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Sometimes, a girl just needs some tips! These bizarre beauty hacks might sound strange, but they really work! We're going to test your knowledge of the fun, fanciful and silly beauty ideas that can turn you into a bombshell!

What's an alternative to dry shampoo?

Just apply baby powder to the roots and brush it out. Voila!

What should you dip your nails in after painting them to make them dry faster?

It may sound strange, but just dip them in cold water! They'll dry faster and look shiny.

What kind of liner should you use just below the brow to lift your eyes?

Using a smudged white liner below the eyebrow arch is ideal for making your eyes look more open and defined.

How can you achieve loose, Boho waves by using a braid?

By flat ironing a pancake braid, then letting it loose, you'll have some serious curls!

If you're too tired to wash your face at night, what should you have by your bed?

Simply dab on a cleansing wipe, even when you're half asleep! Better than going to bed with a dirty face.

Having trouble removing eye makeup? What should you use?

This product is pure oil, and will lift oily eye products like liner and mascara. Even shadow!

Applying black liner all around your eyes makes your eyes appear?

Applying black liner all around your eyes actually makes them look smaller. If that's the look you're going for, then fine.

When contouring, use concealers that are. . .?

The highlighter should be two shades lighter than your tone, and the lowlight should be two shades darker.

How do you enhance the power of your eyelash curler?

This seriously amps up your curl! But be sure it's not too hot. . .

To keep teeth white, after a large meal you should eat. . .?

Crunchy fruit and veggies such as carrots, celery and apples actually keep your teeth stain-free!

Which food is remarkable for reducing swelling in the eyes?

Cut a potato into slices and place them over your eyes for 10 minutes. It cools down the puffiness!

How can you exfoliate on the beach?

Who knew that you could get a free exfoliation treatment at the beach! And no one will bat an eye.

How can you create a custom lip color?

Find a pretty pink eyeshadow and mix with a salve or balm, such as Vaseline. Magic!

How do you turn a pencil liner into a gel liner?

Light the tip for a few seconds, then let cool for 15 seconds, and you have a gel liner!

How can you make tired eyes pop?

Surround your eyes with white or light eyeliner, and they'll look brighter!

What is a quick beauty mask you can use at home in a pinch?

Surprised? And you'll need it anyway if you have a fridge full of hollandaise, pasta and barbecue sauce.

What is the solution for untamable brows?

Spray hairspray onto a brow brush and tame those little suckers! Don't wax them off. . .

What helps you to make a foolproof cat eye?

Hold the credit card to the side of your eye to make a perfectly straight line! Maybe a cat would help too. . .

What's a fun way to display pretty fragrance bottles?

A fun cake stand is the perfect way to show off your pretty fragrance bottles!

When all else fails, and you're having a bad hair day, what should you​ do?

OK girls, don't think a turban is out of style. It's still fashionable.

How do you brighten blonde hair that turned green in the pool?

Tomato ketchup will neutralize the green and make your locks bright and blonde again!

Which of these creates the illusion of a plumper lip?

When you put a concealer on your lower lip, with a bit of nude gloss on top, it makes your lip look plumper!

What's yet another way to plump those lashes?

After each swipe of mascara, dab your lashes with a cotton ball and steal some extra fibers!

How do you combat post-workout red face?

Antihistamine seriously calms the red down! Yay, Benadryl.

How can you whiten stained nails and teeth?

All these products are natural whiteners! But be more careful with the peroxide.

What dries your hair faster than a towel?

An old shirt is much more absorbent than a towel. Give it a try!

How can you make a blush look more natural?

Put your blush on first and then your foundation over it. Genius!

What can be used as a lash thickener?

Add baby powder between applications of mascara for thicker lashes.

How do you turn glossy nails into matte?

Mix it in with your top coat for a nice, matte finish. Easy peasy.

You can make your hair look thicker by brushing what onto your part?

Be sure to use an eyeshadow that matches the color of your hair. Don't use blue! Unless you have blue hair. . .

How do you combat orangey tanner?

Loose mineral powder will help to dissipate that orangey look. It evens things out a bit.

The juice of which vegetable helps to fade scars?

There's the mighty potato again! There's an enzyme in its juice that fades scars.

Did your nail polish dry with bubbles? What should you use?

A quick dry top coat should even it out. And it dries faster!

Which of these cheap products will help seal your makeup all day long?

This $11 classic will help to seal your makeup all day long! Cheap and effective!

What should you prime oily skin with?

It's true! The milk of magnesia counterbalances the oil.

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