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We love "The Price Is Right" for its ability to stay true to its 1970s cheese factor. The lights, bells, whistles and games always have us captivated. While everyone wants to play Plinko, we all know that it's better to play the games that don't rely on chance to win. Though not everyone can be like Ted Slauson and memorize every price for every item up for bid, we sure like to think that we can take on that show, no matter what game we have to play. 

Whether you're old enough to remember the Bob Barker days or you're a true Drew fan, you can probably recognize most of the games that you see on the show, but do you know the difference between Dice Game and Let 'em Roll? Do you think you have what it takes to play all of these "The Price Is Right" games and succeed on the show? Let's see if you have the game show know-how to get to the showcase showdown and find out if you know all of these games from "The Price Is Right." You probably won't win "A NEW CAR!" but you'll get the bragging rights that you deserve in the end.

Can you name this game that requires fists?

Punch a Bunch is all about finding the dollar amounts that you want. You can win punches by playing a side pricing game. While the majority of people win around $1,000 on this game, players can win up to $25,000.

What happens when you overbid on Cliff Hangers?

This fan favorite game is all about guessing prices. Now, if you happen to be off on the price, it doesn't end your turn ... unless you are way off, in which case, the little man is going over the edge.

What is the most anyone ever won on a game of Plinko?

Plinko is the game that everyone wants to play, and the game that everyone wants to watch someone else play. This is because it is one of the only "Price Is Right" games that relies solely on chance (unless you're a Plinko master).

Do you know the name of this game with a lucky number?

Lucky Seven is a game that starts the contestant off with seven dollars. They are supposed to guess the numbers in the price of a car, and if they are off, they have to pay the host one dollar for each digit they're off. It's usually pretty easy in the beginning, but gets much more difficult with the next digits. At the end, they can buy the car if they have at least one dollar!

What is the number of chances you get in this game?

10 Chances is a game that shows the contestant numbers, and they have to guess what the price is of each of the prizes that are shown. The trouble with this one is that contestants are given ten chances total to win three prizes.

What do you have to do in this game to win?

This intricate game gives contestants the prices of three items, and they have to select the digits in these prices that match the price of a larger item, usually a car. Line 'Em Up is an interactive game that is nearly impossible.

Which game includes a countdown to your loss?

This classic game has been played on "The Price Is Right" since 1972. The funny thing is that the board for this game wasn't updated until 2014. It was given a full makeover, but it is still played the same way.

What is the golf game really called?

Hole In One gives contestants a golf ball and they have to make a putt through the windmill. If contestants are good at pricing items, they get to move closer to the windmill. This still doesn't help those who are not good at sports.

How much can you win in a single punch in a game of Punch a Bunch?

One of the best side effects of Punch A Bunch is that you can take out all of your aggression during a game. Drew's being mean to you? Give the board a punch. Only got one of the prices right? Punch that board!

Can you name this game that makes you choose five out of seven cards?

Stack the Deck is all about choosing five out of seven cards to create the price of a larger prize, usually a car. Contestants can play a pricing game to get clues at the actual retail price of the large item.

How many do-overs do you get in a game of Pathfinder?

Pathfinder can be a very difficult game (especially if the numbers are close together). Contestants stand on a grid with numbers, and they have to figure out the next number in the price of their prize to move forward. They only get three chances to get the price right.

What are your options in the Dice Game?

Everyone who watched "The Price Is Right" in the '80s and '90s can recognize the Dice Game from a mile away. This was pretty much the only way people won cars back in those days.

How do you win a game of Five Price Tags?

At first glance, Five Price Tags looks like a relatively boring and fast game, but it takes a lot of precision and calculating. The contestant must choose the correct price of the large prize, that is usually a car. It can be an intense game, for sure.

Can you name this classic game that you should exercise caution while playing?

While this game likes to give us a case of the nerves, it usually isn't so bad for contestants. Contestants are shown four prizes and one price. The price is the "danger price." If the contestant chooses the prize that is the same price as the danger price, they lose.

Can you name this game that requires you to stop on the correct dollar amount?

Freeze Frame is an easy game for those who do a little bit of research before they are contestants on the show. One simply needs to know the first two digits in the price of the large prize in order to stop it in time.

What is the name of this game that is based on baseball?

A game of 3 Strikes can last a while, even if the contestant continues to answer incorrectly but doesn't actually pull a strike out of the bag. This game is all about remembering your guesses (and a little luck not picking strikes).

Do you recognize this game that makes you choose between two products?

In Pass the Buck, contestants are shown a game board with six cards, numbered 1 through 6. In order to win picks, they have to pass the buck (add a dollar) to the prices that are shown on smaller items.

How do you win this game that looks like a thermometer?

In the Range Game, you only get a range of $150 to work with. While this can be considered a lot of money, for higher-priced items, like cars, you may find that it is difficult to guess the right range to win the prize.

What is the name of this game that forces you to write a check?

The Check Game requires you to consider the cost of the prize and write a check. The amount of your check plus the cost of your prize should add up to a specific dollar amount given by the game. This will go down in history as one of the most difficult "Price Is Right" games.

Do you know how to win a game of Squeeze Play?

Squeeze Play is the perfect game for anyone who doesn't overthink in situations where there is a lot of pressure. Of course, if you don't do well in high-stress situations, you could always consider looking to the audience.

What is the name of this game that gives you the opportunity to win several prices?

Shopping Spree forces you to spend a lot of money. You have to choose the three most expensive items that are showcased as your prizes. If you "spend" the amount of money that is required, you win all of the prizes.

Do you know the name of this game that gives you a choice at the end?

This game is all fun until contestants are given the option to take the prizes in front of them or chance winning the larger prize along with all of the prizes in front of them. This is a great game for those who don't have a lot of confidence in their answers.

How do you win a game of Rat Race?

Rat Race is easily the cutest game on "The Price Is Right." As contestants win in pricing games, they get to choose rats that will race. If one of their rats wins, they win the big prize. If two of their rats win, they win more.

How much time do you get in the first round of Time Is Money?

If you don't have the right items in the right places after the first round, the dollar amount you can win drains by the second as you try to put the items in the right place. This intense game isn't very common on the show, but it's popular during Big Money Weeks.

How do you win all of the prizes in a game of Credit Card?

The best strategy is to find the three least expensive products that are showcased for you. If you choose these products, you win all of the prizes that are shown. This game has the potential to pay out nearly $10,000 worth of prizes.

Can you name this classic game that is based on an Olympic sport?

This game was always fun to watch back in the day, because it was clear that the game boards were manually moving. The design of these boards spoke volumes to the times.

What is the "Price Is Right" version of Skee-Ball called?

Super Ball!! – yes, the name of the game includes two exclamation points – is all about your Skee-Ball talent. Contestants win balls by playing pricing games and can win cash. This is one of a few physically challenging games in "Price Is Right" history.

Can you name this game that makes you guess prices within a range?

Walk of Fame really has nothing to do with the actual Hollywood Walk of Fame, except maybe the fact that the prices have stars in the background. However, the game isn't nearly as difficult as it sounds.

What is one of the things you need to do in the game On the Spot?

On the Spot isn't the most intense game. As a matter of fact, it is pretty boring. There are three paths to choose from, and if you make your way down one path, you win all of the prizes on it.

This game has a mechanical person keeping score. What is the name of the game?

Professor Price knows how to nod his head if you get the right answer, and he can shake his head no if you get the wrong answer. If the professor had been a little more animated, he may have been a little more interesting.

Do you know how to win both prizes in a game of Split Decision?

The best part about playing Split Decision is that you have twenty seconds to keep guessing if you get the prices wrong the first time around. While this game can be intense, it usually just requires a little bit of focus.

Which game required you to win a dime from Bob Barker?

The Telephone Game allowed you to make a phone call with the Price Is Right phone book. However, contestants found that the phone numbers in this book were a little shorter than they were used to.

Can you name this game set in a trading post?

In this game, the contestant has to trade up. They have to choose an item that costs more than the item up for trade. It's a really fast game that only gives one chance, and it's rare that the stakes are high.

Can you name this classic game that required you to guess the price of a car?

In Double Digits, four smaller items were shown that had two digits. Contestants had to figure out which of these digits was the next number in the price of the car that had been showcased for them.

How do you win the Poker Game in "The Price Is Right"?

In this vintage Poker Game, nines were the highest you could get. Instead of actual cards, contestants formed their hands using numbers in the prices of different products that they chose. The game was much more fun than it sounds.

In which game do you need save money in order to win?

In Super Saver, you had to buy four products that were on sale. If you saved more than one dollar, you won the big prize that was showcased for you. If you are a bargain shopper, this game is for you.

How does a contestant win a game of Joker?

With five cards, the contestant must play a pricing game to begin discarding. The contestant has four chances to discard their cards. If they are left with the joker, they lose.

What is this game that makes you match prices?

Pick A Pair is an easy game to win and an easy game to lose. This quick win game takes under twenty seconds for the contestant to complete, and the prizes can reach over $10,000. Luckily, you get a second chance on this game.

Can you name this game that gives you a quarter to start?

Pocket Change requires you to guess the numbers in the price of a car. For every right number, you get to pick an envelope. For every wrong answer, the price of your car goes up. If your envelope has more money than the price of the car, you win the car.

Can you name this big money game that requires contestants to guess the order of prices?

The top prize for this game is $100,000. We are guessing that anyone who needs that much money to pay the rent doesn't need to go on a game show to win rent money. This game is well-loved by modern viewers.

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