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Hippies grew up in the '60s on good music, good times and good intentions. When you think of the decade, they're often the people who come to mind. So you know their names, but do you know their slang words? There's only one way to find out! 

Do you know what a hippie might call someone who they deem as cool? If a hippie thinks that something is awesome, do you know what they would say? Do you know what a hippie would say if they really enjoyed something? They've got some unique language! You might even recognize some of the terms as things you might hear today.

Do you know what "bangles", "tapped out" or "split" mean? What about words like "stoked", "way out" and "old lady"?  If you could answer those, then tell us what the word "fuzz" means! Hippies were quite influential both in their youth and on our society today.

Without the influence of hippies, the world could be so much different than we know today. If you think you can speak the language of the flower child, then you'll have to prove your knowledge. Take the quiz to show that you can talk the talk – but don't go on an ego trip when you get your score!

This phrase was used to explain a bad experience with a drug. What is it?

A "bad trip" may be how you explain a horrible vacation, but hippies use it differently. A "bad trip" for a hippie is a bad experience with a drug. It's something that they probably don't want to happen again!


What was another word used for marijuana?

"Grass" is another term used for marijuana. The drug has many different terms used for it, including "spliff" and "green" due to its color.


Which of the following would you not want to be?

A bogart is not a good thing to be! It means that you don't think of the others and keep smoking the marijuana rather than sharing it.


Which word is used to describe a certain smell?

The word "skunk" is used for the smell of marijuana. Or maybe, they were really smelling a skunk and mistook it for the drug!


Is it true or false that "bangles" was a term used for jewelry?

This is true. Bangles are a type of bracelet that are usually quite large. You might hear the term today for the same type of jewelry as well.


Who might someone call an "old lady"?

"Old lady" might not sound like a term of endearment, but it was in the '60s! If someone spoke about their girlfriend, they might have referred to them in this way.


If you have a lot of this, you might be very happy. What is it?

To hippies, bread is not something you eat. Bread is a slang term for "money," similar to the term "dough" that you might hear a lot today.


This is a name you might use for someone who is cool. What is it?

The word "cat" is a name used for a guy who you might think is cool. In the '60s, you might have heard people say things like "That cat Greg, he was pretty awesome."


If you're a "square," what are you?

If you're a square, you might not want to get out and attend the hottest parties or check out the coolest festivals. The word was used to describe someone others deemed uncool or a buzzkill.


Is it true or false that "bummer" is something that you may call someone?

This is false. The word "bummer" is used for something that may be a buzzkill or not fun. When used in a sentence you could say "Oh man, that earthquake was a bummer."


This is a term that was used for a girl. What was it?

The word "chick," was used to refer to a girl. It proved its popularity, as sometimes, you can still hear it today.


Which word might be used to ask someone to stay calm?

The phrase "cool it" is one that we might still hear today. Hippies used it to tell one another to stay calm or to stop something.


What does it mean to be "stoked"?

The word "stoked" is used to express excitement about something. You could be stoked about an upcoming concert or even just to hang out with some friends.


If something is not very fun, what word might be used?

The word "drag" was used for something that wasn't fun. It can still be heard nowadays with the same meaning as it had back then.


Is it true or false that "cop out" means that a cop is in the building?

This is false. To "cop out" is to back out from something. For example, you could say, "Don't cop out when we need you the most."


If a hippie says they're floating, what are they doing?

If a hippie says this, it means that they're high. It's in reference to the feeling they experience after taking a drug. You could say they're floating on the clouds.


What does the phrase "way out" mean?

"Way out" is a phrase used to describe something crazy that happened. For example, "That party was way out! I'm so glad that we went to it after all."


You might use this expression if you find something cool. What is it?

"Far out" was a common slang term among hippies. It was often paired with other words to make phrases like, "That's far out, man!"


Who were the "Fuzz"?

The police were known as the fuzz. This was just one of the terms used for the police, with others that weren't so nice. Remember the movie, "Hot Fuzz"?


Is it true or false that "ego trip" means that someone is all about themselves?

This is true. An "ego trip" is not a trip that you want to go on. If your friend is on an ego trip, try to bring them back down to Earth!


You might have a lot of good ones, or maybe even some bad. What are they?

"Vibes" can either be good or bad, and you might hear a hippie talking about these. Take it from the Beach Boys who were always spreading "Good Vibrations"!


What does it mean if you're "gone"?

To be described as "gone" means that you're out of it. It could be that you're in a daze, or maybe you're high on many drugs.


Which word would be used to express something awesome?

A hippie would choose the word "groovy" to describe something awesome. Do you remember "Scooby-Doo"? This was a common word to hear on the show which was also created in the '60s.


What does it mean to be "hip"?

If you're hip, you know what's going on with everything! You'd be the person to turn to if someone wanted all the latest gossip, or news.


Is it true or false that "in" means that something is popular?

This is true. The word "in" is used to describe something that is popular. This is a term that you might still hear in today as well.


Which slang term was used for someone who was still on a bit of a buzz from a drug that they took?

Afterglow may be a word that we use today for things like our successes, but it once took on a totally different meaning. Hippies used it as a way to express that good, lasting feeling they got after a drug trip.


If you're sporting long hair, what might it be called?

If you've got long hair then you're sporting a freak flag! Although this is the name used, you're definitely not a freak if you have long hair.


If a hippie enjoys something, what might they refer to it as?

The word "bag" to a hippie is used for something that they love to do. Maybe it's attending music festivals or maybe it's petitioning for human rights as an activist.


If you're mellow, what are you?

To be "mellow" is to be a relaxed person, or to be in a relaxed atmosphere. It's often considered as a good thing to be a mellow person, as you can be relaxing to hang out with!


Is it true or false that "junkie" is a term used to describe someone with an addiction?

This is true. Being a "junkie" isn't usually a good thing. It is often used in reference to someone who has an addiction to something.


What does it mean if you're "tapped out"?

To be "tapped out" means that you're broke. When used in a sentence you could say, "I'm tapped out man, I can't make it to the concert next weekend."


What word was used for something that a hippie really enjoys?

The word "dig" was used in sentences like, "You dig it?" That simply asked someone if they enjoyed something. Or, in other cases, someone might say "I dig that music!"


This is something that hippies used a lot. What is it?

"Buds" was slang that hippies used to refer to marijuana.They might ask one another if they have some buds to smoke.


What phrase might you use if you're looking to shake hands?

The phrase, "Give me some skin" is how to ask someone for a handshake in the '60s. Today, many might not know what means!


If you're going to "split," what are you about to do?

The term "split" was used when someone was going to leave a certain place. When used in a sentence you could say, "I'm gonna split, the party is starting to die down."


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