Quiz: Do You Know the Meaning of These Texting Acronyms?
Do You Know the Meaning of These Texting Acronyms?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Prove you're a texting pro by acing this quiz.

Way back in the 1960s and 1970s, adults complained they didn't understand what young people were saying. All the groovies and far outs were confusing to those who weren't in the know. Today's youth have confused their hip parents with a new language - the acronyms used in texting. Let's be serious, though - even adults are doing it.

Texting acronyms were originally a way to speed up conversations, especially in the era of the old-school T9 cell phone keypads. Boy, were those a beast to text on! Although some acronyms, such as ASAP (as soon as possible), IOU (I owe you) and MYOB (mind your own business), existed long before texting became common, many acronyms were first used in internet chat rooms, instant messaging services and discussion boards. Most people caught on to the lingo pretty quickly. Today's internet and smart phones are slowly doing away with these acronyms, though, so enjoy them while you can. Emoticons and reactions are now often coded to turn these shorthand messages into visual displays that are fun and engaging. Guess the next generation will have a new language to confuse this one some day.

So, let's GAMO (Get A Move On... yeah, we made that up) and take the quiz!

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