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Every sport has its language, and wrestling is no different. In fact, these pro wrestling terms are bigger, badder and more fierce than any other sports lingo. It's time for the A-show.


The A-team are the top stars that play in what's called the A-show. An A-show is a wrestling event where a company's biggest draws wrestle.


A botch is basically a scripted move that goes wrong. There is an attempt at it, but it doesn't come out as planned.


Burial is characterized as the purposeful de-popularizing of a wrestler. The promoter or booker might force a particular wrestler to lose.


C-show is sometimes used as a derogatory term. It refers to a show that has rookies and entry-level talent.


The enforcer is usually a very large wrestler himself, but he acts as another wrester's bodyguard. The term was coined by Arn Anderson.


An Exótico is typically a Mexican luchador, or male wrestler, who competes in drag. They certainly put on a show!


The Face is also called babyface. It's the heroic wrestler that everyone is going to cheer for. This is opposite of the Heel.


A feud is a scripted rivalry. It takes place between two or more wrestlers and generally follows a storyline.


A wrestler's final, signature move is generally called the finisher. It's the move that leads to the pinfall or submission.


Gas can either refer to steroids or stamina. It's basically the fuel that keeps a wrestler going.


Basically, the character that the wrestler portrays is their gimmick. It's also the feeling that this character evokes.

Jobber to the stars

Jobbers to the stars are also known as glorified jobbers. They always lose to the stars in a match, but they beat everyone else.

Go away heat

Go away heat definitely comes from the audience. It's the vibe they put out when a wrestler is not entertaining them enough.

Go home

When one wrestler says to another wrestler, "go home," it means that it's time to end the match. The referee could also say it.


A green wrestler is an inexperienced wrestler. Because of this, they might make mistakes early in their career.


A gusher refers to a deep cut. The cut can either be unintentional or purposeful.

Garbage wrestling

Garbage wrestling is a type of hardcore wrestling. It focuses on brawling techniques or use of weapons.


The heel refers to the villain in the match who is meant to be booed. This is the opposite of the face.


A hooker is characterized by their match-ending hook. The most famous of these is Lou Thesz.


Usually the popular, arrogant heel is known as Hollywood. Examples include Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Batista.


A hoss is a large wrestler that doesn't really have any other skills. A match between two hosses is called a hoss-fest.


Juice can either refer to steroids or blood. Blood from the forehead is referred to as juice.


Kayfabe refers to a match that is promoted as being totally real. This refers to all matches prior to the mid-'80s.


Any wrestler that is perceived as a failure by the audience is known as a lemon. No wrestler wants to be a lemon.

Lucha libre

Lucha Libre is basically Mexican wrestling. This translates into "free fight."

Missed spot

A missed spot is basically a mistimed move. It's also called a blown spot or mis-selling.


A monster is a seemingly unbeatable wrestler. They can either be a face or a heel.


A mouthpiece is a manager that does all the talking. This is often the case if the wrestler has poor oration skills.

No contest

No contest refers to a match where there is no winner. It's a match where winning conditions are pretty much impossible, due to injury or interference.


When someone is over with the audience, they are popular. It can also be described as achieving the desired reaction from the fans.


When a wrestler shows too much of a reaction to the opponent's offense, it's known as over-show. The famous match between Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels in 2005 is a good example.


When you paper an event, you basically give out tickets to fill the house. This is meant to make the event look well-attended.


Pinfall involves holding a wrestler's shoulders to the mat for a three count. The wrestler then wins a fall.


The fall is the ending of a match. This can be achieved through pinfall, submission, count-out or disqualification.

Five moves of doom

The five moves of doom refer to the signature sequence of moves that a wrestler uses before the finisher. This term is often used pejoratively.

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