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One of the largest states in the country, Texas has a lot of history and fun facts. Its long history of changing hands between different countries has shaped the state into what we know it as today. From battles to independence to an official state, it has had quite a unique journey. When you visit Texas today, you get to witness a little piece of this history, as well as the unique traditions and interesting attractions of today. Think you know all about them? Then get ready to test yourself!

Texas is home to many important sites like the Alamo, as well as countless cities that we know and love. You'll need to know the people, places, and things that make the state what it is. You'll also want to know some geography, such as the biggest, smallest, and unique landmarks. Sports teams, venues and official representatives of the state will also help you ace this quiz. Hopefully, you'll find it to be easier than you think!

So, if you're a proud Texan, or want to prove that you could be a great honorary Texan, then it's time to show your stuff. Take the quiz to see how much you really know about the state!

What is the largest export from Texas?

Petroleum is one of the largest exports from Texas. Different types of petroleum dominate the top spots while various other parts such as airplane and machinery are also some of the state's top exports.


Who often attacked the Republic of Texas?

Mexico often attacked Texas during the period of its independence. During this time, more and more people in the United States got on board with adding it as a state. Texas was a large area of land with a lot of value to Mexico and the United States.


What sport do the Dallas Cowboys play?

Texas is home to countless sports teams, including the famous Dallas Cowboys. Did you know that the Cowboys have won the Super Bowl five times? That makes the team second place for the most Super Bowls won.


Which of the following actresses is from Texas?

Eva is from Corpus Christi, Texas, where she grew up with her family. Did you know that she was in many beauty pageants in her youth?


What odd event is held in Texas annually?

A rattlesnake roundup is probably something you'll only find in the state of Texas! The event is held in Sweetwater, Texas, and it's even popular enough to attract tourists to spectate.


What is the most populous city in Texas?

There are over two million people in Houston, Texas. San Antonio takes second place, but the difference between the two cities is about one million people.


Which Texas city is not part of the Texas Triangle?

The missing city from this list is Dallas-Fort Worth. Another name for this network of cities is "Texaplex." It is one of many different networks of this kind throughout the United States.


What is the capital of Texas?

Austin, Texas has been the capital of the state since 1839 when the state became known as the Republic of Texas. Austin was specifically built for the purpose of becoming the capital. There were many different capitals before it, however.


What is the state song of Texas?

"Texas Our Texas" is the name of the state song for Texas. The song was adopted in 1929 after it was written by Gladys Yoakum Wright and William John Marsh. Did you know that William was from England?


Which city in Texas has not been used in a song title?

McAllen hasn't been used in a song title, unlike many other cities in the state. You might have heard songs like "My Abilene" or "Amarillo by Morning" all about the historic cities.


Which retail chain first got its start in Texas?

The first name that 7-Eleven had was "Tote'm Stores" when it got its start in Texas. About 20 years later, it turned into the brand we know it as today.


Where can space shuttles land in emergencies in Texas?

The Dyess Air Force Base is used for emergency space shuttle landings. Astronauts can also get some of their required training on the base preparing them for their jobs in the future.


Which of the following countries once ruled of Texas?

Texas has been ruled by many other countries. The state has a long history of switching through the hands of many countries, as well as becoming its own republic at one time.


What animal could you see in Texas in the early-1900s?

Camels once inhabited Texas in the mid-1800s. Despite being present in Texas, they did not last in the state. By the early 1920s, the camels became a scarce sight and were eventually never seen again.


Who was Stephen Fuller Austin?

Stephen Fuller Austin is called the founder of Texas or the "Father of Texas." The city of Austin gets its name from him. Did you know that Stephen Fuller Austin's father was responsible for the migration of 300 families to the Texas area?


What soft drink was invented in Waco, Texas?

Dr. Pepper got its start in Waco, Texas in 1885. The invention came form the mind of a pharmacist. We have Texas to thank for the tasty soft drink!


Which president was born in Texas?

Dwight D. Eisenhower is one of the only two presidents born in Texas. The other president is Lyndon Johnson! In contrast, many presidents have unfortunately passed in the state.


What is the state dance of Texas?

The square dance is not only the official state dance of Texas but also many others! The dance originated in Europe and it was introduced to the United States when settlers came.


Which Texas attraction is larger than the smallest state in the country?

Who would have thought that a ranch could be larger than an entire state?! Rhode Island is smaller by about 24 thousand acres. King Ranch reaches over 800 thousand acres of land in contrast.


In what city is the Texas State Fair held in?

The Texas State Fair is held in Dallas annually and is quite a large attraction in the state. The fair continues for quite a long time, almost a month long of fun!


Which of the following is a nickname for Texas?

You may know Texas as the Lone Star State. This nickname comes from the first flag after becoming independent from Mexico. Do you know what was on it? You guessed it – a Lone Star.


What industry has been growing as of late in Texas?

The technology sector in Texas is one of the largest growing industries in the state. Many tech companies call Texas home including Dell, Apple and Amazon.


Is it true or false that Texas has its own power grid?

This is true. There are a total of three power grids in the United States. Texas is the proud owner of one of them, which they have all to themselves.


How many flags does Texas fly?

Six flags fly above the state due to the many countries who have ruled the land at times. The six flags represent France, Mexico, Spain, the United States, the Confederate States of America and the Republic of Texas.


When did Texas become part of the United States?

1845 was a landmark year for the state as it became officially part of the United States. While Texas largely prided itself on its independence, many applauded the move to join the United States.


Who won the Battle of Alamo?

Mexico was the victor of the Alamo, but both sides put up a good fight. Texas was outnumbered by Mexico who had just under 2,000 troops while Texas fought with just over 200 troops.


What is the state animal of Texas?

Texas has two state animals, one small and one large. The longhorn serves as the large animal while the armadillo serves as the small one. Both are quite a common sight in Texas.


Who was the first President of Texas?

Sam Houston was the man that inspired the city of Houston's name, and he was also the president of the Republic of Texas not once, but twice! Did you know that he also had a great relationship with the Cherokee peoples? He lived with them at one time in his life.


What river is the largest in the state?

The Rio Grande is the largest river in Texas, but in contrast, the shortest river in the state is the Comal River. The river is over 3,000 kilometers long and runs through any more states other than Texas as well!


Is it true or false that snow is common in Texas?

Texas is known for being a hot place, but believe it or not, snow is very common in certain areas. In northern parts of the state and in the mountains, you'll often catch snow for some months of the year.


How did Texas become part of the United States?

Texas was a territory of many different countries before becoming its own independent republic. After this, it took Texas about 10 years to officially become a state.


Who were the Texas Rangers?

The Texas Rangers were a police force first instated by Stephen Fuller Austin. The Rangers are still around today and they deal with quite a lot of tasks for their job.


What word did Texas get its name from?

The word "Tejas" is from the Native American language Caddo and the reason Texas got its name. It's a very endearing word as it means "friends." Unfortunately, the amount of people who can speak the language is getting smaller and smaller.


How many branches are in the Texas Military?

Did you know that Texas has its own military? The three branches are: Army National Guard, National Guard and State Guard. The military even has its own magazine called "The Dispatch."


Where in Texas will you find the Astrodome?

The Astrodome is a historic venue for concerts and sporting events in Houston. You may know it as the home of the baseball team, the Houston Astros. Did you know that some people considered it to be another Wonder of the World?


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