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For every Peyton Manning there is a David Carr. For every Andrew Luck, there is the misfortune of a Bo Jackson and John Elway. The number one pick in the NFL draft is a status loaded with immense (and often unrealistic) expectations and often followed by incredible disappointment. Do you think you can go undefeated in our NFL draft pick quiz?

Football pundits love to rate each year’s top draft picks, and very often they have no idea what they’re talking about. Sure, Elway turned out to be the man with the golden arm, but he wouldn’t even talk to the team that drafted him. Same goes for Bo Jackson. How do you feel about that number one pick now, guys?

Sometimes, the number one pick is almost a given — in the case of Troy Aikman, for example. Other times, teams surprise everyone by digging through talent and coming up with strange picks for number one, and we are definitely looking at you, Eric Fisher and Courtney Brown.

Let’s see if you really know your number one draft pick history. Can you match the following college standouts with the team that selected them at number one?

Myles Garrett

Garrett had the dubious honor of being selected first in the 2017 draft ... only to wind up with the Browns, a team that’s become the punching bag for the rest of the league.


Carson Palmer

Palmer (and his cannon arm) won the Heisman at USC in 2002. The Bengals picked him at number one and he was a major star, but organizational instability meant he was traded to the Cardinals.


Jameis Winston

Say what you want about maturity (or lack thereof) of the Bucs’ young QB, but there’s no denying this — he’s the second-youngest player to reach 10,000 yards passing, behind only Drew Brees.


Jared Goff

Goff had plenty of doubters coming out of Cal. As the number one pick in 2016, he was extremely effective for the Rams and made the 2017 Pro Bowl.


Michael Vick

Few QBs have Vick’s passing and running ability, both of which made him a star for the Falcons. He still has more rushing yards (6,109) and felony convictions than any QB in league history.


Troy Aikman

Aikman was the UCLA standout who could do no wrong once he was drafted by the Cowboys. During his reign, Dallas won three Super Bowls, and Aikman was MVP for one of them.


Jadeveon Clowney

Sure, he has a funny name, but if you say that to this Texans linebacker on the field, you’re asking for a mouthful of turf. Jadeveon Clowney was the first pick in the 2014 draft.


John Elway

Elway was every GM’s darling on draft day in 1983, and the Colts nabbed him at number one. The problem? Elway said he’d quit football before he played for the Colts.


Peyton Manning

In 1998, the Colts found their man ... Peyton Manning. He helped them win the division eight times, with a single epic Super Bowl victory. Then, the Colts dumped him to Denver, which Manning then led to a Super Bowl win, too.


Eli Manning

Manning was picked by the Chargers in 2004 and then immediately traded to the Giants, who gave up Philip Rivers. Both QBs went on to have stellar careers ... but Manning has won the Super Bowl twice.


Ki-Jana Carter

In 1995, Carter emerged from Penn State and became a number one pick with the Bengals. He played 59 games but suffered an ACL injury that ended his pro career.


Alex Smith

Smith was lauded at Utah and became the first pick of 2005 thanks to the 49ers. Smith struggled in San Fran’s coaching circus and was traded to Kansas City, where he led the Chiefs to two divisional titles before being traded again, this time to Washington.


Tim Couch

Couch was a highly regarded QB from Kentucky who wound up with the Browns, where his career vanished into the brownish football fog that seems to permanently hang over Cleveland.


JaMarcus Russell

Few players scream "bust" more than Russell, who had a stellar career at LSU and then stunk it up in Oakland. He finished his short career with a record of 7-18.


Cam Newton

Newton won the Heisman at Auburn in 2010 and then went to Carolina as the number one pick. In his first game, he threw for more than 400 yards, showing doubters that he was going to shine in the NFL, too.


Keyshawn Johnson

Johnson was a fiery wide receiver from USC who was selected by the Jets in 1996. He was traded to Tampa Bay, where he won a Super Bowl under Jon Gruden.


Irving Fryar

Fryar was a scintillating receiver out of Nebraska who went at number one to the Patriots. He turned into a five-time Pro Bowler.


Sam Bradford

Bradford walked on water at Oklahoma, where he won the Heisman Trophy in 2008. At St. Louis, he was Rookie of the Year in 2010, but has been inconsistent in the years since his debut.


Terry Bradshaw

QB Bradshaw lost a lot of hair but won a lot of Super Bowls. Four times, he led the Steelers to a Super Bowl victory, and twice he was named the game’s MVP.


Matthew Stafford

In 2009, the long-suffering Lions picked QB Stafford, who immediately paid dividends. But lacking a supporting cast, Stafford and Detroit have never challenged the status quo in their division.


O.J. Simpson

Before that thing with the white Ford Bronco tarnished his entire life, Simpson was mostly known as an amazing running back for the Bills. He was the NFL MVP in 1973 and made the Hall of Fame in 1985.


Bo Jackson

Tampa Bay picked Jackson in 1986, and he immediately said there was no way he was playing for the Bucs. He backed out of pro football and entered the draft the following year, when he was selected by the Raiders.


Eric Fisher

And with the number one pick, the Chiefs select ... Eric Fisher? The 2013 draft was not exactly loaded with skill players, so the Chiefs went with tackle Eric Fisher, who has proven to be a solid starter, but not a guy who was probably worth a number one pick.


Andrew Luck

The Colts gave up on Peyton Manning and his rickety neck for the promise of Andrew Luck, the top pick of 2012. But Luck so far has yet to prove that he can fill Manning’s substantial shoes.


Vinny Testaverde

You have to feel for the Bucs — two consecutive years they had the number one pick. One pick spurned them, the other was ... Vinny Testaverde. Enough said.


Drew Bledsoe

QB Bledsoe was the number one pick in 1993 and helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl. But he was mangled in a 2001 game, opening the door for a guy named Tom Brady to win the starting job.


Bruce Smith

Smith was a standout defensive end who played college ball at Virginia Tech. Then, he became a sack master with the Bills during their incredible run during the ‘90s.


Earl Campbell

Campbell won the Heisman at Texas and was picked first by the Houston Oilers. The star running back averaged 1,700 yards rushing his first three seasons and he was named league MVP each time.


Courtney Brown

Who is Courtney Brown, you ask? It doesn’t matter, he was picked by the Browns in 2000, never to be heard from again.


David Carr

In 2002, QB Carr was picked as the savior for the Texans offense. Instead, he was a bust. But hey, he won a Super Bowl ring while he was riding the bench for the Giants when they beat the Patriots in 2012.


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