Quiz: Do You Know These Regional American Foods?
Do You Know These Regional American Foods?
By: Ian Fortey
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Everyone knows cuisine on a grand scale - Mexican, Italian, Chinese, French.  Those are all delicious and well worth eating at every chance you get.  But sometimes the best foods are a little less well known.  Secret, tasty items that pop up in a certain town or region because an inspired chef has some great ingredients and does something brilliant.  

Regional foods are some of the best things you can discover as you travel across the country. They're also the things you'll miss most when you leave home and realize no one on the other side of the country has ever heard of loco moco or hot brown.  In fact, they'll probably make fun of you for even asking for hot brown.  How do they not know how delicious hot brown is?  

If you consider yourself any kind of a foodie, if you pride yourself on your gastronomic know-how, then surely you're familiar with a wide array of the regional delicacies that help make America's food landscape a delectable party for the senses.  If you know your Watergate salad from your Frogmore stew, then this is the quiz for you. Grab your knife and fork, a pinch of salt and a shake of pepper, then dig into the ultimate regional food quiz!

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Can you name this sandwich that was invented in Fall River, Massachusetts, in the 1930s or 1940s?
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This stew, famous in Kentucky, is made of whatever meat and veggies you have handy. That can include anything from mutton to squirrel. What is it?
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What is this open-faced sandwich made with turkey, bacon and Mornay sauce?
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This burger from Salt Lake City, Utah, features hot pastrami as a topping. What is it?
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This sandwich got some international attention in the '90s, when it was featured on the show "Roseanne." What is it?
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What's this Cincinnati breakfast that features sausage meat mixed with oats and formed into a loaf, then sliced and fried?
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This Hawaiian staple features rice topped with a hamburger patty topped with an egg and gravy. What is it?
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This Rhode Island dish is made with quahogs. What is it?
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This Alaskan ice cream was traditionally made with the fat of polar bears, caribou or walrus, plus snow and fruit. What is it?
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This sweet pasta salad can be enjoyed in Utah, if you're into sweet pasta salad.
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This Maine dish is supposed to be cooked in a pit. What is it?
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This Massachusetts sandwich sounds like dessert, yet it's still a sandwich. What is it?
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This famous dish from Rochester, New York, has an extremely unappetizing name. What is it?
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This sandwich is popular in West Virginia and can often be found at convenience stores. What is it?
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This unusually prepared burger is most often found in Connecticut. What is it?
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This spiced meat sauce is served on spaghetti or hot dogs in Cincinnati. What is it?
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This preposterously named hot dog makes its home in Rhode Island. What is it?
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What do you call this food that's famous in Iowa and Illinois?
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This dish, found in and around Pennsylvania, is made of bits of meat mixed with grains, formed into a loaf, sliced and then fried. What is it?
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This pasta dish calls Utica, New York, its home. What is it?
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This Southern treat can be found in the Carolinas, Georgia, Mississippi and other states. What is it?
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This dish is so popular in Nashville that they have a festival to celebrate it. What is it?
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This Florida classic is made with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese and pickles. What is it?
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This pizza was made famous in Illinois. What is it?
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The Twin Cities in Minnesota are where you can find this burger. What is it?
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This Hawaiian food has some Asian flair. What is it?
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This Nebraskan item is kind of like a meat-filled Hot Pocket. What is it?
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This New England dessert is also found in parts of Canada and Jamaica. What is it?
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They call this dish that's popular around Iowa a salad, but it's definitely not healthy. What is it?
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This Arizona specialty features bacon, pinto beans, tomato and onion. What is it?
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This Hawaiian dish is almost like deconstructed sushi in a bowl. What is it?
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This Indiana sandwich is a lot like schnitzel on a bun. What is it?
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In Kansas City, you can get this intense sandwich loaded with BBQ brisket, provolone and onion rings. What is it?
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St. Louis is responsible for this incredibly rich, incredibly sugary dessert. What is it?
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Head to the Northeastern U.S. to try this sweet snack that's generally made during the fall harvest season.
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This delicious Puerto Rican dish is made with fried plantains. What is it?
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If you're in South Dakota and have access to some hot oil and some skewers, you can maybe make this local dish. What is it?
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If you make your way to Washington, D.C., you can try this local favorite. What is it?
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If you're going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you should probably try what colorful dessert?
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If you visited California and didn't try one of these, did you even really visit California?
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