Quiz: Do You Know These Common Millennial Phrases?
Do You Know These Common Millennial Phrases?
By: Talin Vartanian
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About This Quiz

Millennial phrases consist of analogies and slang words that are used to express happiness, shock, anger and a wide variety of emotions. In this quiz, we'll take a look at 35 common millennial phrases that you may or may not have heard of.

If someone is being "extra," it means that they are overusing their speech patterns and body language in a dramatic fashion. This is often met with feelings of extreme anger, frustration or disappointment. Another common phrase is "basic." This is used to describe someone who is average, and lacking special, or unique, qualities. For example "His face looks so basic" translates to "His face looks so average."

Another common phrase is "adulting," which is used to express discomfort in the "adult life." Aspects of growing up, like paying bills or dealing with a broken-down car, are all considered to be common annoyances with "adulting." Some phrases are also used to dismiss someone from a conversation. "Bye Felicia" is a common way of doing this, even though the person doesn't necessarily have to be named "Felicia."

So, do you think you know your millennial slang well enough to take this quiz? Try and score at least an 85% now!

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To be "thirsty" is to...?
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Another word for "baby" (in the context of a relationship or close friend) is...?
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If you have to "bounce" from the party, you are trying to...?
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If I say, "This party is 'lit,'" what am I trying to say?
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If someone is acting "sus," they are acting...?
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If someone's appearance doesn't look very good, they might be called a...?
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If I laugh at a joke and say "I'm 'dead'," what do I mean?
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"Merica" is another way of saying...?
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To brag about something or someone in a humble way is to...?
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To rudely dismiss someone calls for the phrase...?
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To do really well in something is to ______ it.
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To partake in "adult-like" responsibilities is called...?
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