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From what they're made of to where they're from and how they're used, how much do you really know about the vehicles that transport our troops over land and sea?

What is a half-track vehicle?

A half-track features both the track that mobilizes tanks and regular, heavy duty wheels. They're easier to maneuver than vehicles with a full track, but still less likely to get stuck than one with only wheels.


What type of military vehicle is strong enough to haul a tank?

HETs, or heavy equipment transports, can easily carry the army's biggest, baddest tanks into position.


What is an earthmover?

Earthmovers have many functions in the military, not the least of which is clearing a path through rubble, debris or other obstacles. It's an invaluable tool during construction, as well as offensive maneuvers.


Tanks were created to overcome the difficulties of ______ warfare.

Tanks could simply roll over the trenches dug by the opposing army, allowing forces to break more ground. Early versions that debuted in WWI had a nasty habit of getting stuck, but they still marked significant progress in military vehicles technology.


What is an AAV?

AAVs are unique in their ability to transition from land to sea. They're mainly used to transport troops into battle in coastal areas.


What is the name of the U.S. Army's foremost tank?

The U.S. Army has a variety of tanks, but its most commonly used tank is the M1 Abrams, which has been around since 1980.


All armored vehicles must be able to do what?

To be called an armored vehicle, a military vehicle must be able to protect the men inside it from most projectiles, including bullets, shrapnel, shells and more.


APCs carry what?

APC's, or armored personnel carriers, are generally used to carry soldiers into a land battle. While they could transport some supplies if needed, that is not their main function.


A mine protected route clearance vehicle is often equipped with a large __________.

The claw allows crew to extract buried objects without putting themselves in harm's way. While explosions can disable these vehicles, the occupants are usually unharmed and the vehicles can be repaired for further use.


Army trucks are usually covered with what?

The tarps are just about useless in combat, but these trucks are usually only used in safe areas. The tarp keeps the truck's cargo protected from the elements and curious eyes.


Glass for most military vehicles needs to be what?

The glass used for windows and windshields needs to be bulletproof, to protect the vehicle's occupants in hostile encounters.


What is the job of a recovery vehicle?

Recovery vehicles use a range of tools - often involving a crane - to get back equipment so the military can repair it or salvage parts.


What does the "HUM" of "HUMVEE" stand for?

HUMVEE is a slight re-spelling of HMMWV, which stands for "high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle."


How are Jeeps and military trucks connected?

The Jeep gradually evolved from military trucks in the 1940s. After some modifications, it became a popular design both in and out of the military.


What military vehicle might be seeing limited street use in the near future?

HUMVEEs are already sold to civilians during military surplus sales, but they're mostly relegated to off-road use and usually can't be registered with the state. Some states are considering allowing them to be used in special events, like parades and car shows.


Development of tanks led to the development of their nemesis, the ______.

Tank destroyers were effectively tanks outfitted to take out the enemy's tanks. The weaponry employed could cripple oncoming tanks if aimed well.


What must be true if a vehicle is designated as a tank?

A true tank not only moves on tracks, but also has significant armaments and battle-ready armor. Tanks have more than one kind of artillery; exactly what type varies from model to model.


Amphibious vehicles were conceptualized in the 1920s, in anticipation of war with what country?

For a showdown in the Pacific over Japanese territory, the military needed an easy transition from sea to land. The result were AAVs, which continue to be useful after landing on the shore.


Amphibious vehicles debuted during which war?

The first amphibious vehicles were called LVTs (landing vehicle tracked) and came in two primary variations: one outfitted primarily for transport, and one outfitted with extra guns for protecting the other LVTs.


How long have military vehicles been around?

The earliest military vehicle was the chariot. Warriors used chariots as early as 3,000 B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia.


What necessary amenity is available in most military vehicles?

Most vehicles produced have air conditioning so that soldiers will be protected in high temperature areas like Iraq. Only some military vehicles have seat belts.


Stealth technology under development in Poland would block detection of tanks by what common method?

The project attempts to hide the temperature signature of the tank, rendering it invisible in the practical sense of the word: enemies using infrared tech to monitor their surroundings wouldn't see it coming.


What country was first to use aluminum in armored vehicles?

Aluminum is still a popular addition to armored vehicles because it provides protection without too much weight. The French were the first to begin using it, when they made their torpedo boats with aluminum.


The M80 Stiletto, a high-speed naval ship, is strong but lightweight because of...

Carbon nanofibers are incredibly strong and lightweight, so it was only a matter of time before engineers found a way to use them in military vehicles and equipment.


The Cougar is one example of a military vehicle that is IED-resistant. The tech for it was originally developed where?

The South African military used early versions of the technology in the '80s. The tech has since been applied to many mine-resistant vehicles because of its usefulness in protecting crew members from IED blasts.


HEMTTs, or heavy expanded mobility tactical trucks, earned what nickname?

HEMTTs can plow through difficult terrain with a significant stash of resources, making them extremely useful support vehicles. Their formidable construction earned them the nickname "Dragon Wagon."


Some transport vehicles can travel how fast?

A few high-tech troop transports clock in at just about 90 mph, making them extremely fast for their size.


Medium tactical vehicles are usually used for what purpose?

FMTVs are lightly armored and agile, and usually require less maintenance than fancier transports. They're the bread and butter of run-of-the-mill military transportation.


Many people buy military surplus vehicles for what purpose?

While there's no reason you can't show off a military grade vehicle, many people use them off-road. Some are working to legalize their use on the road in certain situations as well.


One modern mobile anti-aircraft unit is named the what?

The Avenger is still being used and upgraded. It essentially is a vehicle with an anti-aircraft missile system loaded on top.


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