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Millions have taken the SATs since the exam was first created and many more will, if people keep going to college, that is. Each exam is made up of many different sections, one of which is the Critical Ready Section. We're going to help you out with this portion of the exam today with this quiz. 

You see, this part of the exam has a vocabulary component, as well as a reading comprehension component, both of which are usually feared by quiz takers. But you shouldn't be scared because practice for this part is ultra easy, and it starts with this quiz. We're going to test you almost the same way by giving you some questions and asking you to choose the correct word (the answer) for each of them. If you can answer enough of them correctly, then you'll be ready for your SATs- or at least the vocabulary portion of it. 

It also helps that the SAT repeats certain vocabulary words and we've got a bunch of different quizzes with them. So if you'd like to practice in a fun way, go ahead and start with this quiz. 

Which of these words describes someone who is despised?

A pariah is a someone who is rejected or despised. It is also defined as a member of a low caste in southern India. Synonyms for pariah includes outcast, castoff, castaway, offscouring, reject.


To downgrade is what this word means. Can you identify which one it is?

Relegate means to move someone or something down to an inferior or lower position or rank; downgrade, demote, declass. To be forced to leave a country; exile, banish, deport, displace, expatriate.


Which of the options is a ruler who has absolute power?

Despot refers to someone, particularly a ruler, who holds absolute power, usually in an oppressive or cruel manner. Synonyms for despot includes dictator, tyrant, oppressor, totalitarian, authoritarian, and autocrat.


A strong sexual desire is this word's definition. What is it?

Wanton is defined as a violent and cruel action done deliberately and unprovoked. A more outdated definition is having a strong sexual desire or having many loose sexual relationships (usually referring to women).


Which of these words describes the sound of a bell being rung?

Knell refers to the sound of a bell rung in a slow and solemn way, usually for a funeral or death. Synonyms for knell include toll, tolling, death knell chime, dong, stroke, clang, peal, clangor, resounding, boom.


Which of these words is a synonym for bewitch, hypnotize and entice?

Beguile means to attract or enchant someone, usually in order to deceive them. Synonyms for this word include charm, captivate, bewitch, dazzle, hypnotize, seduce, mesmerize, mislead, entice and lure.


Which of these words refers to a strong attraction to or for doing something?

Penchant is defined as a strong or habitual attraction or liking for something or an activity; it also refers to a tendency or likeliness to do something. Some synonyms for penchant are preference, liking, fondness, desire, passion, inclination, predilection and affinity.


Of the options, which means cheerful and endearing?

Winsome means to be pleasing either in character or appearance, usually because of a childlike innocence or charm; endearing, charming, adorable, captivating, cheerful, lighthearted, engaging, lovable.


Which of these words means an act done without much thought?

Impetuous means to act or do something quickly without much thought or care; it also means hasty, rash, impulsive, reckless. It also means to move rapidly or forcefully; vigorous, powerful, torrential, rampant, raging, violent.


This adjective describes an extreme state. Do you know what it is?

Abject is an adjective defined as existing in a state of extreme unhappiness, poverty or failure. It also means to show no respect or pride toward oneself; servile, submissive, groveling, fawning, humiliating, humble, slavish, menial.


Which word is a person who is vital in an organization?

Linchpin refers to a person or item that serves to hold together parts or elements of a group or system. It also applies to a locking pin inserted through the end of an axle to keep the wheel in place.


Which word is something that is old yet attractive?

Quaint refers to something that is appealing or attractive due to it being unusual or old-fashioned. It is also used to express disapproval or disagreement with something, such as a behavior or opinion, due to it being outdated or strange.


Of the options, which is the theft or money or resources?

Embezzlement is defined as misappropriation or theft of money or funds placed in someone's care or that belongs to an organization you work for. It is a noun that was derived from the root verb, embezzle.


Which word is another way of saying "widespread"?

As an adjective, rife is defined as widespread or a common occurrence, especially of something harmful or undesirable. As an adverb, it means in a widespread or unchecked manner. Synonyms for rife includes global, pervasive and extensive.


Do you know which word means "a statement or remark that is true"?

A platitude is defined as a statement or remark, specifically one which is true or holds a moral content, that has been used too often to the point that becomes boring or uninteresting; it can be recliché, truism, banality, commonplace, hackneyed.


Do you know which word means to be robbed of something?

Bereft is an adjective which means to be robbed of or lacking something, usually a non-material asset. It is also the archaic past particle of bereave; mourning the death of a loved one.


Which of these options means something that lacks originality?

Trite refers to an overused opinion, remark or idea, and therefore has little importance. To be lacking in freshness or originality; banal, vapid, clichéd, platitudinous, commonplace, predictable, stereotyped.


If you approached someone in an aggressive manner, what did you do to them?

Accost means to approach and address someone in an aggressive or bold manner. This word originated in the 16th century and was derived from the French word "accoster" which in turn, derived from the Italian word "accostare."


Which word means having no luck?

Hapless is an adjective which is defined as having no luck; unfortunate, luckless, unlucky, cursed, doomed, jinxed, ill-fated, ill-starred. This word originated from the late Middle English word hap, which meant good fortune.


Of these words, which is a storm or vortex that happens at sea?

Maelstrom refers to a strong whirlpool in the sea or river; vortex, swirl, eddy. It also applies to a situation or state characterized by great confusion or violent turmoil; chaos, commotion, disorder, pandemonium, uproar, disarray.


Which word means something that is not a fact or is false?

Fallacious is defined as not correct; based on a mistaken belief; embodying a fallacy; tending to mislead or deceive. Synonyms for fallacious include wrong, incorrect, untrue, false, imprecise, inaccurate, misinformed, inexact.


Which word describes a remedy that solves a variety of problems?

Panacea is defined as a remedy or solution that will solve all problems or cure all problems. Synonyms for this word includes elixir, nostrum, a wonder drug, universal remedy, cure-all, heal-all, magic bullet, magic formula.


To speak or write slanderous things about someone is which of the following words?

Vilify means to speak or write slanderous or disparaging statements about someone or something; defame, berate, belittle, denigrate, abuse, condemn, criticize, denounce, decry, speak ill of, pour scorn on.


Which of the following words is to persuade or coax by flattery?

Cajole means to persuade or coax someone into doing something through flattery or sometimes false promises; seduce, entice, tempt, persuade, lure, beguile, woo, maneuver, talk into.


Do you know which of these words is a soft and gentle breeze?

Zephyr is a word which is defined as a soft, gentle breeze. It also refers to a fine cotton gingham or any lightweight fabrics or articles of clothing. This word dates back to the 17th century and is derived from the Old English word zefferus.


Good luck or fortune and a fluke are all synonyms for which of these words?

Serendipity is defined as the occurrence or development of beneficial or valuable events not sought for; happy chance, good fortune, good luck, fluke, coincidence, fortuitousness, happy accident.


Which word is a complicated or puzzling situation?

Morass refers to a confusing or complicated situation; chaos, entanglement, muddle, clutter, jumble — an area characterized by boggy or muddy ground; marsh, swamp, quagmire, quicksand, bog.


Which word is something that is random or not planned out?

Arbitrary is defined as based on random choice or chance, rather than reason or being planned out. Unlimited or tyrannical use of authority (of a ruling body or power), not fixed by law and depending on individual discretion.


What's a word for a state of uncertainty?

Quandary refers to a state of uncertainty or confusion about a decision regarding a situation; predicament, dilemma, plight, stalemate, impasse, mix-up, state of perplexity, unfortunate situation.


Which word is a synonym for pretentious and lofty?

Grandiloquent refers to being bombastic or pompous in style, manner, language, usually in order to make an impression; pretentious, extravagant, magniloquent, ostentatious, high-sounding, lofty, flowery.


Which of these words means something unclear or hard to understand?

Obfuscate means to make something unclear, obscure, harder to understand, usually intentionally; confuse, muddle, blur, complicate, muddy, cloud, jumble. To bewilder (someone); puzzle, perplex, baffle, mystify, befuddle, bemuse, confound.


Which of these words is a synonym for precision, truthfulness and authenticity?

Veracity means conformity or devotion to facts or accuracy; correctness, truthfulness, authenticity, exactness, precision — habitual truthfulness; something true; the power of perceiving or conveying truth.


If you want to say "to criticize or attack someone's character," which word would you use?

Denigrate means to criticize or attack the reputation of someone unfairly; defame, diminish, disparage, deprecate, belittle, slander, insult, revile, speak ill of; to deny the importance or validity of something.


Which of these is a chain that is often placed around the ankle?

A fetter is a type of manacle or chain placed around the ankles. As a verb, it is defined as to refrain with chains or manacles; to put fetters on; handcuff, shackle, tether, bind, rope, secure, put in chains.


Which of these words means to scold someone vehemently?

Upbraid is defined as to scold vehemently or find fault with someone; reproach, reprimand, rebuke, reprove, admonish, berate, chastise, chide, lambaste, castigate, criticize, berate, lecture, tongue-lash.


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