quiz

When World War II finally came to its conclusion, millions upon millions of soldiers left battlefields and went home. There, they tried to resume normal lives, and that meant having a lot of babies, all at the same time. The result? A huge baby boom. And the “Baby Boomer” generation created its own set of cultural norms and slang. Do you think you know all of the Boomer lingo in our quiz?

Don’t sweat it if you can’t hang loose with us in this tough quiz. After all, not everyone is hot to trot on such a tough challenge. But if you’re feeling funky and know how to get your groove on, we’ll wager you can get most of these questions right. Do you recall the vast informal vocabulary of the Baby Boomers?

If you hurry, you can have dibs on bragging rights over your friends. Dig it? Or maybe you don’t, and you’ll use Google to take a five-finger discount to steal the correct answers. Don’t be a cheater! Take this neato Boomer slang quiz now!

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If you're a Boomer, you know what it means to "beat feet." What's the answer?
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You need a job badly. Why? It's in part because you want to earn to earn some ____.
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Boomers witnessed all sorts of trends. What did they do with "threads"?
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It has nothing to do with your car. If you're "having a gas," what's happening?
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If your parents went "ape" about something that you did, what did they really do?
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Boomers avoided this in most cases. Who would be most likely to "flip a wig"?
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You're not going to pet that "cat"? Why not?
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It's a bit pokey. What's it mean if that Chevy is "all show and no go?"
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It was sometimes dangerous. What would you use to "lay a patch"?
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In high school, Boomers definitely did not want to be associated with which shape?
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A buddy asked you "what's your bag?" What did he really ask?
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Boomers played this game a lot. In "padiddle," what were they counting?
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That ride is pretty darn "clean" looking. To a Boomer, what might "clean" mean?
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It was better than collect. What were Boomers doing when they decided to "drop a dime"?
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If you're a Boomer, where might you see a "gum ball machine"?
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It's not cheesy. What would Boomers do with "moo juice"?
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Boomers know when they'd have to "book it." When might that be?
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If a Boomer says a situation is "hairy," what does it really mean?
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For speed freaks, it mattered. Where might you find a "mill"?
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To what does the phrase "bummed out" refer?
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Which contraption would Boomers most likely use to "peel out?"
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Some Boomers became full-on "flower children." What did that mean?
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You'll probably want to skip it. What does it mean to "pound" someone?
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Hic! What's a Boomer slang term for an alcoholic beverage?
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It's not what you thought it'd be. If something is "the pits," what is it?
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If you were a teenage Boomer, which term would you want your peers to direct at you?
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For totally sane people, what's it like to play a game of "chicken"?
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Boomers had their fair share of lingo. They directed the term "flake" at what kind of person?
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What was a slang term that many Boomers used for television?
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If someone tells you to "lay it on them," what should you do?
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Boomers know the answer! What would they call "fine as wine"?
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Why in the world would a Boomer ever want to "catch some Z's"?
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If a friend says your new outfit is "boss," what are they really saying?
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You're a Boomer. You'll most likely say which of the following is "sharp"?
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