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Fans of Greek mythology will surely ace this one. If you can identify these chosen gods, whether major or minor, then you're a walking legend.

Common knowledge from pop culture such as comics, films and TV  always includes references to the Olympian gods and their conquests. But true-blue Greek myth fans will know that they're not the very first gods out there. 

Studying Greek mythology further, one would discover that there have been two sets of generations before the group we're very familiar with already. The Olympian gods staged a mutiny and deposed the generation before them, called the Titans. Get to know these Olympian gods and their Titan parents in this quiz.

But it didn't start with the Titans, either. After all, one would wonder where they came from, in the first place. The very first lineage of gods is called primordial beings. These ancient deities are recognized as the first generation of gods and goddesses in Greek mythology. These first generations also bore children that became gods of a certain aspect of existence. And boy, they are many! 

Let's start with the men, shall we? See which of these major and minor gods handle which aspects of our lives. Open up and discover!

He's the leader of the Olympian gods, and that's his primary job. Can you identify this alpha male leader?

When it comes to Greek mythological gods, the name Zeus pops out constantly. That's because he's the most recognized of them all. He overthrew his parents' ruling generation of gods called Titans to take over the rule of all creation.


From his name, you'd know that he has something to do with time. Who is he?

Like the watch brand's name, Chronos is all about time since he's the god personification of this concept. He is said to have existed before the primordial gods even came to being. In order of appearance, he's also the first to exist in the universe, so the word "chronology" is associated with him.


All things love is his domain. Can you name this romantic god?

He's more popularly known as Cupid, thanks to the Roman mythological counterpart. But his Greek name is Eros, god of love and desire. Being the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, the apple doesn't really fall far from the tree here.


Potterheads might recognize his name from the "Fantastic Beasts" movies, but he's actually a Greek myth river god. Can you identify him?

Scamander is considered one of the sons of Oceanus, and his mother is Tethys. This river god is, therefore, an official offspring of Titans. However, he's not counted as one of the Olympian gods. He is considered as a minor god in Greek mythology.


For bringing fire to humans, he was punished for all eternity. Can you name this immortal?

A Titan named Prometheus was chummy with humans, so he brought along fire down below to help them grow. Alas, Zeus got mad of this scheme and ordered him chained to a stone for all eternity. But wait, there's more: every day, an eagle eats his liver which regrows, then gets eaten again, ad infinitum.


All bodies of water encompass his reign of domain. Who's this wet Olympian god?

There are many gods whose domain encompassed many bodies of water, but Poseidon is the most popular of them all. That's because he is a major Olympian god, the most recognized generation of Greek gods. Many minor gods oversaw specific bodies of water, though.


You're getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy ... because of this god. What's his name?

Even sleep has a god, and his name is Hypnos, whose known residence is in a cave somewhere in the underworld region where it's always dark. The area is said to be surrounded by poppies which induce sleep. This god's parents are the personification of the night, Nyx, and darkness, Erebus.


When it comes to carrying the world on your shoulders, he can give you some advice. Can you name him?

When Zeus led the Olympian gods to overthrow the Titans, Atlas led the Titans to fight back. When they were defeated, Zeus punished him by making him carry the whole heavens on his shoulders. This godly generation war is known as the Titanomachy.


Records show that this beautiful minor god is, like Aphrodite, a god of beauty and desire. What's his name?

Some accounts tag him as a god of beauty, and some label him as a mortal god of beauty. Regardless of the tag, Adonis is said to have been so beautiful that even the goddess Aphrodite swooned over him. Persephone was the one who raised him, though, and she also got smitten with the young lad.


The great messenger of the Olympian gods is known by which name?

Some of Zeus' offspring are also considered as major Olympian gods, and Hermes is one of such deities. Since his job requires him to be quick on his feet, he wears sandals with wings, as well as a helmet that has wings, too. Due to his skills, he's also the recognized god of trade and travelers.


He's one of the primordial gods who personified the heavens. What's his legendary name?

Uranus is considered as one of the primordial gods. This means they are the first line or generation of gods in Greek mythology. That also means they are the recognized parents of the Titans, who were unfortunately overthrown by their own children.


This demigod is appreciated for his enormous strength. Who's this half-breed?

Heracles is widely known by his Roman name, Hercules. In between having adventures and completing labors assigned to him, he also had the time for many lovers. Even though he's as masculine as it gets, he had both women and men lovers, which shows that love or lust has no gender for him.


Eros had a brother, and he's the god of love that is returned in kind. Can you guess his name?

Beware all ye objects of affection, especially those who won't return the affection back. It's the job of Anteros to punish those who don't return said affection, even though that act of punishment appears harsh and cruel for a god to do.


All things wine, grapes and revelry that involves celebrations are related to which happy-looking god?

Ancient entrepreneurs who harvested grapes, especially those used in making wine, prayed to Dionysus for a bountiful harvest. He's the god of these things, as well as fertility. But he's also the god associated with revelry that can also lead to ritualistic madness of sorts.


Who is Artemis' twin god, the guardian of the sun?

Apollo is the god connected to all things healing, prophecy, poetry, music, light and the sun. He is said to have a chariot that carries the sun across the sky during the daytime, as his twin sister Artemis takes over with the moon during nighttime.


In Roman mythology, his name is Mars. What's the Greek name of the god of war?

Ares is technically an Olympian god, even though his parents are the Olympian leader Zeus and the Olympian goddess Hera. His latest pop culture appearance is in the 2017 "Wonder Woman" film, where Diana searched the world to kill him and end World War I.


This shining god is said to be the personification of the sun. Do you know him?

Two Titan gods, Hyperion and Theia, are the identified parents of Helios, considered as the Greek sun god. His Roman mythology counterpart might be more familiar to most, though: Sol. That's the Spanish word for sun.


He's one of the most familiar of the wind gods. Who controls the north wind?

Even winds, specifically all directions of it, are personified by gods in Greek mythology. Boreas is the recognized god of the north wind. A story connected to him tells of his friendly relations with the city of Athens; he is said to have blown away the troops of Xerxes to protect the city.


Humans who both have the reproductive organs of the male and female can relate to this god's similar situation. Do you know what he's called?

The gods Hermes and Aphrodite had a son, and his name is a combination of theirs: Hermaphroditus. Originally born a male, a water nymph fell hard for him and prayed that they can stay together forever. The gods fused the two into one being, producing the first hermaphrodite or intersex being.


Thank this god of fear for bringing us many concepts of things we're afraid of--or maybe not. Who's this scary being?

Phobos is the recognized god of fear. He makes for a good companion to his father, Ares, the god of war. Together with his brother Deimos, the recognized god of terror, these three male deities are indeed a force to reckon with.


This half-goat and half-human creature is the god of flocks and shepherds. Who's this?

The wild, fields, groves, shepherds and flocks are all protected by the recognized god of wildlife named Pan. Like satyrs and fauns, his lower half is that of a goat while the upper part is human in appearance. Sex and sexuality are concepts connected to him as well.


Officially an Olympian god, he's not too visible because he rules the underworld. Can you identify him?

When ancient Greeks die, they expect to go directly to the underworld and maybe meet its ruler, the god Hades. They have to pass by his guard dog first, the three-headed giant canine named Cerberus.


In need of luck, moments that fall on your favor or better opportunities? This god can help. What's his name?

Zeus had a child with only a singular lock of long hair, perhaps to signify the rare opportunity to grab the proverbial brass ring before it passes by. This child is Caerus, the recognized god of luck, one who brings us to opportune moments that we should immediately seize.


His brother is the god of sleep, and he's the god of death, a form of permanent sleep. What's his name?

When the Three Fates' job is finally over, and someone needs to die and be hauled off to the underworld, Thanatos is the god that does that task. He is, therefore, considered as the god personification of death.


The god of dreams is named like a "Matrix" character. Can you guess who?

Since he's the son of the god of sleep, it's but natural that Morpheus is the god of dreams. He's also connected to the concept of human forms having different shapes. Therefore, the term "morphing" is associated with him.


Even mockery or satire has a Greek god personification. Without sarcasm, can you guess who?

The Titan goddess of the night named Nyx had a son, and his name is Momus. Being the child of the dark, his domain is mockery and criticism, which makes him the god of satire. To make things darker, he's also the identified twin brother of Oizys, said to be the goddess of suffering and misery.


This god is in charge of the evening star of the sky, since he's the personification of it. Can you guess who?

Hesperus is the Greek god's official name while Vesper is his Roman counterpart. The evening star is his domain. This twinkling god is the offspring of the goddess Eos, the identified Titan goddess of dawn.


The gods also need a physician, and he's the one on 24/7 duty. Can you name him?

Paean is the god who acted as the doctor of the gods. He is said to have treated major Olympians when they were wounded in encounters. He treated Ares when the god of war had a confrontation with Diomedes, and he also treated Hades when Heracles' arrow hurt the god of the underworld.


In mafia terms, we can relate this guy to a godfather's capo, since he functioned as such for Zeus. Who's this Titan?

Brute strength and physical power are both related to the god Kratos, the son of Titans Pallas and Styx. He was the one who helped in carrying out Zeus' punishment for Prometheus. Kratos and his sister Bia, the personification of force, bound Prometheus to a rock.


This mighty Titan god is associated with watchfulness and wisdom. Who's this one?

Aside from the concepts of watchfulness and wisdom, heavenly light is also associated with the Titan god named Hyperion. He's one of those who rebelled and deposed their father, Uranus. The English poet John Keats wrote an epic poem bearing the god's name in the title.


He found the time to get married to Aphrodite, in between making weapons for the Olympian gods. What's this deity's name?

Skilled laborers such as carpenters, blacksmiths, artisans, and even sculptors all worshipped the recognized god of metallurgy, Hephaestus. His Roman counterpart is Vulcan, and volcanoes are also within his domain.


Since he came out directly from Chaos, he is considered as a god of darkness. What's his name?

Chaos is the nothingness concept in Greek mythology; the moment before the primordial gods came out. Chaos had a child named Erebus, which is the personification of darkness. Erebus is the brother of Gaia, the embodiment of planet earth, and Nyx, the identified goddess of night.


When it comes to emulation, dedication, and even jealousy and rivalry, you can nod to which minor god for those things?

When your siblings personify the concepts of victory like Nike, force like Bia, and strength or power like Kratos, then you have to step up to be of similar stature. Zelus can hold his own, thanks to these rather pushy concepts associated with him: zeal, envy, dedication, jealousy and emulation.


Even the river Nile has a god that protects it, and his name is what?

Titans also had children amongst themselves, and one of them is Nilus. He's the identified god of the River Nile that flows in Egypt. His parents are water-related ones: Oceanus and Tethys.


If there's a god personification of the evening star, the morning star has one, too. Can you name this shining example?

If your mother is the goddess of dawn and your father is the god of the winds and dusk, then it's but natural that you'll be born among the heavens as well. This is Phosporus, the recognized god personification of the morning star in Greek mythology. His parents are Eos and Astraeus.


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