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How well did you do in English class? Are you a grammar nazi? Does the internet drive you nuts with the prevalence of misused words? Same here! Let's find out if you can ace this quiz.

We're on the fence about whether or not we approve of all of the new words that are included in the dictionary each year... ok, that's not entirely true. 

We don't always agree, but nobody asked us. You might be on our side, and rather that many of these words not have been included in a permanent recording of usable words in the English language, but there they are, regardless. In addition to the words that make it into each revised edition of the dictionary, some words are used every day that just aren't words. Let's go over a few of them.

If you are a card-carrying member of the grammar police, you're going to know these words already, but even if you pride yourself on your ability to communicate correctly in English, some of these words are so commonly misused that you may have been abusing them all along and not realize it. We'll forgive you, but please check yourself next time you find yourself uttering one of these travesties.

Let's get started.

Let's start simple: ______ isn't a word.

Let's begin with the basics - "firstly" isn't a word. That being said, "secondly" is!


No matter what you think, ______ is considered nonstandard.

"Irregardless" isn't a word. Next time you want to use it, just say however.


You should ______ not use this word.

"Prolly" is not a word. It has become a common replacement for probably in text messages.


You need to be careful how you use the word _______.

Literally, you need to be careful how you use the word "literally." You can't be literally dying of laughter.


Never use the word ______.

In case you weren't aware, "anyways" isn't a word. You can say anyway, but never use anyways.


It's impossible to ______ to something.

It's impossible to orientate yourself to something, because it's not a word! You can orient yourself to something.


Please try to speak ______.

Sure, of course, "good" is a word. But it's not meant to be used as an adverb. You shouldn't say you speak good, but you can claim to write a good speech.


You're never ______ use this word properly.

We all say and write the word "gonna," but it's not a word. The real way of saying it is "going to."


Something giant might not be ______.

Something large is not ginormous, according to some, who say it's slang. However, some dictionaries include this World War II-era term.


We are the ______ of friends!

Sure, we like to hang out, but we can never, ever be the bestest of friends. Maybe we can be besties, though!


Never order ______ coffee.

Never order nother coffee. You must always order another coffee when using proper English.


It's impossible to _____ with another person.

It's impossible to conversate with another person. It is possible to converse with another person.


_______, the first word of this sentence is not a word.

Supposably, the first word of this sentence is not a word. Supposedly, the first word of this sentence is the proper choice.


You are not _______ by this quiz.

You cannot be flustrated by this quiz, because it's impossible. Also, this quiz is far too much fun for that.


I ________ your invitation.

Sorry, but you can't unaccept an invitation - even if it's from your annoying co-worker. Just turn it down or say you cannot attend.


Never order the ______ for dessert.

Never order the sherbert for dessert, because it doesn't exist. You can order the sherbet, if you dare.


When you don't care, it does not mean that _______.

When you don't care, it doesn't mean that you could care less. When you could care less, it means that you care.


For all ______ and purposes, never use this phrase.

For all intents and purposes, never say for all intensive purposes. Please, just never say that. (Of course, in other contexts, "intensive" is a word.)


You can never ______ something clearly.

It's impossible to announciate anything. You can annunciate or announce.


No, that garden does not have beautiful ______.

No, that garden does not have beautiful foilage. It does have beautiful foliage, though.


Do not order _____ at a cafe.

Do not order expresso at a cafe. It simply does not exist in the world.


What non-word did President Trump tweet in 2017?

President Trump tweeted, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe." And that was all he wrote.


Never set a _____ with something.

Never set a president with something. You set a precedent.


It's not possible to _____ someone.

It's not possible to misunderestimate someone. It is possible to misunderstand or underestimate them.


It's this or that, but not _______.

It's this or that, but not vice-a versa. You can say vice versa, though.


This word just _____ right.

This word just ain't right. "Ain't" is not a word. Please say "is not."


This is a controversial word, ________ of what you think.

Most people will tell you that "irregardless" is not a word, but it does appear as a variant in a few dictionaries. Just be cool and say "regardless," okay?


The newspaper was not _____ to her door.

The newspaper was not brung to her door. The past participle of "bring" is actually "brought."


He was not ______ a question.

It's impossible to be aksed a question. When a question is proposed to you, it is asked of you.


Did you know that nothing is ______?

Okay, inflammable is really a word, but should it be? It means the same as flammable.


Your favorite show will never be ________.

Your favorite programs are broadcast, not broadcasted. Same is true about your favorite podcasts - they're just podcast on a regular or irregular schedule.


It's impossible to have bad _______.

It's impossible to have bad grammer, because you can only have bad grammar. If you have bad grammer, then you have bad spelling.


It hurts ______ when you use this word.

It hurts alot to use this word because it's not a word. It doesn't hurt a lot when you spell it properly.


That thing has not _____ past you.

Some people say that something has not snuck past you. The regular past tense of sneak is sneaked, but snuck has become an acceptable alternative.


Nothing is _____ than fun.

Nothing is funner than fun, because "funner" isn't a word. You simply say "more fun."


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