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There are countless beauty myths, products, tutorials, and suggestions both online and offline, but how well do you really know your own skin? Almost every beauty fanatic has their tricks of the trade and holy grail products, but are they any good? Do you know what works for different skin types and what doesn't? There are things that absolutely no one should do to their skin if they want it to be healthy. Do you know what those things are?

Not every product suits every skin tone, type, or texture. There is a lot of information out there, and some of it is outdated or just incorrect. It can be hard to sort fiction from fact, but true beauty lovers know what works and what doesn't. They know that just because something has a pretty package, great claims, or an interesting color, that doesn't mean it will work. Many products make claims ranging from clearing pimples to evening skin tone to even de-aging skin, but few of them truly deliver. 

If you are a skincare and beauty junkie with an eye for telling the reality of beauty from pretty little lies, but your knowledge to the test with this quiz!

Is sunscreen an everyday necessity?

If your beauty routine contains almost nothing else, make sure to use SPF everyday. Sun damage is one of the biggest culprits of premature aging, regardless of your skin tone or the season.


What should you put on before foundation?

Primer should be applied before foundation. It helps makeup last longer and can address skin issues such as pores, oiliness, and redness.


Which of these makeup finishes has no shine?

Matte products have no shine. When in neutral tones, they make great natural makeup, but in bolder tones they give a colorful and long-lasting look.


How long should you use mascara for?

Don't mess around with eye makeup. Using old eye makeup can irritate you and cause infections.


Which item in your kitchen can help depuff your undereyes?

Ice cubes are cold, which has numerous skin benefits. They can depuff your undereyes, shrink your pores, and give your skin a more lifted look.


Which of these is the right place to swatch foundation for a good face match?

Many people tend to have a skin tone that differs on different parts of their body. Always match your foundation to your actual face for a good match.


What color corrects redness in the face?

The color green is used to color correct redness in the face. This would be applied under tinted moisturizer or foundation.


Can nude lipstick make teeth appear more yellow?

Nude lipsticks are popular, but finding one that works with your skin tone and doesn't make your teeth appear yellow can be tricky. Cool pinky nudes will generally make teeth look whiter, while brown or peach nudes make them seem more yellow.


Who should double cleanse their skin?

South Korean beauty is known for its skin care products and rituals. Those who wear heavy makeup might want to go in with an oil cleanser first and follow up with a regular cleanser to ensure all of their makeup is gone.


If you have large pores, what kind of blush should you use?

Powder blushes are the most commonly used, and tend to emphasize pores less than other types of blush. Creams and gels tend to sink in pores.


Which of these should you not wear everyday?

Unless you are incredibly sweaty, wearing waterproof mascara every day can have long-term lash consequences. Only use it if you have a good eye makeup remover. Otherwise, you will have to scrub at your lashes, which can damage them and make them fall out.


A pink lipstick with which undertones is a safer bet?

While lip products with cooler undertones make teeth look whiter, super cool undertones do not flatter every skin tone. Purplish berry shades are the perfect middle ground of pink lip sticks.


Should people with oily skin moisturize their skin?

Moisture is key to maintaining a youthful complexion, whether you are oily or dry. Many people with oily skin over-strip their skin, which only causes them to produce more oil.


Which of these acids hydrates the skin?

Acids might sound scary, but they are a key part of skin care. Hyaluronic acid draws moisture out of the air and into your skin, leaving it plump and hydrated.


What color is used to cover under eye circles?

Under eye circles often appear blue or purple. Peach color corrector is used to conceal them.


All red lipsticks make teeth look whiter: True or False?

Blue based reds, like the classic pinup red, make teeth look whiter. More orange toned reds will make teeth look more yellow.


How can you make lashes appear thicker without applying false lashes?

Tightlining is the makeup technique of applying eyeliner to your upper lashline. It instantly makes lashes appear fuller and thicker.


When do you use toner in a skincare routine?

Toners are made to balance the pH of the skin. You usually use them after you wash the skin.


Who should use super bright under eye concealer?

Only people who wear a full face, including contour, should opt for very bright under eyes. Heavy, super bright concealer will look aging and out of place in a more natural look.


For a natural and wider-looking eye, what color liner should you use in the waterline?

While putting white eyeliner in the waterline to make eyes appear bigger and brighter is an old trick, this only looks natural on those with very fair skin. Opt for a liner closer to your skin tone for a natural look.


Those with which skin type would benefit most from multi-masking?

People with combination skin might, for example, have an oily T-zone but dry cheeks. They might benefit most from multi-masking, or using different masks to target various skin concerns at once.


If you want your makeup to last all day, which kind of blush should you avoid?

Gels give a lovely healthy glow to the skin. However, they do not have the best staying power.


If you are going for a "no makeup makeup" look, which kind of products should you use most?

Matte products have no shine. They can be used to mimic natural shadows, which makes them great for natural makeup when they are used correctly.


Where you should apply blush and bronzer to flatter your face depends on your:

The shape of your face is decided by your bone structure. If you want to flatter it, you can apply brush and bronzer in specific ways to suit it.


What tool gives curly hair more definition?

A diffuser can be added on the end of a hairdryer to give curly hair a boost. It helps to give curls definition.


What helps lip color stay longer?

Lipliner can help to prevent lipstick from bleeding and smudging over the course of the day. It can also be used to help define and overline lips.


Can everyone use vitamin C on the skin?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that many skin care junkies swear by. However, it can irritate sensitive skin.


What kind of lip product makes lips look their biggest?

Lip gloss is shiny, which makes lips appear bigger and fuller. You can also highlight your cupid's bow for a lip boost.


Which of these skincare ingredients purifies pores?

You will often see mud, clay, and charcoal masks and face washes offered by brands. This is because these ingredients do wonders to cleanse clogged pores.


When doing eye makeup, which area of the eye should you highlight?

To balance and brighten the eyes, your lightest colors should be placed in these areas. While it can be fun to play around with all sorts of different eyeshadow looks and shapes, this easy suggestion will work for people who want to do something simple but flattering.


What powerful skincare acid comes from milk?

Lactic acid is a gentle and hydrating acid that comes from milk. It is often recommended for those with sensitive skin who are looking to get the anti-aging benefits of a skin care acid.


You should never apply liquid lipstick to:

Dry lips can crack and flake, which is only highlighted by many matte liquid lipstick formulas. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips beforehand if they are dry.


Salicylic acid is great for:

Salicylic acid is one of the most commonly known skincare acids. It can be found in most drugstore skincare meant to treat acne.


What makes eyeshadows pop?

Applying a white base to your lid can help bright colors pop. You can also try wetting your brush.


You should apply foundation in which direction?

We all have some peach-fuzz on our faces, which grows in a down direction due to gravity. If you apply foundation in an upward motion, the peach-fuzz will stand up and be more noticeable.


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