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Whether he's tripping over the ottoman at home or working on "The Alan Brady Show," Rob Petrie's home and work life have given audiences plenty to laugh about since "The Dick Van Dyke Show" premiered in 1961. See how well you remember these five classic episodes from the beloved series.

In an iconic moment, Laura spills out of the closet along with thousands of which type of nut?

After staying up late to watch a sci-fi movie in "It May Look Like a Walnut," Rob wakes up to find walnuts all over the house and Laura making scrambled walnuts for breakfast. He becomes convinced that everyone else is under the influence of a three-eyed alien, played by guest star Danny Thomas.


At a silent auction, Rob accidentally buys a painting by an artist known as Artanis. Who turns out to be the painter?

In "The Masterpiece," Rob amuses the others by demonstrating various ways people make bids at a silent auction. Little does he know, the auctioneer is accepting his bids as legitimate. He and Laura go home with a clown painting by Artanis, which turns out to be a pseudonym for Frank Sinatra. Artanis is Sinatra backward.


On a game show, what big secret about Alan Brady does Laura let slip?

The show's host tricks Laura into revealing Alan Brady's big secret in "Coast to Coast Big Mouth." When he asks whether Alan wears his toupée at home, Laura absentmindedly says that he wears it all the time. Carl Reiner, who created "The Dick Van Dyke Show," plays Alan Brady.


Everyone loves a bit Sally does on a talk show except for her boyfriend and his mother. What's his name?

In "Dear Sally Rogers," Sally visits "The Stevie Parsons Show" with a bit that's a big hit with almost everyone. In a mock commercial, she advertises herself to the single men of America as a potential girlfriend and makes fun of Herman and his mother.


Rob's ex-girlfriend Jane comes to town for an audition. What television experience does she have?

Jane Leighton's arrival brings out Laura's jealous side in "The Foul Weather Girl." After meeting the singing weather girl, Laura tells Rob, "If Miss Leighton feels it's necessary to attempt a flirtation with you, I'm not going to be one of those screaming, nagging wives. I'll merely go up to her and quietly kill her."


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