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Everyone needs to eat. Most of us eat several times a day and eat a wide range of different foods. If we didn't eat, our bodies would lack the necessary energy, vitamins and minerals to properly function at our best. However, not only do we have to eat, most of us love to eat. Food can taste amazing and make us feel great. Everyone has different tastes and there are literally hundreds of different foods that people eat on a regular basis. 

But how much do we actually know about the food that we eat and whether it is good for us or not? While many people eat a balanced diet, there are plenty of people who don't. Not eating right can lead to a variety of health issues, including several diseases, obesity and more. Despite these very real and proven consequences of a bad diet, many people still eat foods that aren't good for them. 

Much of this boils down to people simply not having the knowledge of food that they should have. People should know what goes into the food they eat. Do you fancy yourself an expert on all things food? Do you know which fat is the worst for you and what animal's milk goes into creating feta cheese? If so (or if you want to learn), get ready to prove yourself in our challenging quiz that's all about the knowledge of food. 

Which animal's milk is responsible for making feta cheese?

Feta is among the most popular cheeses on the planet. It is a slightly grainy cheese and can be used in a range of different dishes. It comes from the milk of sheep, and occasionally goats.


How many calories should the average adult male consume every day to maintain his weight?

While the numbers will differ a bit from person to person, it is generally recommended that an average man consume about 2,500 calories a day to maintain his weight. If he wants to lose weight, around 2,000 calories is good.


Which was not one of the four classic food groups?

In 1956, the four basic food groups were published. They were dairy, proteins, fruits/vegetables and grains. In 2010, however, a fifth food group was added, which allowed fruits and vegetables to split into their own independent groups.


What does it mean to "blanch" food when cooking?

Blanching food is when a cook will transfer it from a boiling pot of water to a bowl of ice water. This stops the cooking process and is primarily used to help reduce the loss of quality in food over time.


What percentage of American adults are considered obese?

Obesity has been on the rise in American in recent years, despite the known potential health risks associated with it. Around 40 percent of Americans aged 20 and over are considered obese in the USA.


Being low in what vitamin/mineral will cause anemia?

A deficiency in iron can lead a person to become anemic. Anemia is when your body suffers from a decrease in the number of red blood cells or a lessened ability of your blood to carry oxygen.


Of all the food produced each year, how much is wasted?

Unfortunately, food waste is a massive problem all over the world. Tons and tons of food are being wasted, despite the fact that many people are ​starving. In total, it is believed that about 1/3rd of the food produced in the world ends up being wasted.


Which of the​ following diseases is not related to having high cholesterol?

That's right, high cholesterol can contribute to higher blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and many others. Things like obesity and a poor diet can lead to a person's cholesterol levels ​being high.


How many cups of coffee are consumed worldwide in a year?

In addition to food, beverages are also an important part of our diet. Next to water, coffee is the most consumed beverage on the planet. Worldwide, about 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year.


Paying attention to what factor when preparing food can help you maintain a healthy weight?

When you are preparing your meals, it is recommended that you watch your serving sizes carefully. Most people are eating well over a proper portion at mealtime, which can lead to over-consumption and health issues.


How long do the acids that form on your teeth stay after eating something sugary?

After you eat or drink something sugary, the acid will remain on your teeth for around 20 minutes. This is from the last time you take a bite or a sip and is why eating or drinking sugary items can lead to tooth decay.


What is fish a very good source of?

While fish contains many different vitamins and minerals, it is the omega-3 fatty acids that are the most mentioned. These fatty acids assist with metabolism and have a wide range of other benefits.


How many grams of sugar is in a normal can of soda?

While each brand and type of soda is a little different, most standard cans of soda have a whopping 39 grams of sugar in them. This is about as much sugar as the AHA recommends men get in an entire day.


Which fat is considered the worst and most unhealthy?

While many different types of fats are not the best for you, trans fat is often believed to be the worst. It is used in margarine, snack foods and to fry fast food. It is made by adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oil.


What percentage of most ground beef is actually just fat?

While the USDA says that a 30 percent fat content is the highest ground beef can go, the actual amount varies. For example, lean ground beef needs to be less than 22 percent fat to officially be called lean. Extra lean must be below 15 percent.​


The "Keto" diet has recently become more popular. What is it?

A ketogenic diet is one where an individual will consume a lot of fats but limit their carbohydrate intake. This type of diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.


What is the 16/8 method for intermittent fasting?

The 16/8 method of intermittent fasting gives you an 8-hour window each day where you will eat your meals. This helps with overeating/snacking all day and can help with weight management.


When someone calls something a "fad diet" what does that mean?

A fad diet is one that becomes very popular very quickly, people then lose interest and it fades away. These usually claim to be incredibly easy to follow and offer huge benefits, like weight loss or living longer.


What does it mean when food is "fortified"?

Fortified foods are foods that have had extra nutrients added to them. This can be done to address common nutritional deficiencies through public health policy, or simply a commercial choice.


How many taste buds do people have, on average?

The average person has about 10,000 taste buds. These are generally replaced every two weeks or so. However, as you get older, some of these taste buds don't get replaced. As a result, older people often have fewer taste buds than younger people.


What do antioxidants do?

As you would expect from their name, antioxidants fight oxidation. Oxidation is the process during which free radicals can damage your cells and the genetic material that is housed in them.


According to the American Heart Association, what is the ideal daily sodium intake limit for most adults?

While sodium is in many foods, it is a good idea to limit how much you consume. The AHA says the ideal limit is 1,500 mg or less per day. Also, while 1,500 mg is an ideal limit, they recommend no one ever go over 2,300 mg in a given day.


What is the role of gluten?

While much is often said about gluten, few people actually know what it is. Gluten is a general name for proteins found in wheat. They are responsible for making sure food stays together and keeps the same shape.


How many pounds of meat (per person) were expected to be consumed in the USA in 2018?

Americans love their meat. Experts from the USDA predicted the average American consumer would eat 222 pounds of meat in 2018. This is the highest amount at which meat consumption has ever been.


Which is not one of the three macronutrients required by humans?

Nutrients are needed for energy, bodily growth and other human functions. Some are only needed in small amounts, others in large. There are three macronutrients that humans require; they are protein, fat and carbohydrates.


What percentage of Americans don't eat enough fruits and vegetables?

Despite the fact that most people know how beneficial fruits and veggies are, most of us don't consume them nearly enough. In fact, about 90 percent of Americans don't eat enough fruits and veggies every day.


Which food has the highest potassium content?

While most people associate bananas with having the most potassium of any food, this isn't actually the case. Potatoes, including sweet potatoes, have among the highest potassium content of any foods out there.


Of the following foods, which cannot be eaten by true vegans?

While many may think honey can be eaten by vegans, this isn't actually the case. That's because honey is technically an animal product since it comes from bees. And even though bees aren't being killed for honey, true vegans won't eat it.


Why do many people limit the amount of canned tuna they eat?

While eating canned tuna every now and then is more than OK, it may contain relatively high levels of mercury. Eating too much mercury could lead to mercury poisoning.


How much fiber (on average) should the average man and woman consume every day, respectively?

Fiber is an incredibly important part of any diet and contributes to ensuring your body functions as it's supposed to. Men are supposed to get around 34 grams per day and women should get around 28 grams.


Which type of fat is considered a "good" fat?

When eaten in moderation and as part of a good diet unsaturated fats, such as monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, can help lower cholesterol and even potentially reduce your risk of heart problems.


What food is the largest source of saturated fats in the American diet?

Just like Americans like their meat, they also like their dairy. Dairy is among the largest sources of saturated fats in the diet of most Americans. The biggest reason for this is, of course, cheese.


Which of these options is the healthiest for cooking?

If you want to cook healthier, you should be using oils such as olive or canola to grease your pots, pans or bowls. Things like butter and margarine are full of saturated fat which is unhealthy if you use too much of it.


What is the difference between whole grain and multigrain breads?

Whole grain bread uses the entire grain kernel. Multigrain bread, on the other hand, contains more than one grain, but those might not be a whole grain.


How many calories should the average adult woman consume every day to maintain her weight?

While this will vary from person to person, the average woman should eat around 2,000 calories a day to maintain her weight. If you are looking to lose about a pound a week, 1,500 calories a day is often recommended. Of course, this information can depend on additional factors, such as age, weight, size, etc.​


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