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A, B, C, D, E, F, G... Won't you take this quiz with me? While you might've been learning the alphabet as a child, you've since graduated to acronyms as you got older. In the beauty and fashion world, you'll find tons of abbreviations meant to make life easier. How many of them do you know?

In the beauty and fashion industry, life is moving at a fast pace. From all the designers, brands, and products, no one has time to enunciate through every single name. With that came the birth of their acronyms. Fashion designers with three names were quickly shortened to three letters. Makeup products were shortened to two letters because who knows whether its blemish balm, blemish base, or beauty balm? There are hundreds and hundreds of acronyms swimming around the beauty industry. How many of them can you recognize?

Will your OOTD consist of an LBD and OTK boots? Just make sure you don't have VPL! Now that NYFW has happened, will you be headed to the mall for the latest items from CK or are you planning to shop at Sephora for the latest YSL product? 

If you're saying these words in your head as you read these sentences, you're ready for this quiz! Only a beauty and fashion expert would recognize all these acronyms. Are you ready to hit the runway or will you be left stumbling along the catwalk?

Let's find out!

The designer label YSL is named after which famous French person?

Yves Saint Laurent was a French fashion designer whose real name is Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent. His YSL brand now outlives him, but it's as fashionable as ever.


The CK line stands for which fashion designer?

CK or Calvin Klein is the line named after an American fashion designer. His real name is Calvin Richard Klein.


In clothes, what does RTW mean?

RTW means ready to wear. It's the term used when you're buying ready-made clothes off the rack.


What does the BB in BB cream stand for?

BB cream is the term used for both blemish balm and beauty balm creams, shortened as BB. The term depends on where you are in the world, as the same product is termed differently when the BB acronym is spelled out.


What does the label DKNY stand for?

Donna Karan New York became famous in the '80s for establishing the Seven Easy Pieces philosophy wherein 7 interchangeable items in a woman's collection could dress her up from day to night. However, the fashion house encountered controversy when they used a photo from the Humans of New York social media collection without permission back in 2013, which has already been settled.


Social media fashionistas always display what they wore with the hashtag OOTD. What does that mean?

Your OOTD or outfit of the day could consists of fashionably chic getups or simple casuals. Whatever it may be, people like presenting them online with this hashtag.


It's considered a no-no for a woman to display VPL. What does that mean?

VPL means visible panty line. Apparently, you can't have traceable VPL when you're wearing tight-fitting dresses.


Every woman is advised to have at least one LBD in their wardrobe. What is that?

The LBD or little black dress is very handy for emergency fashion moments. It's nice to have something reliable yet classy in your closet.


Your LV bag would be more fashionable if you knew what LV stood for. Do you?

Would you believe that the LV or Louis Vuitton fashion house was established in 1854? Mr. LV started with bags and leather goods in Paris.


Another fashion no-no is to have VBL when you don your top. What is this?

VBL or visible bra line is when you wear a top and the wires or straps of your bra are very obvious underneath tight-fitting tops. That's why wireless seamless bras are now available on the market.


Online chroniclers of fashion goings-on are termed as FABB. What does it mean?

To be a FABB or fashion and beauty blogger is kinda like having a viable career these days. Some are now paid or incentivized to cover fashion and beauty events.


CND is a leading player in the nail industry, but what does it mean?

CND or Creative Nail Design is known for their nail polish and nail product lines. They're particularly known for their Shellac manicures.


When in the Big Apple, make sure you attend NYFW. Do you know what that is?

NYFW stands for New York Fashion Week. It's a must-see for fashionistas when in town.


After BB cream, there's CC cream. What does CC mean?

CC cream could mean color-correcting cream, or color control cream. In some countries, it's known as complexion correction cream, but they all work the same way.


Designer label JPG refers to whom?

Jean Paul Gaultier, or JPG for short, is a Parisian designer. But his line is known worldwide.


MAC is a makeup line that started in Canada. What does it stand for?

Makeup Art Cosmetics was born because a stylist and photographer wanted to use makeup that would actually appear beautifully when photographed. Yep, not all make-up is good in front of a camera, but MAC solved that dilemma!


You have a lotta SWAG after attending a fashion event. What's a SWAG?

SWAG actually means stuff we all get. It's usually that goodie bag they hand to you when attending a product launch, a fashion show, or any similar fashion event.


That pencil you use for your eye is termed as EL or E/L. What does it mean?

EL or E/L simply means eyeliner. For guys, they wanted to term this as guyliner, but that hasn't caught on yet...


In a fashion line-up, A/W stands for which collection released in a specific season?

Autumn/Winter Collection is shortened as A/W in some fashion magazines. Now you know!


e.l.f. Cosmetics basically target these three parts of you, as typified in their acronym.

e.l.f. means eyes lips face. That's the brand, and that's their target spots.


The simple D&G label is actually an intricate partnership. What does it stand for?

D&G stands for Dolce & Gabbana. It's named after two designers who met up in Milan: Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.


Dapper dudes leaf through GQ magazine to see the latest in men's fashion. What did GQ originally mean?

GQ originally meant Gentlemen’s Quarterly. The lifestyle magazine started as a trade publication, actually, for retailers and sellers only.


When buying retail, especially online, BOGO is a happy term. What does it mean?

BOGO means buy one get one. That means you get one item for free or sometimes half off.


When choosing a skirt, some recommend the OTK one. What does that mean?

OTK means over the knee. It's a specification when buying skirts.


The term 2PC in men's fashion means what?

2PC is code for two piece suit. Men who are active in shopping for their own clothes should know this.


Aside from A/W, S/S is another kind of seasonal collection. What does it mean?

S/S is code for Spring/Summer collection. Fashion week watchers already know this, of course.


ES or E/S refers to the color blending you do on your eyelid. What does it stand for?

ES or E/S simply means eyeshadow. Cosmetic companies will have this term on their product line.


IGK is famous for their trendy hair styling system. What does their acronym collectively stand for?

IGK is the acronym that carries the initials of the brand's owners. They are Franck and Leo Izquierdo, Aaron Grenia, and Chase Kusero.


SPF is very important for skin care. What does it mean?

SPF means sun protection factor. This is the number indicated in the sunscreen you buy to protect from sunburns.


The shortened acronym BSPK is familiar to fashionable men. What does it stand for?

BSPK is code for bespoke. This means that tailors make clothes specifically, and well, tailored, for you.


The RMS Beauty product line carries the initials of the make-up artist who created it. What's her name?

RMS Beauty is named after its founder, Rose-Marie Swift. Her line of safe organic color cosmetics is a hit for those who don't want toxic chemicals in their beauty products.


The British hair straightening iron brand GHD contributed this business acronym in everyday usage. What does it stand for?

Good hair day or GHD has apparently become a term in itself. When you're having a GHD, you know that's all good!


SK-II is a Japanese brand that's making waves globally. What does SK stand for?

The SK in SK-II means secret key. It's just right because it ties directly to the history of how the SK product line was inspired by an accidental discovery by Japanese scientists in a sake brewery, of all places! Apparently, the women who worked in the brewery had beautifully preserved hands, so there's something in that brew that was harnessed into a beauty line.


When an outfit or product is labeled as TDF, what does that indicate?

TDF means an item, specifically a piece of clothing, is to die for. Regardless of the price, TDF items are must-haves!


When you've got money and you're raring to spend it on fashion and beauty items, you can STYD! Know what that is?

STYD is short for shop 'til you drop. That means ka-ching ka-ching away as you sashay, shantay in and out of stores for your stuff. Credit cards also accepted.


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