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There are a lot of different ranks in the United States Navy, and memorizing them all can be a little difficult. Things can become even more difficult when it comes to knowing the abbreviations for them. How well do you know the abbreviations for enlisted ratings and officers in the Navy? Could you pass this quiz on them? Give it a shot and find out!

For centuries, a strong navy has been considered the most important component of a military, particularly for national defense, where preventing enemy landfall can be quite crucial. That is no different for the United States, and at the start of the 20th century, the United States Navy began to expand and modernize substantially, quickly becoming one of the most powerful navies in the world, a title it holds today. 

One of the most important parts of the Navy is, of course, the manpower, the soldiers who are employed by this government entity. Those soldiers and their place in the Navy are defined by their ranks, which determine everything from pay to who has the authority of command. 

See how well you know those ranks for the Navy by taking this quiz where we give you the abbreviation and you tell us the rank. That's if you're up for the challenge, of course. 

What's an SR?

The United States military is made up of five branches. Those branches are the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Air Force.


What's a PO3?

The Secretary of the Navy is the civilian head of the Navy. They are appointed by the president.


What's an SA?

The Hannah was the first sea vessel of the Navy, though the Navy hadn't formed yet. It was constructed during the American Revolution.


What's an SN?

The birthplace of the Hannah is in dispute. Both Beverly, Massachusetts and Marblehead, Massachusetts claim to have built the ship.


What's a CWO2?

The largest combat ships in the Navy are aircraft carriers. They can measure around 1,000 feet.


What's a PO1?

The first time ironclad warships went to war was during the Civil War. The battle pitted the USS Merrimac against the USS Monitor.


What's a CPO?

When the Confederacy captured the USS Merrimac during the Civil War, they renamed it the CSS Virginia. The USS Monitor was built in response to this vessel.


What's a SCPO?

Neither ship won the Battle of the Ironclads. However, the CSS Virginia had the advantage but allowed the USS Monitor to escape.


What's an MCPO?

The CSS Virginia was eventually pinned down by the Union Navy. The Confederacy sunk the ship rather than have it captured by the North.


What's a CMDCM?

Not long after the Civil War, the United States Navy began to expand. By 1920, the United States had one of the largest navies in the world.


What's an MCPON?

The Navy was permanently established by George Washington in 1794. This was due to piracy of U.S. ships.


What's a PO2?

The Navy was created by passing the Navy Act of 1794. The act allowed for the constructions of six ships.


What's a CWO3?

The first ship launched that was officially part of the U.S. Navy was the USS United States. It launched on May 10, 1797.


What's an FADM?

The USS United States survived until the Civil War. During the war, it was captured and scuttled by the Confederacy.


What's a CWO5?

The USS Constellation was the second ship ever launched by the Navy. It hit the sea on Sept. 7, 1797.


What's an ENS?

In 1799, the USS Constellation went into battle against a French ship known as the Insurgente. During the battle, the United States captured the French ship.


What's a CDR?

The third ship built for the U.S. Navy, the USS Constitution, took part in the War of 1812. This ship was known for capturing several merchant ships throughout the war.


What's an LTJG?

The fourth ship in the original U.S. Navy was the USS Chesapeake. It was built in Virginia and launched in 1799.


What's an LT?

The USS Chesapeake was supposed to be constructed with 44 guns. However, the original design was altered, and it only ended up with 36 guns.


What's an LCDR?

The USS Congress was the fifth ship built for the U.S. Navy. This ship's first mission was to the East Indies.


What's a CAPT?

The last of the original U.S. Navy ships was the USS President. This 44-gun ship launched in 1800.


What's an RDML?

In 1815, the USS President was captured by the Royal Navy. Three years later, the ship was destroyed.


What's an RADM?

The largest naval battle in history occurred during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The conflict pitted the United States against Japan during WWII.


What's a VADM?

For the United States, World War II started because of an attack on a naval base at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese launched the attack to cripple the U.S. Navy before the country could enter the war.


What's an ADM?

Four battleships were sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Over 2,000 Americans died as well.


What's a CWO4?

Throughout the Cold War, the United States competed with the Soviet Union for naval supremacy. When the USSR dissolved in 1991, the United States became the only naval superpower left.


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