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Disney has many secrets, and they're all about to spill! If you're a Disneyphile, then you need to know all these bizarre and amazing facts. Put on your mouse ears and let's get this rolling.

How do employees get from place to place in the Disney World?

Any crazy Disney fan knows that there are secret tunnels underneath the parks of Disney World. These help employees to get from place to place undetected.


What does Disney never sell?

What you'll never found sold in a Disney park is chewing gum. That's because they don't want it to end up on the pavement!


What secret design element can be found all over Disney World?

If you look closely, you'll find thousands of Mickey Mouse heads all throughout Disney World. They're also in the surrounding resorts.


You'll find a trash can every _____ steps in a Disney park.

You can easily find a trash can within every 30 steps in the park. This helps to keep it pristine and clean.


Where is there a secret suite?

There is a secret suite inside Cinderella's Castle. You cannot book it online, as it's only used for promotional giveaways.


True or false: People try to spread the ashes of their loved ones in Disney parks.

It's true that people try to spread the ashes of their loved ones in Disney parks. This is seriously illegal.


What is used to emit fragrance in Disney parks?

Devices called Smellitizers are used to emit pleasant fragrances in Disney parks. Scents in certain areas are meant to match their surroundings. Main Street USA smells like freshly baked cookies.


In the Magic Kingdom, the brown pavement down Liberty Square symbolizes _____ .

Yep, that brown path down Liberty Square symbolizes poop! Raw sewage used to run down the streets of Colonial America.


Where is the only uncultivated lawn in a Disney park?

Traditionally, the lawn surrounding the Haunted Mansion is allowed to grow and die as it chooses. Nowhere else in the park is it like this.


Disney purchases the most _____ each year.

Disney is responsible for purchasing more explosives each year than any other entity in the US. That's excluding the Department of Defense.


The Presidential Seal in the Hall of Presidents was approved by _____ .

The US Congress had to approve of the Presidential Seal. There are only three like it in the country: The Oval Office, hall of the Liberty Bell, and the Hall of Presidents.


On Main Street, what is fake?

On Main Street, there's a good chance that the US flag that you're seeing is not real. That's so they don't have to take it down at night!


What was Epcot originally intended for?

Epcot center was originally intended for residential living. The community was to house 20,000 residents.


Which of these is hidden in the Matterhorn?

Hidden in the upper third of the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland there is a basketball court. The employees use this to have a game or two.


True or false: The Epcot World Showcase is filled to capacity?

It's false that the World Showcase is filled to capacity. In fact, there's room for 8 more countries.


Which of these was almost in the World Showcase?

Israel, Equatorial Africa and Spain were almost represented in the World Showcase. This is according to the 1982 book Epcot Center: A Pictorial Souvenir.


Which of these was almost in Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom?

Beastly Kingdom was almost a part of Animal Kingdom. It was going to be dedicated to mythical animals.


The "Tree of Life" in the Animal Kingdom is actually ______ .

Turns out the "Tree of Life" in the Animal Kingdom is actually an oil rig. It stands 14 stories high.


How big is Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World is actually on a 50 square mile plot of land. It's not a Small World, after all.


How is Cinderella's Castle made to look bigger than it is?

Cinderella's Castle is a lot smaller than it appears. The windows and bricks are smaller to create an optical illusion.


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