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The military has a language all its own, and that's important. They need to communicate big concepts in an expeditious way. In this quiz, we're going to see how many of these concepts you know, soldier.

Is FUBAR a good thing?

FUBAR is definitely not a good thing. No one likes things to be ****ed Up Beyond All Recognition.

How do you say that something is clear?

CFB is the military's newest way of saying something is clear. In fact, it's clear as a ****ing bell.

When the HMFIC shows up, you must do what?

You must obey when the HMFIC is around. That would be the Head Mother ****er In Charge.

Is Big Chicken Dinner bad?

Big Chicken Dinner is no good at all. BCD technically stands for Bad Conduct Discharge.

Is the B-52 Stratofortress a BUFF?

Yes, the large B-52 Stratofortress is a BUFF. The acronym was created to describe it as a Big Ugly Fat ****er.

BCGs are ____.

BCGs are very unattractive glasses. In fact, they're called Birth Control Glasses. They're issued to service members in need of corrective lenses.

Must you show respect to the SECDEF?

You most definitely want to show respect to the SECDEV. Everyone should respect the Secretary of Defense.

Do you want to rely on someone who is ROAD?

You don't want to put your life in the hands of someone who is ROAD. It's not good to be Retired On Active Duty.

On an aircraft, do you want a BLOB?

You don't want a BLOB on your aircraft. No one wants a Big Lump On Board.

If your leader is THS, you're going to be _______.

Nobody is going to have time to be lazy when the leader is THS. That would be The Hooah Syndrome in the Army.

You don't want to hear HANO if you ______.

HANO is a paratrooper's worst nightmare. High Altitude, No Opening is a bad day and usually fatal.

POL refers to _____.

POL is used to refer to all kinds of fuel. For instance, Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants.

The SP is the _____.

In the Army, the SP is where you begin. It is your Starting Point. That's when the games begin.

Where might you get the idea to join the Marines?

The MCRD is perhaps where your soldiering days began. It's the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

When something is BFO, it's _____.

Not only is something that is BFO obvious, but it's a Blinding Flash of the Obvious. (There's one acronym without the F-word!)

The NFO is in the ____.

The NFO is a member of the Navy. The Naval Flight Officer is a weapons officer, not a pilot.

Is there a stigma attached to the JO?

JO just stands for Junior Officer. However, the acronym is associated with an insufferable junior officer.

At the CK, you'll find what?

The CK is where you go for chow in the field. Nothing like a Containerized Kitchen.

SOS is _____.

SOS is absolutely no good. Based on the old Morse code signal, SOS means **** On a Shingle and Same Old ****.

WTFO is ______.

There's the famous WTF, but then there's WTFO? This means "What The ****, Over?" The response would be "What The ****, Out."

Is everyone privy to information that is TS?

When something is TS, it's only for a select few. That information is Top Secret for a reason.

Is NFG a good thing?

NFG is just no good. Nobody wants Non-Functioning Equipment. That's No ****ing Good.

AFI refers to _____ .

AFI stands for Air Force Instruction. It also refers to Another ****ing Inconvenience.

When you make a WAG, you're _____.

When you make a WAG, you're definitely not sure about things. But sometimes, you just need to make a Wild-A** Guess.

When you hear ENDEX, you know something is ______.

When you hear ENDEX, it means it's over. ENDEX stands for End Exercise.

How do you say "forget it"?

When you say FIDO, you're giving up. FIDO means Forget It, or **** It, Drive On.

A remote, uninhabitable place is _____.

BFE is somewhere that is far away. It's the Big ****ing Empty.

When you say FIGJAM, you feel _____.

You're having a good day when you say FIGJAM, or **** I'm Good, Just Ask Me. This was stolen from the Australians in Vietnam.

You use a BFW to fix what?

A BFW is used to fix a generator. It's a big job, so you need a Big ****ing Wrench.

What is FISH?

Surprisingly, FISH means urban warfare. The acronym is Fighting In Someone's House - not a good thing at all.

You say PFA when something is _____ .

When something is PFA, it's wonderful. In fact, it's Pretty ****ing Awesome.

Do you want to hear the acronym BZ?

You love it when you hear BZ. It stands for Bravo Zulu, and it generally means "great job!"

USMC means ______.

USMC traditionally stands for the United States Marine Corps, but the acronym can also be derogatory. It's all a matter of perspective.

Which of these do you not want?

You don't want an IED anywhere near you. This is an Improvised Explosive Device, common in the Middle East.

Is LBJ just a president?

LBJ is associated with Lyndon B. Johnson, but it's also associated with Vietnam. Long Binh Jail was a U.S. stockade built during the war.

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