Quiz: Do You Know These Basic Construction Terms?
Do You Know These Basic Construction Terms?
By: John Miller
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Hopefully, you've recognized concrete blocks at some point in your life -- they are a vital building component of cities around the world. But how well do you know other basic construction materials and terms?

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Before you begin a construction project, you generally need what?
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What's the common name for a blend of Portland cement, sand, gravel and water?
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What do you call a wall that divides the interior of a structure?
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What's the term for a wood section that has a decorative engraved face?
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What would you call the area where two sloping roofs come together?
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An ______ is the steel beam that's used to span significant widths in a structure.
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Which process seals the joints between two pieces of drywall?
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If something is ____, it is vertical and perpendicular.
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What's the name for a vertical wall framing member?
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What material do you use to keep a joist in place?
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What's the part of a drain pipe that stops sewer gases from traveling up and into the home?
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A "keeper" is really good for which purpose?
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What would you call a wall that's meant to support part of the weight of a structure?
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What sort of material makes up "shake" shingles?
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Where would you find the "soffit"?
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The "R value" refers to which aspect of construction?
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What collects water from drain tile placed at the perimeter of the house?
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Which term refers to the installation of window glass?
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What portion of a home is designed to prevent water from seeping into the structure?
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You might put "grout" where?
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What's the name of the primary person who has the responsibility for completing a construction project?
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____ is applied to foundation walls to keep moisture at bay.
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How do you attach one joist to another?
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Where would you find the rim joist of a home?
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Which part of a structure relies heavily on the "trusses"?
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