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Photography is an art like any other, but it's a technical art. There are a lot of terms and phrases that every photographer must know, and in this quiz, we're going to explore them! When you're done, go ahead and snap a photo of your victory. No selfies required.

What is ambient light?

Ambient light is natural light that is produced without a flash. There are no floods or flashes required.

What is an aperture?

The aperture is the opening of a lens. The size of it can be controlled by a diaphragm.

What is a blur?

Blur is unsharpness. This can occur when there is movement of the camera during exposure.

What is C-41?

C-41 refers to the process of turning negatives into pictures. It's used for standard color negatives.

What is a close-up?

When you take a closer than normal picture, it's called a close-up. This can be of any object or person.

The Kelvin scale refers to ______ ?

The Kelvin scale refers to color temperature. It defines colors by degrees.

What is a contact print?

A contact print is a print that is the same size as the negative. In most cases, that means that it's quite small.

What is cropping?

Cropping is when you select only a portion to use of the full-frame image. You can do it in the dark room or on a computer.

What is the depth of field?

The depth of field is the range of distances in your photo. If there are several objects at various distances, you have great depth of field.

What is digitizing?

Analog, such as film or print, can be converted to digital through digitizing. This is done on a scanner or with a digital sensor.

What is enlargement?

When you make a print larger than the standard size, you are enlarging it. This is generally 8x10 and up.

What are filters?

Filters are transparent accessories that enhance or alter light. Sometimes these filters are colored.

What does it mean to focus?

Focusing causes the light to form a point. This makes the image crisper and more sharp.

What is the gray scale?

Gray scale refers to the range of tones from white to black that you can achieve in a photo. This is important for black and white photography.

What is high contrast?

When you have a high contrast photo, it has a range of bright to dark. These extremes create contrast.

What is a hot shoe?

Hot shoe refers to the mount on a camera body where the flash is secured. The hot shoe can hold a number of different flashes.

What is infrared film?

Infrared film is highly sensitive to red. It picks up a lot of infrared radiation.

What does lens coating do?

A lens coating is used to do all these things. It's a thin layer of transparent material that is attached to the glass surface.

Which of these is part of a mount?

Pins and cams make up a mount, which couple a lens to the camera body. It's best to weigh the pros and cons of your pins and cams.

Panning is done with a _____ ?

Panning is always done with a slow shutter speed. It involves following the subject during exposure.

What is a positive?

The positive is the slide, or transparency, of the negative. It's the same size, just in reverse.

What is a reflected light meter?

A reflected light meter is a tool used to read the light reflecting off your subject. There are many different kinds of meters to choose from.

What is saturation of color?

Saturation of color refers to the vividness or intensity of the color. Some films just naturally have more color saturation.

Shutter speed dictates ______ ?

Shutter speed dictates how much time light will touch the film. This is an element of exposure, and different speeds are required for different lighting.

What is a tripod?

The tripod is the device used to hold your camera up so that it's steady during exposure. A tripod has three legs.

What is artificial light?

Artificial light comes from a bulb. It's basically any kind of light source that does not come from the sun. Artificial light is deficient in the blue end of the spectrum.

What is autofocus?

Autofocus refers to automated focus. This is done automatically, without the photographer needing to touch a thing.

What is background?

Background refers to the area of the scene that is behind the main subject. The foreground is where you'll find your main subject.

What is composition?

Composition refers to all the elements of the photograph. This includes the subject matter, tones, light and graphic elements.

What is a darkroom?

So that the film won't be exposed, a photographer must work in a darkroom. There are various chemicals involved in the process.

Digital refers to information represented by _____ ?

Digital information is used by the computer. This information is represented by numbers. Thus, digital photography is really just numbers!

What is a flash gun?

A flash gun is an electronic flash. It is otherwise known as a strobe or speed light.

What is fast film?

Fast film refers to film that has high light sensitivity. A fast lens will have a wide maximum aperture.

What is a flare?

A flare refers to a streak of light in a photo. This is caused by internal reflections in the lens, or stray light.

A flat photo is ______ ?

When a photo is flat, it is low in contrast. This is often caused by underexposure.

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