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"Donde esta el hospital?" That's one phrase we hope you don't need when you're traveling in a foreign country. How much do you know about basic Spanish phrases for travelers?

What's the word for "please"?

"Por favor" is another critical word in Spanish. If you say, "please," you're much more likely to get what you want.


Muchas gracias

Here's another basic but critical phrase: "muchas gracias." It means "thank you."


"Hablo despacio por favor"

If you're struggling to understand someone's rapid-fire speaking style, ask them to speak slowly, please. "Hablo despacio por favor."


Como se llama?

"Como se llama?" This is what you ask when you want to know someone's name.



"Perdone" is one of several ways of saying "excuse me." It means, "pardon me."


Con permiso

If you accidentally bump into someone, say, "con permiso." It means "excuse me."


"Un tren?"

If you need a train ask, "un tren?" Hopefully, the person will point you in the direction of the nearest station.


What will you receive if you ask, "puedo ver el menu?"

You'll want to know the phrase, "puedo ver el menu?" That way you'll be able to see a menu when you're dining. And if you don't know that simple phrase, you may not understand the menu, anyway.



Hola! Hola is one of the single most important words in Spanish. It simply means, "hello."


If you ask, "donde esta," what are you asking?

"Donde esta" means "where is." So if you're looking for something, such as the restroom, you'd begin a sentence with "Donde esta."


Buenos dias

Buenos dias, or good morning! It's a beautiful day to learn some basic Spanish phrases for your big trip!


What does "yo no entiendo" mean?

"You no entiendo," means "I don't understand." This is a good one to memorize from the start, especially if your language skills are terrible.


What does it mean if you ask, "la cuenta, por favor?"

"Seniorita! La cuenta, por favor." That means you're asking for the check from your waitress.


"Un banco?"

Sooner or later, you're going to need a bank while you're traveling. Ask, "un banco," to request the nearest bank.


How do you ask for the restroom?

"El bano," or the bathroom is one of your go-to words. So if you need the restroom, you ask, "donde esta el bano?"



If you ask "tiene," you're asking whether someone has something. Or it can be a directive: Have a burrito, please. "Tiene burrito, por favor."


What does it mean if someone says, "no funcion!"

It's a phrase that invokes dismay everywhere. "No funcion" means something doesn't work.


What does, "habla engles" mean?

"Habla engles" means, "do you speak English?" If you can consistently find English-speaking natives, you may not have to speak much Spanish.


If you want to know how much something costs, what would you ask?

"Cuanto cuesta?" It means, "how much does it cost?"


If you're asking for a "hamburguesa," what do you want?

Maybe you're tired of the local delicacies. Sometimes, you just need a hamburger.


If you have to use this phrase, what did you lose? "No puedo encontrar mi pasaporte!"

It's one of those things that you hope you never lose while you're traveling abroad: your passport. In that case, you'd say, "No puedo encontrar mi pasaporte!"


What does it mean if you ask, "puedo conectarme con al internet?"

In this day and age, the Internet is all-pervasive, no matter where you travel. If you need Internet access, ask, "puedo conectarme con al Internet?"


"Me podria ayudar?"

"Me podria ayudar?" This means, "can you help me?" And if you're lost in a Spanish-speaking country, you may need help now and then.


"Repita, por favor"

It's one that you'll want to remember: "repita, por favor." It means "please repeat that."


"Donde esta el metro?"

You need the "metro" for transportation around the city. So "donde esta el metro" is a good way to ask for the location of the subway.


"Cuando sale el vuelo?"

You'll be stuck at the airport now and then. If you need to know what time your flight leaves, you'd ask, "Cuando sale vuelo?"


What are you asking if you use the question, "a que hora el bar cerca?"

"A que hora el bar cerca?" This is simply asking when the bar closes. Maybe a drink or two will improve your Spanish skills.


If you're at a restaurant and you ask for "vino blanco," what will you receive?

Feel free to ask for the "vino blanco" if you want white wine. If you prefer red, ask for "vino tinto."


"I'm sorry."

Better to be gracious and on your best behavior when you're traveling. "Lo siento" means "I'm sorry."


What are you looking for if you ask, "donde esta la piscina?"

"Donde esta la piscina?" This is the question you'd ask if you're looking for the swimming pool.


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