Quiz: Do You Know if This Celebrity Is Canadian?
Do You Know if This Celebrity Is Canadian?
By: Jaclyn Lavine
Image: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

About This Quiz

There are quite a lot of Canadian celebrities in Hollywood, but you wouldn't know it just be hearing them speak. What sets Canadian actors apart from their American counterparts? For one thing, many Canadians prefer hockey to football. They may have grown up drinking milk in bags, celebrating Thanksgiving on a different day, they may be considered more polite or just passive-aggressive, their government is structured differently, and they grew up in a country that had two official languages, English and French.

There are also many similarities. The state of Vermont loves maple syrup just as much as its Canadian counterparts, both countries watch many of the same television shows, and parts of America and Canada, such as Vancouver and Seattle, look virtually identical.

On the surface, Canada and America are very similar but in reality, they are two different countries with very different political and cultural norms. The Canadian celebrities on this quiz may live in Los Angeles, but they are still proud Canucks. Many of them love hockey far more than football, have different views on government and are often photographed visiting Toronto and Vancouver when on vacation.

Despite these differences, on the surface, it is challenging to guess which celebrities are Canadian and which are American. Do you know if the following stars are Canadian? Prove it! Challenge yourself to this quiz! 

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