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When it comes to the differences between New Zealand and Australia, are you ready to put your knowledge to the test? Many people think that they're basically the same place, being from the same part of the world and all, but nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Do you know with one was founded as a religious colony and which one was founded as a penal colony? Which country is known for snakes, vast deserts and droughts, and which is known for lakes, rich fertile soil, and glaciers? 

We know you're the type of person that has a thirst for knowledge and that always has a burning desire to learn more about the world. You love to learn new things, and you like to put your knowledge to the test.

So go ahead and take this quiz and show off your skills, while all the while learning more about the countries of New Zealand and Australia, that is if you think you have what it takes. Do you think you know which country dislikes England more than the other, or in which land the Hobbit trilogy was filmed? After you get done throwing another shrimp on the barbie, see if you're smart enough to ace this quiz. 

Wellington is the capital of which country?

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. It's also the southernmost capital city in the world!


Where are the Kiwis?

People from New Zealand are Kiwis. DO NOT call someone from Australia a Kiwi. You're going to lose a limb.


Which land was discovered by the Maori?

New Zealand was discovered by the Maori people from Polynesia. This was before England swooped in and took over.


Where is Perth?

Perth is located in Australia. It is, in fact, one of the largest cities in the country, along with Sydney and Melbourne.


Which country was once populated by Aborigines?

The Australian Aborigines once populated the country. They were joined by Torres Strait Islanders.


Which country was populated by convicts?

Australia was populated by English convicts way back in the day. The last convicts were transported in 1868. For quite some time, Australians were not very fond of the English for this reason.


Which has a population of over 22 million?

Australia has a massive population of over 22 million. New Zealand has fewer than 5 million people.


Where are all the kangaroos?

Australia is famous for its kangaroos. The kangaroo is Australia's national symbol, and these marsupials outnumber people in Australia.


Which is the world's sixth largest country by area?

Australia is the world's sixth largest country by area. It's massive! New Zealand is not massive.


Where did one of the largest species of bird, the moa, live?

The moa, a flightless bird, stood 12 feet tall! Unfortunately, the Maoris killed them off about 600 years ago.


Who has over 830 different species of reptile?

Australia has over 830 species of reptile. The dry climate is ideal.


Which country had its top three powerful positions simultaneously held by women?

New Zealand was the first country to achieve this. The positions included the Prime Minister (Helen Clark), the Governor General (Dame Silvia Cartwright), and the Chief Justice (Sian Elias). Oh, and don't forget about the queen!


Which country hosted the Olympics twice?

Australia hosted the Olympics twice - once in 1956 and once in 2000. New Zealand has not hosted the Olympics.


Which country is covered mostly by Outback?

Australia is mostly covered by a type of desert called the Outback. Now you have a better appreciation when you go to Outback Steakhouse.


Where was "The Lord of the Rings" filmed?

"The Lord of the Rings" was shot almost entirely in New Zealand. Peter Jackson is one of the most famous directors to come out of NZ.


The Great Barrier Reef is off the northeast coast of which country?

The famous Great Barrier Reef is off the northeast coast of Australia. It's being killed by the crown-of-thorns starfish and climate change!


Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of which country?

Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of New Zealand and Australia. She is the only monarch most people remember, having been crowned in 1953!


Where is Nicole Kidman from?

Nicole Kidman is Australian; however, she was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She starred in the epic movie, "Australia."


Where is Mount Fuji?

Mount Fuji is located in Japan. But a very tall mountain called Mount Kosciuszko is in Australia.


Which country invented the Christmas tree?

Neither of these countries invented the Christmas tree. That would be Germany, which invented many Christmas traditions.


Which country is about the size of Colorado?

New Zealand is the size of Colorado. Australia is the size of, like, many many many Colorados.


Which country is home of Oktoberfest?

That would be Germany. Please tell me you know that. Although, it's acceptable to celebrate Oktoberfest in either country.


Which country has two national anthems?

New Zealand has two national anthems. Once is "God Save the Queen" and the other is "God Defend New Zealand."


Which is wealthier?

Australia is technically wealthier than New Zealand. However, they're both wealthy, in the grand scheme of things.


Which was the first major nation to have universal suffrage?

New Zealand was the first country to have universal suffrage. This took place in 1893, allowing both men and women could vote.


Which was the last major land mass to be populated?

New Zealand was actually the last major land mass to be populated. This doesn't include the polar regions.


Which is known as the "island continent"?

Due to its size and isolation, Australia is known as the "island continent.' New Zealand is scarcely the size of a continent.


Where are brothels legal throughout the country?

Prostitution is legal in New Zealand. It's also legal in part of Australia - specifically, New South Wales.


Which country rarely uses cash money?

New Zealand is famous for always using plastic. Almost all personal transactions are done with a card.


Which country is shaped like a boot?

Nether country is shaped like a boot. That would be Italy.


Where did the father of nuclear physics come from?

The father of nuclear physics was Ernest Rutherford. He was from New Zealand, and he won the Nobel Prize.


Where was "The Piano" set?

"The Piano," directed by Jane Campion, was set in New Zealand. It won three Academy Awards.


Which was once part of the territory of New South Wales?

New Zealand was once part of New South Wales. Australia offered to make NZ a part of their nation, and NZ said "no thanks."


Who was forced out of the ANZUS (Australia, New Zealand, United States) Treaty?

New Zealand was forced to leave in the 1980s when they outlawed nuclear power and arms. To this day, there is no nuclear power in New Zealand.


Which land is home to the big five game animals?

You can find the big five game animals in Africa. But in Australia, you will encounter koalas, kangaroos, emus, dingoes and platypuses.


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