Quiz: Do You Know the History of Washington, D.C.?
Do You Know the History of Washington, D.C.?
By: Annette
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Washington, D.C., is our nation's capital, and that's where all the action is! Things heat up there, and it's not from the weather. D.C. is the seat of our political world, with a marvelous history as rich and fascinating as America itself. How much do you know about the history of Washington, D.C.?

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The city of Washington was picked by whom?
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D.C.'s population is approximately how many people?
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Washington was declared the capital through the _______ ?
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Who was the first president to live in the White House?
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The White House was set on fire in which war?
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The first bronze equestrian statue in the U.S. was of whom?
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Where is George Washington buried?
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What was the original phone number of the White House?
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How many presidents are buried in D.C.?
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What famous structure eclipsed the height of the Washington Monument?
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What is the largest library in the world?
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Which famous memorial has a typo?
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When did professional baseball begin in D.C.?
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Did a president invent the 7th Inning Stretch?
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Washington is home to the oldest functioning ______ market.
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Where did Washington's cherry blossoms come from?
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Which is older, Georgetown or D.C.?
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Which has more rainfall, D.C. or Seattle?
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Where can you see all 44 presidents under the same roof?
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What river is D.C. situated on?
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What scary animal has lived at the White House?
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D.C. drinks the most _____ per capita.
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Among the gargoyles of the National Cathedral, you will find who?
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D.C. uses ______ for their street names.
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The Washington Redskins were originally from what city?
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How many Unknown Soldiers are at Arlington National Cemetary?
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The quadrants of Washington, D.C., surround what?
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How many levels are there to the White House?
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When were D.C. residents given the right to vote in the presidential election?
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Where was the MLK memorial built?
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The center for museums and memorials is called the National _________.
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The Capitol Building has its own _________.
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What year was the first session of Congress held in the Capitol Building?
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Where will you find the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution​ and Bill of Rights?
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