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Way back in the 1960s and 1970s, adults complained they didn't understand what young people were saying. All the groovies and far outs were confusing to those who weren't in the know. Today's youth have confused their hip parents with a new language - the acronyms used in texting. Let's be serious, though - even adults are doing it.

Texting acronyms were originally a way to speed up conversations, especially in the era of the old-school T9 cell phone keypads. Boy, were those a beast to text on! Although some acronyms, such as ASAP (as soon as possible), IOU (I owe you) and MYOB (mind your own business), existed long before texting became common, many acronyms were first used in internet chat rooms, instant messaging services and discussion boards. Most people caught on to the lingo pretty quickly. Today's internet and smart phones are slowly doing away with these acronyms, though, so enjoy them while you can. Emoticons and reactions are now often coded to turn these shorthand messages into visual displays that are fun and engaging. Guess the next generation will have a new language to confuse this one some day.

So, let's GAMO (Get A Move On... yeah, we made that up) and take the quiz!


LOL stands for "laugh out loud." Not that anyone would know if you were actually laughing, out loud or otherwise, via text.


TBH means "to be honest." TBH, it would be a pain to spell this out.


IMHO means "in my honest opinion." It could also mean "in my humble opinion."


TXS means "thanks." Seriously, it would take us longer to get used to using "txs" than spelling this out.


411 is a way of asking for information. We supposed you'd have to have been a child of a landline to remember the origins of this one.


<3 is how you text a heart. Many devices and programs will now actually turn this into a picture of a heart.


BRB means "be right back." This isn't used so much in SMS messaging as in chats.


911 is a way of saying that something is very important. Remember - type this, don't call it.


ILY means "I love you." Not sure if we really want to hear that over a text message.


OMG means "oh my goodness." It can also mean "oh my gosh" or something involving the Lord's name.


TMI means "too much information." This means you are oversharing.


AMA means "ask me anything." This was popularized on the internet.


ISO means "in search of." This is used quite a bit on internet buy, sell, trade groups.


BTW means "by the way." BTW, how many of these texting acronyms do you use?


POV means "point of view." This might also be familiar to you English majors.


TTYL means "talk to you later." We think a simple "later" would suffice.


JK means "just kidding." This texting is no joke.


ASAP means "as soon as possible." This acronym predates the internet and texting.


ROTFL means "rolling on the floor laughing." Thank goodness for emoticons.


TYVM means "thank you very much." Does anyone use this one anymore?


B4N means "bye for now." We think a simple "bye" would do.


L8R means "later." Isn't it easier to type "bye"?


These days, RT means "retweet." It once meant "real time."


YW means "you're welcome." You might say this after someone sends you a text that says TXS.


JS means "just saying." This is similar to JK, which means "just kidding."


XOXO means "hugs and kisses." This originated long before texting.


CYA means "see ya." We think it would be cool if it referred to the Alps, though.


LMBO means "laugh my butt off." There is a less G-rated version of this for adults.


TLC means "tender loving care." This acronym existed long before the internet or texting.


IOU means "I owe you." This acronym has been in play for a long time.


NP stands for "no problem." Back in the day of chat rooms, it may have meant "nosy parents."


GR8 means "great." Seriously, two more letters and you could spell out the whole word.


AKA means "also known as." This is an acronym from way back.


IC means "I see." So, does UC mean "you see"?


IRL means "in real life." IMHO IRL is GR8.

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