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Millennial phrases consist of analogies and slang words that are used to express happiness, shock, anger and a wide variety of emotions. In this quiz, we'll take a look at 35 common millennial phrases that you may or may not have heard of.

If someone is being "extra," it means that they are overusing their speech patterns and body language in a dramatic fashion. This is often met with feelings of extreme anger, frustration or disappointment. Another common phrase is "basic." This is used to describe someone who is average, and lacking special, or unique, qualities. For example "His face looks so basic" translates to "His face looks so average."

Another common phrase is "adulting," which is used to express discomfort in the "adult life." Aspects of growing up, like paying bills or dealing with a broken-down car, are all considered to be common annoyances with "adulting." Some phrases are also used to dismiss someone from a conversation. "Bye Felicia" is a common way of doing this, even though the person doesn't necessarily have to be named "Felicia."

So, do you think you know your millennial slang well enough to take this quiz? Try and score at least an 85% now!

If someone is acting "salty," what does that mean?

Someone who is acting "salty" is typically upset with a situation. For example, "He is so salty that he has to work tonight."


To be "thirsty" is to...?

If someone is "thirsty," it usually means that they want something that is not related to food or drinks. For example, "I'm thirsty for more likes on my Facebook post."


What do you think the word "troll" means?

If someone is "trolling you" on social media, it often means that they are being mean. A "troll" may also take pleasure in bullying others online.


If I say, "His girlfriend is so 'basic,'" what do I mean?

If I say, "His girlfriend is so basic," I'm implying that there is nothing special about his girlfriend, and that she's average at best. This it typically used as a mild insult.


What does it mean to be "extra?"

If someone is being "extra," it means that they are over exaggerating their emotions, gestures and/or vocabulary, usually in a dramatic fashion. For example, "She's acting so extra since she found out her purse wasn't actually brand-name."


Another word for "baby" (in the context of a relationship or close friend) is...?

While the other answers in the options are certainly nicknames for a close friend or a spouse, "bae" is synonymous with the word "baby." For example, "Bae, can you get me a glass of water?"


What does the phrase "cray cray" mean?

"Cray cray" is another way of saying "crazy," especially with regards to a situation or to a person. For example, "She's been acting so cray cray lately."


If you have to "bounce" from the party, you are trying to...?

When you have to leave a party or an event, you might say the phrase "I gotta bounce." You could also say "Tom just bounced from the party."


If I say, "Her dress is 'on fleek,'" what am I saying?

When something is "on fleek," it means that the object in question looks aesthetically pleasing. You could also say, "His speech was on fleek," meaning that the speech was really good.


If I say, "This party is 'lit,'" what am I trying to say?

When a party or event is "lit," it means that it is "cool" in nature. For example, "That club was so lit last night; let's go again!"


If you say, "This burger is fire," what does that mean?

If a person says, "This burger is fire," it actually means that the burger is really tasty. Now if a person says, "This burger is ON fire," than that might mean that it's too spicy.


If someone is acting "sus," they are acting...?

"Sus" is short for "suspicious," and is often used in text messaging. For example, "He's been acting so sus lately since he found out I cheated on him."


If someone's appearance doesn't look very good, they might be called a...?

A ratchet is someone who doesn't look very good appearance-wise. For example, "Her clothes, her hair, the way she smells...she is looking so ratchet."


If these French fries are "next level," it means...?

If something is "next level," it means that it's really good and went above your expectations. For example, "That party was next level."


When is the phrase "just sayin'" used?

"Just sayin'" is used to reiterate a sentence or phrase that you just said. For example, "Your gumbo needs more salt. Just sayin'."


"I can't even" is used when...?

When someone doesn't want to deal with a situation or a problem, they might say, "I can't even." For example, "Ugh, I have to go to work tonight. I can't even."


What does "YOLO" stand for?

"You only live once" is the meaning of "YOLO," and is often used in ambitious situations. For example, "I'm going to go cliff-diving, YOLO!"


What does "JOMO" stand for?

"JOMO" stands for "joy of missing out" and is used to express happiness with NOT wanting to do activities that are within the "norm." For example, "Hey, do you want to go to the party tonight?" "Nah, I'm going to stay home and play video games. Jomo!"


If I laugh at a joke and say "I'm 'dead'," what do I mean?

"I'm dead" refers to jokes, memes and funny videos. It's basically used to say that you really, really like something humorous.


"Merica" is another way of saying...?

"Merica" is a shortened way of saying "America." It is also sometimes used to make fun of people who are overly patriotic.


If someone "breaks the internet" with a YouTube video, what does it mean?

When someone or something "breaks the internet," it has to do with going "viral." For example, "Her Facebook post broke the internet last night with 10 million likes."


To brag about something or someone in a humble way is to...?

To "humble brag" is to humbly brag about yourself, someone else or about an object. It's often used to brag about something without sounding overly pretentious.


To be "turnt up" at an event means that you are...?

To be "turnt up" at a party or an event means that you are having fun. It can also refer to excessive dancing and drinking.


To rudely dismiss someone calls for the phrase...?

"Bye, Felicia" is a way of rudely dismissing someone from a conversation. For example, "I don't like your hair today." "Well then, bye Felicia!"


What does the following phrase mean: “Pics or it didn’t happen."

A person who wants proof in the form of photos may say "Pics or it didn't happen." This is often used because the person doesn't believe you, and wants evidence.


The phrase "FOH" is used to express...?

When someone is shocked or expresses disbelief, they might often text the phrase "FOH." For example, "Hey guess what? My boss gave me the day off tomorrow." "FOH!"


When is the phrase "said no one ever" used?

"Said no one ever" is usually used at the end of a sentence to "cancel" out the sentence before it. For instance, "I hate Christmas...said no one ever."


When is the phrase "because duh” used?

"Because duh" is used to express an overly obvious statement or fact. For example, "I'm going to drink so much on my birthday, because duh."


To do really well in something is to ______ it.

To "slay" something is to do really well in an activity or job. For example, "Did you hear that speech he gave? He totally slayed it."


To partake in "adult-like" responsibilities is called...?

"Adulting" is a common millennial phrase that is used to express discomfort with adult-like responsibilities. This includes things like paying bills, trying to eat healthy and doing well at a job.


Millennials will often use the phrase "YAAAAAS" to...?

"YAAAAAS" can either be texted to someone or said out loud to overly express the word "yes." It's often used to show immense joy and excitement.


What is a "clap back?"

When someone insults you, you'll sometimes insult them back. This is referred to as a "clap back," or a returning insult.


To be "woke" is to...?

Awareness and mindfulness is often synonymous with the word "woke." For example, "Now that I'm a father, I've been so woke with my responsibilities."


When is the phrase "sorry not sorry" used?

"Sorry not sorry" is used in a sarcastic manner to show that someone is not sorry for what they said, or for their actions. For example, "So what if I came home late last night? Sorry not sorry."


If someone wants you to "swerve," what does that mean?

When someone is upset with you and doesn't want to talk to you, they'll often tell you to "swerve." For example, "You missed my birthday Ben, now go and swerve out of here!"


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