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Some names for everyday household items are so obvious, you know exactly what the item is by the name itself. A "toothbrush" is a brush you use to clean your teeth. Still, sometimes there is no obvious rhythm or reason why things are named the way they are, as the original inspiration is no longer around or the word came from an obscure source. Then there are those gadgets that have become obsolete due to technology such as a watch or land-line phone, which you may no longer recall. Of course, some devices have become name for the brand that first popularized the item itself: people often refer generically to a vacuum cleaner as a "hoover" or ask for tissues by saying, "Could you pass the Kleenex"?  

Today, companies turn to name generators and expensive brand consultants to find the perfect name for their product: Roomba, the robot vacuum, was named by the latter. Others, like Steve Jobs, took the name of a common fruit for his company because the name sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating" - which was how he wanted people to think of his computer.

No matter how the name came to be, see if you can recall it from the image. Challenge your friends and see how you stack up against others! 

This is a written document that comes out periodically and contains information on a variety of topics like politics, sports, business, weather forecast and obituaries.

This kitchen appliance is used for boiling water; it is typically made of steel and can be placed on stovetops, but there are also plastic electric versions.

This device is used for detangling, grooming and styling hair. It contains bristles that can be either hard or soft. The handle of the brush is usually made from a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic.

These small fasteners are used in fashion to secure two pieces of clothing together. Buttons can also be utilized in arts and crafts and also for ordinary items like wallets, cushions, and bags.

Filled with flammable fluids, this portable device is used to ignite materials that are combustible such as cigars, cigarettes, candles or paper.

Derived from the liquid fat of olives, this oil is used for cooking, frying, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and soaps. The oil can also be used as a fuel source for vintage oil lamps.

This item is used to support the head and neck during sleep; it can also be placed under any part of the body to offer support and lift. Pillows typically are constructed with an overlying fabric and filler material.

This plastic method of payment gives users the ability to pay for goods and services with a promise that the issuing bank will make good on the payment, through a line of credit to the individual using the card.

These small pieces of paper have the ability to be re-stuck due to a glue-like substance and are perfect for jotting down notes. Post-its can be stuck to most surfaces without leaving any sticky residue.

This disposable paper is utilized to keep the coffee grounds from entering into the coffee brew, while allowing the coffee brew to flow freely.

These are fragrant emitters that are utilized in residential and commercial buildings to bring about a fresh scent in the room. Variations of air fresheners include oils, candles, gels, plug-ins, sprays and beads.

A wallet is used to carry personal items such as cards, cash, identification or business cards. These small cases can fit in most people's pockets easily, and are usually made of leather or fabric.

This tool is used for cutting; it consists of a bladed end and a handle. Knives can be used in culinary efforts, as weapons, in agriculture use or as sporting equipment.

Cellphones are portable mobile devices that allow users to make and receive calls utilizing cellular networks. Cellphones also are equipped with email, internet, text messaging, cameras, apps and games.

This liquid is 5-20% acetic acid and is used as an ingredient in cooking and pickling. Vinegar is also utilized for medicinal purposes and as a household cleaner.

This device protects the user from rainfall or sunlight; umbrellas are folding canopies that are supported by ribs mounted on a pole. Typically, umbrellas are made from flexible plastic or fabrics.

Used to open or close a lock, a typical key is made of metal and has a blade end that enters into the keyway and the bow, which allows the user to hold onto the key.

Nail polish is a lacquer that comes in a small bottle and has a top that has a brush applicator. Nail polish can be applied to the fingers and toes for decorative purposes.

Offering storage solutions, these reusable and resealable plastic bags come in different sizes for snacks, sandwiches and other odds and ends. The first Ziploc bag was introduced in 1968.

Perfect for holding hot beverages, mugs are ideal for soups, teas and coffee. These vessels usually come equipped with handles and can hold approximately 8-12 fluid ounces.

This tool is used to apply ink to paper and other kinds of surfaces. Types of pens include the fountain, ballpoint, rollerball, felt and ceramic tip.

This liquid is used to clean hair; it is generally applied to wet hair and massaged into a lather then rinsed out. Shampoos remove unwanted buildup in the hair and scalp.

Perfect for sealing food and storing it away, plastic wrap keeps food items edible for a longer time. Plastic wrap can be bought in boxes with cutting edges, making it easier to tear a precise piece.

Water is a transparent liquid that is useful for a number of household chores, culinary activities and overall consumption. Water will take the shape of whatever vessel that it enters and can be carried around as a refreshment.

This household appliance aids in the cleaning of floors, steps, and carpets by suctioning debris off their surfaces. Typical vacuums contain a dust bag that the dirt is suctioned into.

Glasses are a kind of eyewear that allows the user to see better; they can be prescription or non-prescription. Glasses are made out of a frame of various material, usually plastic and have two lenses and a groove for the nose.

A device that allows the user to tell time, usually worn around the wrist. Most watches consist of a glass face and a wristband that is adjustable.

Providing definitions of words is the main focus of a dictionary. This book typically provides words in alphabetical order, along with the pronunciation and usage.

This is a thin paper handkerchief, which is soft and disposable. Variations of tissue include facial tissue, wipes and napkins.

When match heads strike against a suitable surface, they produce fire. Matches come in matchboxes or are stapled together into matchbooks.

Can be referred to as milk products and includes such items as cheese, butter and yogurt. The milk used to produce dairy can be obtained from cows, goats and buffaloes.

A useful household product that is utilized for bathing and washing, it is also effective for removing oils from surfaces and fabrics.

This pan has a flat bottom and comes with a handle attached that is typically made of heat-resistant material. Frying pans are used for browning, searing and frying.

An object that is used to pay for goods, services or debts. Money can come in a paper form or in coins.

A tool used to cut objects, they are hand-operated and have a plastic grip to insert fingers into to perform the cutting motion, by the blades on the other end of the device.

This device is made up of a looping of rubber into a ring. The rubber band has stretching abilities and is commonly used to secure objects together.

This food product is made with flour and water and endures a baking process. There are many different recipes and variations of bread worldwide.

This is a household appliance that disseminates information to the viewer. Televisions are a medium that enable viewers to see programs of education, entertainment, politics and advertising.

Footwear serves to protect the feet while users perform various activities. Shoes can be fashionable, practical or uncomfortable depending on the style and type of shoe.

Underwear is apparel that can be worn by men and women underneath their garments. Underwear come into direct contact with the skin and can come in varying fabrics.

This is a device that has electrochemical cells and is used to power up electrical devices such as flashlights, radios and remote controls.

A bed is a kind of household furniture used in both commercial and residential bedrooms as a place to sleep comfortably. Beds have soft cushioning that sits on top a solid frame.

This is an object whose properties are used to reflect light and show reflections and is typically made of glass. However, there are different types of mirrors, including aluminum glass mirrors, safety glass mirrors and silver glass mirrors.

Lightbulbs are devices that give off visible light gathered from an electric current. Light bulbs are useful in providing interior and exterior lighting for homes and businesses.

This is a portable personal computer that has LCD touchscreen abilities and a mobile operating system. The screen of the tablet is responsive to fingers or stylus.

A toothbrush is an instrument utilized for oral hygiene; toothbrushes are typically made of a plastic body that houses bristles on the end. The bristles of a toothbrush can be soft, medium or hard.

This device functions to wake up an individual at a specified time. Alarm clocks utilize sounds to wake the individual up, and it is also equipped with a button or handle to stop the alarm.

This electronic device is a small portable personal computer with an LCD screen and a keyboard. Laptops can fold and unfold for easy transportation and are utilized for games, education, and work.

This yellow citrus fruit is used for culinary, as well as non-culinary purposes. The lemon has a sour taste, and the rind is used to add zest to dishes.

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