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How much science can you handle? We're going to break down the periodic table so you can guess which symbol goes with which element. (You already know their numbers rank them by scarcity, right?) Look at it this way: You're the smartest person on the internet right now.

Au (#79)

Au is the symbol for gold. Let's be honest, that's the most important element on the table, right?

C (#6)

Simply put, C is the symbol for carbon. Carbon has an atomic number of 6.

H (#1)

H stands for hydrogen on the periodic table of elements. Its atomic number is 1. It feels good to be number 1.

I (#53)

I is the symbol for iodine. Iodine is number 53 on the periodic table. It is the symbol for indium.

K (#19)

K is the symbol for potassium. Its atomic number is 19. Did you know that Kr is the symbol for krypton?

Na (#13)

Na is the symbol for sodium, which has an atomic number of 11. N stands for nitrogen, which is number 7.

Who was the inventor of the periodic table?

Dmitri Mendeleev is the most cited inventor of the periodic table. His was the first to gain scientific credibility .

Al (#11)

Al is the symbol for aluminum. It holds the atomic number of 13. Ac is the symbol for actinium.

B (#5)

B is the symbol for boron. Ba is the symbol for barium. They hold the atomic numbers of 5 and 56.

Ca (#20)

Ca is the symbol for calcium. Californium, an element that the writer of this quiz thought they were making up, actually exists. Its symbol is Cf.

Cu (#29)

Cu is the symbol for copper. Db is the symbol for dubnium. Their atomic numbers are 29 and 105.

Fe (#26)

Fe is the famous symbol for iron. It holds the atomic number of 26.

He (#2)

He is the symbol for helium. Helium holds the atomic number 2.

Ir (#77)

Ir is the symbol for iridium, which holds the atomic number 77.

How many elements on the table occur in nature?

There are 90 elements on the table that occur naturally. The rest on the table are man-made.


Zinc is represented by the symbol Zn. It holds the atomic number 30.


U is the symbol for uranium, which holds the atomic number 92. Uub is the symbol for ununbium, which is hard to pronounce.


F is the symbol for fluorine. Fm is the symbol for fermium. Their atomic numbers are 9 and 100.


Hg is the symbol for mercury. Its atomic number is 80.

What was the first artificial element?

Technetium was the first element to be made artificially. Since then, many more elements have been created.


Am is the symbol for Americium. That sounds like a very patriotic element!


Ag is the symbol for silver. Silver's atomic number is 47.


Bi is the symbol for bismuth. Its atomic number is 83. Bk is the symbol for berkelium.


Co is the symbol for cobalt. Its atomic number is 27. Cr is the symbol for chromium.


Ds is the symbol for Darmstadtium. Its atomic number 110, and it's unpronounceable.


Eu stands for Europium. It holds the atomic number 63.


Ga stands for gallium. It holds the atomic number 31. Gd stands for gadolinium.

What are the rows of the periodic table called?

The rows of the periodic table are called periods. An element is given a period number that is the highest unexcited energy level for the electron of that element.


Ar is the symbol for argon. It holds the atomic number 18. As is the symbol for arsenic.


Br is the symbol for bromine. It holds the atomic number 35.


Ge is the symbol for germanium. It holds the atomic number 32. Do they have a lot of that in Germany?


Li is the symbol for lithium. It holds the atomic number 3. Lr is the symbol for lawrencium.

Most of the elements on the periodic table are ______ ?

Most of the elements on the periodic table are metals. There are many groups of metals represented, such as alkali metals and basic metals.


Se stands for selenium. It holds the atomic number 34. Sg stands for seaborgium.


Sn is the symbol for tin. It holds the atomic number 50. Sr stands for strontium.

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